Never Hillary

This is a message to those thinking about voting for Hillary.

Under a President Hillary Clinton, two specific inevitabilities will hit everyone hard:

1) Young men will be drafted for a war. Do you know any young men or boys? How will you explain your vote for Hillary to them?

2) Any Hillary appointee who fills the Supreme Court seat left empty by the very suspicious death of Scalia will be the fifth vote to disarm the people, and will thus flip the former 5-4 majority against civil war to a 5-4 majority for civil war. Anywhere from 10,000 to 10,000,000 will die. Then how will you explain your vote for Hillary?

It may not be personal to most Americans, but hundreds of thousands of innocent people will die in other countries – as happened under Bush and as happened under Obama.

These are not certainties under other candidates.

Some general Hillary induced malaise will be:

  • You will be lied to – a lot.
  • The economy will continue to languish – just like under Obama and Bush – ever since the crash at the end of the Bill Clinton administration.
  • You will have to hear about scandal after scandal where the Clintons turn out to be above the law.
  • You will almost certainly witness an expansion of the policies of Obama, which were themselves an expansion of the policies of Bush.
  • Did I mention you will be lied to … a lot?

How will you live with yourself if you voted for Hillary?

Rule of Market vs. The World

Grandpa, after Rule of Market replaced Rule of Law, why didn’t some foreign power just take over? It seems like they could have just threated to nuke a city unless it accepted their rule, and when that first city chose to fight instead of surrendering, then the next city would see how they got nuked and would comply immediately.

You see Timmy, that used to work. In fact, that’s how Genghis Khan took over several cities, and that’s why several foreign powers did indeed try something like that.

Now, they all knew that the people were well armed and would resist, so they took a few years to prepare. The first foreign threat that emerged tried a direct assault in Maine and New Hampshire … kind of like Red Dawn I guess … They launched several EMPs and waited for folks to get out their equipment that had been shielded from EMP attack, and then they attacked with EMPs again. They also cut the power grid, which was easy to do because, although it was now shielded from EMP, it was still a centralized system that was about a year away from becoming decentralized like the Internet. Most folks figure that is why they attacked when they did instead of taking longer to prepare. They really thought that taking out the power grid would be a knockout punch, but they couldn’t have been more wrong.

Tens of thousands of individuals in that area had been preparing for such an event. Some had accurately foreseen the threat, but for most, that was just how they liked to spend their spare time and money. For example, they each had independent power generation, stealth technology, drones, and armor piercing bullets. Some even had directed energy weapons, ELF technology, and insect drones. The invaders simply did not understand the explosion of wealth and freedom under Rule Of Market.

The invaders were attacked in thousands of unique ways that they hadn’t anticipated because each patriot had his own ideas, so the centralized invasion force simply couldn’t adapt. Perhaps the most resourceful individual was a man known to history only as “Future Bob”. The invaders had been so on edge after several weeks of relentless surprises and setbacks that he was able to drive out an entire battalion with his creative use of ELF technology to beam speech directly into their heads in their native language while simultaneously attacking them with thousands of insect drones. Most of them killed each other in the chaos and fear that ensued.

This first invasion was over in about 6 weeks. They didn’t even fight long enough to find out about the payback on its way to their home land. Nor had they yet figured out how their defeat had greatly strengthened the underground resistance in their own capitol.

Before the full consequences of the first attack had unfolded, a second foreign power figured this first attack had created a unique opportunity. It thought it had learned from the mistakes of the first aggressor and that it would attack before the resistance had time to regroup, but like those first aggressors, they couldn’t have been more wrong.

Perhaps their biggest mistake was their assumption that under Rule of Market, those outside the battle zone had no obligation or incentive to intervene. They didn’t know that after six weeks, the first wave of about a million mobilized individuals had each independently traveled to the battle zone and had already been providing firepower, logistics, supplies, morale, intelligence, counterintelligence … and … it was a beautiful thing … They came from as far away as Alaska.

What about Hawaii? That state would have had more incentive to help out than anyone so that others would reciprocate later.

No, at that time Hawaii was too afraid of living under the Rule of Market, and so, under the leadership of governor Obama, they had petitioned to become part of China, but boy did they ever regret that decision … poor Obama … but that’s another story …

Both aggressors wanted to milk the region – like a colony – and did not want to destroy it, but after seeing how the patriots had taken out most of the leadership in the first invader’s home land by working with the underground resistance there, the second invaders escalated and used their heaviest conventional weapons. They even used nerve gas in some areas, which had little effect on the dispersed resistance. Needless to say, the payback included gas attacks in addition to snipers and more creative tactics. The second invasion also lasted about six weeks.

