America is the Least Racist Country in the World

Throughout all of 2007, every one of the hundreds of liberals and immigrants I spoke with assured me that Americans would never elect a black President for at least 20 years; whereas, I assured them that Americans were not only ready to elect a black President but that Americans were eager to elect a black President.

Then Obama’s victory shined a light on the distorted negativity coming from the political left. I wonder if they have learned their lesson, but let’s not get sidetracked.

Then in 2008, the American people proved me right and elected a black president before any other country whose black citizens are a minority. Before France, before Canada, before Israel, China, Russia, Cuba, etc. The American people not only were the first of these to elect a black President, but they eagerly elected a black President.

The proof is that Americans knew almost nothing about Obama, and yet they blindly attributed almost magical qualities to the man. Certainly no white President since George Washington had such an eager following, and George Washington earned every bit of it, but a President having so much support based on so little evidence is unprecedented.

The fact that Obama was swept into office by irrational exuberance is proven by the reaction of his supporters after he took office. In spite of the best efforts of the media to put a positive spin on the Obama administration, the reality of the Obama administration has seriously disappointed most Americans – including his strongest supporters. Even Obama’s critics hoped he would keep his promises about transparency, and are thus disappointed.

Of course, electing Obama is not sufficient to prove that America is the least racist country in the world.

We must weigh all the variables, which is difficult because America is unlike any other nation. The black population in America is larger than in any western nation, and no other Western nation has such a large population descended from slaves. No other nation has tried to absorb tens of millions of unskilled immigrants streaming across its border. Also, no other major democracy has such a strong political movement (e.g. Democratic Party) trying to convince a minority that they are victims, that they shouldn’t even try to succeed because they can’t get a fair shake, that the government will take care of them, and that they should embrace their culture (e.g. ghetto culture) and not be assimilated.

I tell white people from my home state of KY that they don’t hate black people, and that they don’t even hate black culture (ghetto culture), but that they just hate a couple of values of black culture – and so do most blacks!

White people also hate cheating, so naturally there is backlash against the rampant unfair accusations of racism, unfair media coverage, government enforced racial preferences, and heavy handed government interference like forced busing, which I observed first hand in Louisville, KY. Neither white victims nor the white leftists who victimize them should confuse this backlash against big government as racism.

Perhaps my favorite example of why America is the least racist country in the world is that white Europeans are reluctant to visit a doctor from India; whereas, white Americans have no problem visiting a doctor from India, Americans only care if he is a good doctor.

Be Eager to Discover Reality

White Americans don’t want to hate blacks, fear blacks, or think of blacks as inferior or evil. What racism exists towards black people in America is thus shallow and easily changed. Even white people who casually throw around racial epithets don’t really hate blacks and love to see a black man adopt mainstream American culture and succeed fairly. It is a relief to these putative racists to discover that blacks are not inferior after all.


I think it is not healthy to call anyone a racist if they meet both of the following criteria: One, they simply don’t know any better, and two, if they are also eager to discover that the reality is more positive that they suspected.

Now consider that a growing number of Democrats want to hate.

Whenever I present evidence to anyone that America is the least racist country in the world, rather than being eager to discover that the reality is more positive than they suspected, some of them get angry and stubborn. Everyone I have met who wants to believe that America is an especially racist country in spite of the evidence has turned out to be a Democrat. I was genuinely surprised to learn that so many Democrats want to believe that America is an especially racist country in spite of the evidence.

The same Democrats often cling to statistics on the status of Africans in European countries. However, Africans in a European country are likely to be professionals who emigrated there, successful tourists from America, etc. Africans in a European country are not part of a class that holds a grudge against the whites there. Africans in a European country are not being told incessantly by the media, the education system, and the dominant political party that they are victims of racism.  I am certain that any putatively egalitarian European would be utterly terrified to find himself in the hood, and I suspect that Europeans might agree, and that it is only some Democrats in America who want to believe otherwise.

I wonder if there is a word for that – for wanting to hate others and for wanting to believe that others are evil or inferior.

There is hope! Democrats have a brain and can override any genetically based programming that makes them hate.

The Reality is that Everybody is a Racist

Consider that we all evolved in small tribes and towns, and thus anyone passing through from any significant distance had no stake in the future of our community. There is also an increased probability that such a man got kicked out of his tribe because of his crime or disease, and the further he has travelled, the worse it must have been. Treating such a traveler as if he cared about the future of one’s community as much any long time member was thus more likely to get one killed, cheated, or infected, thus reducing one’s life or one’s success, and thus reducing one’s offspring. We are thus descended from those who were less trusting of any man who had little stake in the future of their community.

We thus most likely evolved with a gene which makes us see people who are different as bad – the more different, the more bad.

Isn’t it liberating to say to oneself: “The reality is that I am genetically programmed to be racist, but I have a brain, and I can override any genetic programming!”

The Promise of Reality is Freedom.