Abiotic Oil Is Killing the Peak Oil Hoax

It is looking like oil is far more plentiful than western governments and the mainstream media would like us to believe, and the reason oil is so plentiful is because it is produced deep in the earth by geological processes in addition to any biological processes.

Abiotic oil is explained pretty well by a recent article at Principia-Scientific entitled Fracturing the Fossil Fuel Fables. Another article I recommend is More Evidence for Abiotic Oil.

To an independent thinker, the “fossil fuel” theory that all oil is the product of decaying plant and animal matter has never made much sense, but now, it is just about certainly exaggerated. For example, how does a process that requires no oxygen happen to plant and animal matter that died and decayed on the surface where it was exposed to air? How did it get so deep in the earth after that? Why does it become more plentiful, rather than less plentiful, the deeper one explores? Why is oil found so much deeper than any fossils? Why is the volume of oil in the hundreds of trillions of barrels?

Such honest questions should generate honest debate, but instead, believers respond with emotional religious fervor. Believers have turned Peak Oil into another sacred cow, and thus make it difficult to move forward.

If oil were produced deep in the earth by abiotic processes, then we would expect some old wells to begin to refill – and that is exactly what is happening. We would also expect to drill just about anywhere and find oil – if one drilled deep enough, and I’ve read that is exactly what the Russians are doing. One can thus see why abiotic oil would make the Middle East, Israel, and much of the existing power elite irrelevant. Many recent wars and terrorism would never have happened. The creation of the Department of Homeland Security would never have happened.

It is not hard to understand why western elites would suppress the reality of abiotic oil.

Many Progressive tell me that Peak Oil already occurred a couple of years ago; however, reality keeps forcing them to move their dates back – just like how reality keeps forcing the global warming alarmists to move their dates back. The reality is that both kinds of believers have been moving their dates back for over 100 years!

The reality of global warming and peak oil is that they are an excuse for the kind of powerful global government that can save us, but once we become open to reality, we become immune to such fascism.

The Promise of Reality is Freedom.