This second victory by the patriots gave pause to additional foreign powers, and during that pause, domestic resistance in those foreign lands grew exponentially. The Rule of Market was becoming an existential threat to governments everywhere.

It was about 18 months later when the most advanced foreign power threatened to nuke a city unless it came under their rule, but the city refused and prepared to retaliate … well … actually, this particular city had over one million subscribers to more than 30 protection agencies, and it was they who prepared to retaliate.

The foreign power was mostly bluffing because they didn’t want to kill the goose that laid the golden egg, but they knew they could not back down, so they detonated a tactical nuke that destroyed about 4 blocks in a low value part of the city. It just so happened that those blocks were adjacent to the neighborhood of Leroy and his guardians.

Some protection agencies had no ability to project force into the foreign nation, so they compensated by covering all of the domestic obligations of the more advanced agencies. Also, there were several billionaires in the city who had their own methods of dealing with threats. Then there were the other agencies and individuals who wanted to help so that no foreign government could gain a foothold in the land.

The foreign capitol had to fend off no less than 23 independent efforts, but they were expecting most of them. They defended against a hypersonic ballistic missile, several supersonic cruise missiles, and several cyber attacks. They knew that no one was willing to perform a suicide HALO mission in retaliation, after all, they had only attacked the poorest and least populated blocks in the city, but what they didn’t count on was the huge publicity opportunity. Two billionaires pooled their efforts to send in Leroy’s guardians, who were known as heroes throughout the land. One would provide the weapon, and the other would provide the cyber attack that would cover their insertion and extraction.

Leroy’s guardians were little more than a neighborhood watch … of former navy seals, airborne rangers, and marines. They had to set up three small generators in an equilateral triangle whose center was the emperor’s palace. The HALO insertion was flawless and undetected. One hour later, the emperor’s palace, and the emperor, were vaporized as he was addressing a crowd of hundreds of thousands while hundreds of millions watched on TV.

The emperor’s intelligence agencies never dreamed that three poor unskilled black men could have done it. Nor could they have believed that the perpetrators of such an operation would have left for home in a little fishing boat – with local help!

As predicted, the publicity was worth billions. It was a profitable operation.

Curiously though, the United Nations and most foreign leaders began claiming the patriots were the aggressors, and that such power in the hands of individuals was a global threat. That was the catalyst that caused the majority of patriots to break out of their normalcy bias and realize that foreign governments were indirectly controlled by the globalists, who for generations had been committed to one world government, one world currency, one world religion, no armed citizens, total control of individuals, and total dependence on government.

The window of opportunity was closing for the globalist end game. Some say the globalists had captured a real alien and were able to make limited use of the technology in his scout ship and used real footage of him – all against his will.

The Pope and other Jesuits, along with thousands of other globalist shills, had been preparing the world for an alien visitation for years. The world believed that the alien and his people were giving the earth the knowledge of a more advanced – a more global – government, currency, and spirituality – where there was no potential for some crazy citizen to harm others. They promised additional gifts of technology once we had “progressed” to the point where no crazy citizen would have the freedom to use that technology to hurt anyone.

But grandpa! The alien agenda was the globalist agenda!

Yes, that was pretty obvious to the patriots too because we had a free press, but the rest of the world only had propaganda, except for the growing underground resistance, who got unfiltered Internet.

It was about three years after the palace had been vaporized when the putative “aliens” said that the Rule of Market was a reactionary resurgence of the failed flawed fatal policies of the past, and that because their technology could fall into the hands of patriots who were unregulated in their uses of it, that they could never trust the earth with the kinds of advanced alien technologies that would end hunger, sickness, climate change, and provide free energy for all.

Naturally, this propaganda made about half of the people of the world want to kill the patriots.

The “aliens” gave the patriots an ultimatum, and of course, the patriots said the aliens were not real and farted in their general direction.


As punishment, the “aliens” used a beam from space that could vaporize a city block. They destroyed several blocks in each of the most “dangerous” cities. Of course, there was no crime in those cities, but they were the hotbeds of technical innovation, and they had individual citizens who owned nukes and other super weapons.

But grandpa, humans had such satellite weapons by then.

Ah, but the world didn’t know about such secret weapons programs yet. The patriots had just gotten word to the underground at the same time the globalists had begun their attack, so word had not spread far enough yet to make the world suspicious.

