Baby Boomers already spent Social Security

Seniors already spent their Social Security. It’s gone.

Seniors not only declined to fight those who took and spent their social security, but even worse, seniors voted for their front men, and thus seniors are guilty in direct proportion to their age – except of course to the extent they protested against SS, voted libertarian, etc. …

Yeah … that’s what I thought.

Seniors should not worry if they were decent people who raised their kids well; whereas, those seniors who let government schools, universities, and TV raise their kids will probably not fair so well.

Many seniors are now holding back progress by demanding that newer generations compensate them for their lack of wisdom and courage, and thus they also lack responsibility and honesty. Seniors are now being played (like so many other groups) in a divide and conquer strategy straight out of The Prince. Unfortunately, seniors cannot bring themselves to join the fight against The Prince until they admit that their money is simply gone and that no man has a right to the fruits of another man’s labor.

Based on countless statements by the individuals and writers of each generation, one can see some patterns. Generations younger than the Baby Boomers tend to know that he money is gone and feel that they have no right to ask the government to take money from younger people and give it to them. Whereas, Baby Boomers tend to say “I will fight tooth and nail for what the government owes me.” Concerning SS, the whiniest and most self entitled by far among every generation is the Baby Boomers – hence the title of this article.

Baby Boomers are the most short sighted generation.

Baby boomers not only voted for the politicians who spent all their SS, they also voted for the politicians who created the programs that have been spending the SS contributions of Generation X. Then Baby Boomer politicians spent even more money and saddled us with additional debt after spending our SS contributions.

Baby Boomers are the most guilty generation.

Now Baby Boomers want Generation X, and our kids, to accept a cut in SS benefits so that we can pay Baby Boomers full SS benefits today.

Baby Boomers are the most selfish generation.

Baby Boomers whine that FDR and JFK promised them that if they let the government spend their SS tax dollars on welfare and warfare, then Generation X and our kids would pay for their retirement.


Baby boomers are the most gullible generation.

Baby Boomers entrenched the debt slavery forced upon younger generations. Government debt is Taxation without Representation. Baby Boomers are guilty of Taxation without Representation.

Baby Boomers are the most fascist generation.

Baby Boomers are not only self-entitled, but they created the entitlement culture, and now they have the audacity to deflect blame at millennials, who are the product of their entitlement culture and their government schools.

Baby Boomers are the most hypocritical generation.

One of the only ways to save America is to stop collecting SS taxes and to stop sending SS checks to Baby Boomers and anyone after them.

If seniors are going to ask the government to take money from our children and give it to them, then it would only be fair for us to ask the government to reduce whatever they would have gotten by 50% if they were so selfish that they only produced one child, and by 100% if they produced no children. More specifically, among their children, there must a net of two who are employed and not receiving government assistance. Certainly that should be the minimum qualification for asking the government to take anything from our children.

Of course, Social Security is not legitimate anyway because government is not legitimate because no man has a right to the fruits of another man’s labor, but these facts will not affect the outcome in the foreseeable future.

Although Baby Boomers deserve no Social Security at all, I would be willing to accept Walter William’s plan to stop collecting SS taxes and to then divide up all federal land amongst those who paid in already.


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JamesD - October 24, 2015

Boomers should get every penny of cash that is left in the fund, but not a penny more. Yeah, there isn't one freaking penny saved, so in a just world they'd get none. It is time for boomers to quit thieving from their kids and grand kids.


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