The “aliens” were so nice that they would warn the patriots 4 hours before each attack. That was expected to result in much chaos and death, and thus greatly embarrass the patriots and cause them to kill more of each other than the attack itself, but the aliens didn’t seem to know that everyone had bugout plans, which had become a cultural fetish. Half had already bugged out anyway, and the rest were gone within the 4 hours.

The “aliens” kept assuming that such a flawless bugout was a fluke each time.

Needless to say, the patriots would not surrender and thus the globalists had to escalate.

Next, the globalists introduced a hostile “alien” race, who said the humans were too dangerous and also just too stupid and ungrateful, and must be wiped out. They also began to use pretty much the same kind of beam from space to attacked cities in multiple countries, but the “good aliens” said that we were worth saving and defeated the bad aliens in a spectacular light show in the sky. Then the good aliens said that we humans needed to deal with those cowboy Rule of Market patriots before another hostile alien race came along.


Grandpa, who would believe that was aliens instead of the globalists?

Everyone believed it, and they wanted to kill the patriots more than ever. Everyone was being played by the globalists, who had manipulated billions into demanding the alien agenda, which was actually the globalist agenda, and demanding the death of any who opposed that agenda. Before that, even most patriots didn’t understand that players don’t have to give orders to make billions carry out their agenda.

So, how did you all survive?

Years of independent efforts had converged to destroy the satellite weapon, but that wasn’t what really ended the globalists. Not even close. No one even knew we had destroyed it, and they were only days away from sending up another one, and they had nukes, nerve gas, conventional weapons, and billions ready to march.

So, how did you do it?!

Well, most of the world leaders were just front men for the globalists at the top. So, some of the more savvy patriots had been identifying the top globalists since as far back as 1970, and they had formed what are known as zero squads.

A zero squad is a cell of three individuals known only to each other who have selected a top globalist whom they will sacrifice their lives to take out if necessary – if such globalists ever tried to perpetrate their end game.

So, what happened?!

They were supplemented by many new zero squads of both patriot and underground resistance forces, which ensured that every top globalist was covered two or three times over. Still, a few got away, but their front men knew that if their masters were not safe, then they weren’t either, so they told us the “good aliens” had just left and said they would be back in 100 years to check our progress.

No One Beats Al Qaeda

The US has tried for years to beat Al Qaeda, but now, after Americans have given up much freedom to central government and borrowed trillions of dollars from central banks, there is more terrorism than ever before. Nevertheless, don’t blame the FBI or the CIA, or Bush or Obama. There is no shame in being beaten by the best.

Al Qaeda must be at least a generation ahead of the US – both strategically and technologically.

In fact, the only weakness of Al Qaeda is that they keep leaving their passports at the crime scene, but consider that their passports are indestructable. America simply doesn’t have the technology yet to make indestructable passports, so clearly, those Al Qaeda scientists in those caves in Afghanistan are at least a generation ahead of the US. Al Qaeda passports are so tough that they were found on the street after the towers collapsed – unscathed. Maybe this doesn’t sound as scary as it should … until one considers that none of the four black boxes were recovered from the towers.  So, America’s most indestructable technology (black boxes) were vaporized under conditions where Al Qaeda passports survived – unscathed. It’s not as if American black boxes are crap either (they have never been completely destroyed before); it’s that Al Qaeda technology is just that good.

What other possible explanation could there be? It’s almost as if …

See what I mean about strategic brilliance? Al Qaeda almost tricked me into considering whether 9/11 could be an inside job, and whether those Al Qaeda scientists in those Afghan caves are not really a generation ahead of the US, but an inside job is clearly impossibe because the CIA is not allowed to operate inside the US.

The evidence for Al Qaeda superiority is overwhelming. Consider that Al Qaeda knocked down three towers with only two planes! No one else could have done that. Two planes hit two towers, and then a third tower (WTC7) collapsed a few hours later. The NIST explained a few years later that it was an ordinary office fire that resulted in what everyone says looks exactly like a controlled demolition, but how is it that only Al Qaeda knew that WTC 7 was the only building in the world that would collapse exactly like a controlled demolition as a result of an ordinary office fire? What’s more, they somehow tricked the owner, Larry Silverstein, and John Kerry too, into claiming years earlier that we brought WTC 7 down as a controlled demolition because it was badly damaged, but how did they trick America’s best into confessing to a conspiracy that never happened? Clearly, they even have some kind of mind control.

I could go on for pages and pages, but there is one hope – Israel. Israel may lag behind Al Qaeda scientists in those Afghan caves, but their strategic brilliance may be as advaned as that of Al Qaeda, so America’s best bet is to give Israel all of our technology, and to borrow trillions more dollars and give them to Israel.

Unfortunately, Al Qaeda has already thought of this, and may have successfully neutralized Israel when it tricked several Mossad agents into setting up cameras ahead of time on 9/11 and dancing with joy when the towers collapsed. Even if Al Qaeda’s preemptive move has made it politically impossible to give everything to Israel, at least Israel is our strongest ally in the region and is thus far more important than before 9/11 …

Obama Still A Half-Black Gay Socialist

There has been increasing talk of how the Nobel committee should revoke Obama’s 2009 peace prize. After all, he has done eveything Bush did and more. Critics feel that surely the Nobel committee must now see their mistake, but consider that none of their reasons have changed, and thus they see no mistake. Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize for the same reason he was given everything else in his life – because he was a half-black gay socialist – not all black – that would be too black, and of course, Obama is still a half-black gay socialist, so they see no mistake.

Although everyone acknowledged that Obama had not actually done anything yet to earn the Nobel Peace Prize, the Nobel committee was given the necessary cover they needed for such an implausible move because the media had already given the world “The Myth of Obama”. Or more accurately, the media had already given Obama the Myth of Obama – for the same reason Obama has been given everything else.

Although Obama appears to be no smarter than Bush. He does have some additional attributes that help to explain why everything has been given to him. In a nutshell, he is an excellent front man.

For example, Obama is tall and has a good voice. Also, Obama is photogenic – not as photogenic as people think – but photogenic enough, with the help of make up and Photoshop applied by the media. That’s just part of the Myth of Obama – the media’s gift to Obama.

Obama is also a good enough actor. He just has to be a blank canvas onto which the media paint the Myth of Obama. For example, he just has to read the teleprompter and never step out of character and never say what he really thinks about white people, America, or anything else; which brings us to his final qualities that explain why everything has been given to him – he is anti-white and anti-American.

Therefore, since 2009 nothing has changed. In fact, just a few days ago Obama’s CDC expanded his police state further. Nevertheless, the war protesters and human rights activists on the left, who disappeared as soon as Obama took office, haven’t come back because their reasons for disappearing have not changed – Obama is still a half-black gay socialist.

Socialists (and other progressives) have all the information they need to know that Obama has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people, that he has ruined the lives of millions, and that he has worsened the lives of billions … but they don’t care so much about that … what they really care about is whether Obama is an anti-white anti-American half-black gay socialist.

CDC Expands Police State With Indefinite Detainment

On 8/15/16, Obama’s CDC claimed the authority to expand the police state with a new regulation that grants it the right to indefinitely detain any individual or group (even a city) based on subjective, aritrary, and ambiguous reasons and with no plausible way of preventing the usual bias and corruption. Of course, such an atrocity would be unethical and unconstitutional even if it were objective, well defined, and impartial.

As of this writing, the regulation is not in force yet and is in the form of a proposed regulation. One can read the whole proposed regulation at:


The following excerpt is the section on “Apprehension”, which  speaks for itself:


Under section 361(d)(1) of the PHS Act (42 U.S.C. 264(d)(1)), HHS/CDC may promulgate regulations that provide for the apprehension and examination of any individual reasonably believed to be infected with a quarantinable communicable disease in a qualifying stage. In addition, HHS/CDC must reasonably believe that the individual is moving or about to move between states or constitutes a probable source of infection to others who may be moving between states. Thus, HHS/CDC believes that it is important to define for the public what is meant by the term “apprehension.” Apprehension means the temporary taking into custody of an individual or group for purposes of determining whether quarantine, isolation, or conditional release is warranted.

Although each instance is unique, an apprehension will typically occur at the request of a state or local health department or in other time-sensitive situations, such as at a U.S. port of entry, where it is necessary for HHS/CDC to take immediate action to protect public health. The factors that may give rise to an apprehension are discussed in detail in the preamble section discussing the definition of “reasonably believed to be infected, as applied to an individual.” When an apprehension occurs, the individual is not free to leave or discontinue his/her discussion with an HHS/CDC public health or quarantine officer. In some cases, an apprehension may last from twenty minutes to one to two hours if, for instance, based on a public health assessment, HHS/CDC is able to quickly rule out the presence of a quarantinable communicable disease. In certain circumstances, the individual may remain apprehended pending confirmation that he or she is not infected or not reasonably believed to be infected with a quarantinable communicable disease. If it is necessary to issue the individual a Federal order for quarantine, isolation, or conditional release, the individual will remain apprehended pending the service of the written order. The factors that may give rise to an order for quarantine, isolation, or conditional release are discussed in detail in the preamble section discussing the definition of “reasonably believed to be infected, as applied to an individual.” Based on past experience, HHS/CDC believes that a written Federal order may be served to an individual within 24-48 hours of an apprehension. These timeframes are merely offered as guidance and HHS/CDC believes that the facts and circumstances of each case will dictate the expected length of an apprehension. Generally, however, HHS/CDC does not expect that the typical public health apprehension will last longer than 72 hours. It is not HHS/CDC’s intent through this definition to allow for extended apprehensions absent the issuance of a Federal order for quarantine, isolation, or conditional release. HHS/CDC requests public comment concerning the expected apprehension period (no longer than 72 hours), and whether there are any public concerns with the absence of a specific maximum apprehension period in the regulation.

This atrocity by the CDC can be used to educate the people on why the Second Amendment exists.

The Coming Alien Hoax

Don’t believe anything the media, the government, the Vatican, or even any supposedly alternative source, like Alex Jones, tells you about aliens if their story could in any way further the agenda of the most powerful people in the world. Instead, think for yourself about what real aliens would do, what they would be able to do, and what they would believe. Also, think about what kind of extraordinary evidence would be necessary to prove the extraordinary claim that an actual alien invasion is a more likely explanation than a human conspiracy.

The agenda of the most powerful people in the world is: one world government, one world currency, one world religion, no armed citizens, total dependence on government, and total control over individuals. Let’s refer to these totalitarians as ”the globalists”. Some specific uses for such power by the globalists would be to reduce population in order to sanitize the human gene pool and to preserve what they see as their resources.

Almost any kind of alien hoax would further the globalist agenda. An alien invasion would be the most effective hoax because a majority would be willing to make unlimited sacrifices for survival, and they would comply with even the most extreme national security measures. They would also demand global government.

The second most useful alien hoax would be a putatively peaceful visit that bestowed the gifts of more advanced government and more advanced spiritually. Of course, those gifts would be global government, global currency, and global religion, and no potential for some crazy citizen to do any harm to others. Such a “peaceful” alien hoax would also promise additional gifts of technology, once we had “progressed” to the point where no crazy citizen would have the freedom to use that technology to hurt anyone.

Although most useful idiots would be more likely to believe, and thus more willing to kill, for the invasion story, nearly as many would be just as extreme for the “good alien” story. For example, can you imagine what the crowds of useful idiots would do to any critic of the globalist agenda when the media, the politicians, and the mega churches told them how such critics were holding us back from receiving the additional gifts of alien technology?!

The globalists wouldn’t even have to fight their own fight. One can see how easily they could manipulate hundreds of millions, maybe billions, of useful idiots to fight for their agenda.

I first learned about the idea of an alien hoax to further the globalist agenda from Bill Cooper, which wouldn’t mean anything … except … he was the guy who accurately predicted that something like 9/11 would happen about when it did and that it would be blamed on Osama bin Laden. Of course, we now know that 9/11 was definitely conspiracy. He didn’t have time to develop all the details of an alien hoax that I layout here because they killed him about a month after 9/11.

One might assume the globalists would pull it off just as soon as they believed they could get away with it, but as long as their agenda were progressing, they wouldn’t waste their best false flag unless they saw a window of opportunity closing. For example, what if those internet bloggers started waking up too many people, or what if known technology were catching up to secret technology to such an extent that the hoax would soon become less convincing?

Given that the Vatican has already started preparing people to expect the “peaceful” alien hoax, and given that it would be easier to pull off, I expect it to happen before the invasion hoax, and probably in the 2 – 10 year time frame.

Suppose enough people were not convinced by the “peaceful” alien hoax. In that case, the globalists would have the “peaceful aliens” launch a limited attack to punish a few of those cities having the most non-believers. If that still wasn’t enough, the globalists could have another fake alien race try to exterminate us for being so uncooperative, but then the “peaceful” aliens who had already punished a few non-believing cities could claim that we were worth saving and defeat the bad aliens in a spectacular light show in the sky. Imagine how grateful everyone would be. Then, surely, enough people would be on board for the globalist agenda.

Suppose the bad aliens used some beams from space to destroy ground targets. Would you believe it? Consider that governments have been working on such weapons for decades.

Real aliens wouldn’t exterminate us by physically attacking us. They would simply create a virus that would kill us. Therefore, the globalists might choose to use a virus, which again is plausible human technology, and claim that they got the vaccine from the good aliens. Of course, the vaccine would also be a eugenics program, and its ill effects would simply be blamed on the original virus, when they were in fact caused by the vaccine.

If there were a real alien involved, consider that he may simply be a passive observer and not one of the perpetrators. Also, consider than one alien is not proof of an invasion. It would be more likely that he were a captured scout and that his technology were being used against his will. At least, any of those scenarios is far more likely than an alien invasion that just happened to occur at the point where the globalists had achieved the ability and the need to pull off such a hoax.


Animal Rights

If we say that humans have rights, then we can say that animals have rights because when a human mistreats an animal, then that human will have caused himself to be more likely to mistreat humans. He will probably have changed his psychology – and possibly his brain chemistry. He will have thus made himself more of a threat to the rest of us. An additional but lesser reason is that he will have made the animal more of a threat to the rest of us.

Let’s illustrate this phenomenon with a few examples:

Suppose an 18 year old girl has a well behaved dog who loves her and would die for her, and then she starts leaving him alone for 24 hours at a time because she wants to be with her boyfriend. Would you let her babysit your kids? Would you hire her? If her boyfriend had no problem with this, would you let him babysit your kids? Would you hire him?

She either has to accept that she is causing her dog to suffer greatly and let it sadden her greatly and make her feel very guilty, which will make her less attractive to the guys, or else, she has to stop caring, which is something humans can do, but then it becomes much easier to do it to other humans.

If she stops caring, then it becomes easier to occasionally let her dog run out of food and water. Then it becomes easier to completely ignore her dog when he is so glad to see her when she briefly pops into her apartment each day. Then it becomes easier to yell at him and smack him when he jumps on her and barks because he is so glad to see her. Then when he starts chewing up the pillows and furniture, it will be easier for her to open the door and let him run out into the street so that he will get run over.

You knew not to hire her or let her babysit your kids long before it got to this point. Same for her boyfriend.

At any time, even years later, she could still choose to feel the sadness and guilt over what she did and decide to be a different person, but until then, who can trust her?

This is how torturers are created by governments. A guard has to decide if he will feel the sadness and guilt of standing guard at the end of the hall when he hears the sounds at the other end coming from the torture room. If he chooses to stop caring, then it will be easier to guard right outside the door of the torture room. Then it will be easier to guard inside the door. Then it will be easier to hold the instrument tray. Then it will be easier to hand the instruments to the torturer. Then it will be easier to participate in the torture directly. Then it will be easier to become the torturer.

This is probably one of the ways that Obama’s DHS manufactures sociopaths, since we already know they torture. Another is the No More Hesitation program, which is where Obama’s DHS agents shoot at targets of pregnant women and children in their own homes. Some cops shoot at targets of their own children for this reason. Would you feel safe in the presence of these cops?

Many people who care about rights already know about the Stanford prison experiments and the Milgram experiments in the 1960’s where the majority of subjects devolved into sociopaths rather quickly and easily; whereas, the experts of the day had predicted that no more than 3% would devolve that far and fast.

Now that we’ve looked at some examples of this phenomenon, let’s consider what we should do.

If one thinks about these cases ahead of time, then it becomes much easier to resist such character devolution in the future. Therefore, simply failing to learn about such examples is actually the first step of choosing to stop caring.

Although dogs do have real emotions, it is an error to project more human attributes onto the dogs than they actually have. Likewise, people often project more sentience and emotion onto a fetus than it actually has. In fact, some people even project human attributes onto toys and other objects. Although this is an error, it still contributes to one’s character devolution if one feels that one is mistreating a sentient emotional being.

The reality of character devolution is a reason to say that people themselves have rights. Who would want to be in proximity to a single individual who has let his character devolve?

Therefore, if one wants to say that humans have rights, then it also makes sense to think of animals as having rights.

We should indeed say that people have rights because people need to interact with each other in order to thrive, and rights are those fundamental principles that maximize our ability to thrive. Rights must also be compatible with our genetically programmed behavior if we expect them to be the most effective. Clearly, rights are thus a useful but fuzzy concept, like good and evil, and like the legendary vanishing heap.

We should thus pretend that rights exist for people, and for animals too, but should the government punish those who violate rights, given that any government whatsoever will also be a violator of rights and a creator of perverse incentives? Should government also regulate behavior to prevent us from starting down the path of character devolution, which would be before we had actually violated any rights?

If we are not each allowed to make mistakes such as going down the path of character devolution at least once, then how can we ever escape the state of arrested development that plagues our society today? Wouldn’t a society based on everything voluntary be better? Wouldn’t it be preferable to live in a world of strong role models who have learned from the consequences of their reputation? Wouldn’t it be preferable to live in a world where we could easily find inspiration from art that was itself inspired by deep wisdom and enlightenment?

Penn Jillette Goes to the Dark Side

Penn Jillette came out as a shill in an interview published August 2nd, 2016 on ReasonTV.

Penn now says that we should focus on likeability in a candidate, but that is the same as asking us to not use our brains and to just focus on the image the media creates for each candidate.

Instead of using our brains to investigate and go where the facts take us, the media, and their masters, would love for us to focus on the image they create for each candidate. For example, the media created the Myth of Obama based on … nothing. Obama just has to not step out of character, and the media will do all of the attacking and defending for him – for free. They even fabricate dirt on those they don’t like while covering up the dirt on Obama, thus leaving Obama looking like a really nice, cool, smart guy … at least to those who would rather conform than think for themselves; whereas, the media thus force any candidates they don’t like to spend a lot of their resources to directly defend themselves and to attack the media, Obama, and other bad guys. Then the media spin such necessary and legitimate self-defense and attacks as petty, mean, racist, and ignorant.

Any smart well-informed libertarian like Penn Jillette knows that likeability is a media fabrication, and yet, he now says we should focus on likeability in a candidate. Penn also adds that Obama is a nice likeable guy, even though he knows that Obama is a creation of the media, and that Obama has killed or ruined the lives of tens of millions, and worsened the lives of hundreds of millions. He also knows that Obama claims the authority to kill or indefinitely detain any American without due process, and that he has already exercised these powers. Penn knows that Obama used the IRS to neutralize grassroots efforts that would have cost him reelection. He has also audited and/or jailed those who embarrass him.

Penn now says that Obama is smarter than pretty much anyone, including Bill Clinton! As an example, he says you will learn something new every 15 minutes in conversation with Obama.

If Obama is so smart, then why does he use a teleprompter more than any previous president, and why did he recently sound like a moron when his teleprompter went out; whereas, when Bill Clinton’s teleprompter went out, he went ahead and gave the speech. Without his teleprompter, Obama thought Austrians speak Austrian, that there were 57 states (then corrected himself and said there were 60 states), and that good solutions to our energy problems were overinflating our tires and clean coal.  He even tried to enter the Whitehouse thorough a window that he thought was a door – just like George Bush did. If you read the parts of his books that were not ghost written, you can see what a mediocre mind he has. He was given a Nobel prize for nothing, a degree from Columbia having never attended class, and editorship of the Harvard Law Review having never written anything for it – then or later.

You will learn something new in conversation with Obama every 15 minutes? That sounds pretty unimpressive. Consider that you will learn something new from an average libertarians every 5 minutes.

I have never heard a single intelligent or impressive statement from Obama, except this statement he made in 2006:

Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that ‘‘the buck stops here.’’ Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.

I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt limit.

However, after Obama became President, he said he had been wrong, and he recanted his one intelligent statement.

Under Obama, there has been no economic recovery, the lost jobs are still gone, the stock market is just inflation, food stamps are at an all time high, and healthcare has gotten worse.

Given how everything Obama has was given to him, and how he is told by everyone among the seemingly diverse crowd around him how he is The One, and how he seems unaware of smart people and smart ideas outside the mainstream, and how he never has to think about attacking others or defending himself … because his fans, such as the media, do it for him … he would naturally always be in a very positive mood and frequently repeating cool stuff that actual smart people in his crowd told him … unless he had an amazing gift for introspection and independent thought; whereas, he seems to have no introspection or independent thought at all. Obama is thus understandably delusional. Hence I stand by my article from 3/21/2010 Pity Obama.

If Penn knows some reason why Obama is so smart, then why didn’t he tell us? Why was his reasoning so laughable? Also, why would he give up all of his credibility with smart, honest, well-informed, independent thinkers in order to infinitesimally enhance Obama’s credibility with mediocre, low-information, conformists? Why would he help such a bad and powerful man at all – let alone at the cost of his own reputation?

After squandering his whole reputation on Obama, Penn then goes on to say that to be healthy, we should eat nothing from animals, which is the same as saying we should eat like a serf. In addition to recommending that we eat like a serf, he is simply wrong. To be healthy, we should eat lots of animal products. For health advice, go to Dr. Mercola’s site.

Penn Jillette is the fourth famous libertarian/voluntaryist whom I have observed to have recently, and suddenly, made such shocking statements that I watched them go from being a libertarian hero to being worse than most other shills. (I recently covered Gary Johnson’s fall.) For example, they started praising some of the worst individuals alive today (i.e. Hillary and Obama), and they started misdirecting us. In a nutshell, they are trying to neutralize us. They are thus worse than most in the mainstream media and politics because they definitely know better; whereas, many “journalists”  and politicians are mostly just stupid and ignorant conformists.

Unfortunately, I have no choice but to assume Penn is some kind of shill if he is telling such huge lies to persuade us to live like a serf, to look up to Obama, to have faith in the system, and most importantly, to look away from what is actually happening – like a magician.

The only thing necessary for the people to win is to shine a light on what is really happening, but given that they are neutralizing any honest leaders, like Penn, we can no longer rely on anyone else to educate us.

In order for the people to win, you don’t have to do much. Just think for yourself, and then educate others. You will then just be one of millions. They would have to do a Stalin-like purge to neutralize most such grassroots efforts, but then they would automatically lose the argument for 100 years – so they won’t do that. You’re safe as long as you think for yourself and educate others.

Never Johnson

I have been a libertarian since at least 1993, and in 2012, I contributed to the Johnson campaign, and thus, I never would have believed that he could lose my vote, but he just did.

First, consider that, although there are some naïve people in the Libertarian Party, any serious, honest, independent-minded, longtime libertarian knows that under Obama, America is circling the drain, and that Hillary and Obama are evil people who are front men for other evil people, and that Democrats and Republicans both work for the same evil people, who some refer to by one of their main agendas – the New World Order. Their differences are mostly theatre. No well informed libertarian has anything good to say about Hillary or Obama – or either Bush.

Now one can understand how shocked I was by the recent CNN town hall, where the host would say a name and Johnson and Weld would give a concise opinion. When the host said “Barack Obama,” Johnson said, “Good guy,” and Weld said, “Statesmanlike.” … WTF?! … Then, when the host said, “Hillary Clinton”, Johnson said, “A wonderful public servant,” and Johnson said, “Old friend. Nice kid. Knew her in her 20’s. We shared an office in the Nixon impeachment. Real bond. Lifelong.” … WTF?!!! … I instantly new that Weld would have to know that Hillary stood out among the lawyers and politicians on the Nixon impeachment for her unethical behavior.

I thought … “Maybe this is just some tragically misguided attempt at being positive,” but then, when the host said, ” Donald Trump,” Johnson said that when he was in the Republican party early in the 2012 campaign season, if Trump had become the Republican nominee, then he would not have supported Trump. Weld simply said, “Huckster.” … sooo … nope … They weren’t being positive.

Then, Johnson and weld were interviewed by Reason TV, and to summarize, Medicaid needs to GIVE poor people the same healthcare policy that Johnson got as a state governor. He expects the rest of us to pay for that, and he also expects us to repay the bankers who printed 20 trillion out of thin air and gave it to the federal government. He also says that life in America is better than EVER because we get along better, kids are smarter, law enforcement is better, and business is better – all of which is false!

In a later interview, Johnson said he supports the TPP, but we don’t even need to know any such specifics to say Never Johnson because he has so clearly sold out, which means that no matter what he would do as President, the net effect would be unhealthy for the voters – because that is the whole point of selling out.

Regardless of what these guys have said and done before, they are clearly NWO shills now … as if their lives depended on it …

America’s Founding Principles Can Save Us

We are being played, which is why the players suppress the principles that can save us, which are the founding principles of America.

America’s founding principles are being suppressed because they are a direct threat to the most powerful people in America and the world.

Americas founders did not themselves fully understand or articulate the principles that motivated them. For this reason, and for reasons of pragmatism and expediency, the Constitution is an imperfect implementation of America’s founding principles. The Articles of Confederation were a more accurate implementation.

A more perfect articulation of America’s founding principles is:

Everything Voluntary.
Do not initiate force.
Fight words with words and never with force.
Fight ideas with ideas and never with force.
An idea can always be challenged.

If there be law,
Law can only be by the consent of the governed.
No man is above the law.
Secession is a right.

Every man owns himself.
And thus,
Every man has a right to defend himself with lethal force.
Every man owns the fruits of his labor.
And thus,
Every man has a right to trade the fruits of his labor.
No man has a right to the fruits of another man’s labor.

A man can only survive by the fruits of his labor.
And thus,
Every man has the right to use lethal force to resist any threat to the fruits of his labor.