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America’s Four Gun Cultures

Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, can be seen saying that we must brainwash people in order to eliminate the “gun culture”. Now any honest person knows he was intentionally conflating the gun culture of the inner city with America’s liberal founding principles, all of which, were his real target … because today’s American liberals are not actually liberal. They are progressives.

Then, just recently, a liberal acquaintance with a PhD, who is surrounded by other PhDs, and who insists she is different because she wants smaller government and individual liberty (which would constitute a real liberal) succumbed to peer pressure. She lumped me in with the “gun culture!” when I mentioned the importance of an armed citizenry for acquiring and maintaining individual liberty. Also, she had previously expressed concern upon seeing me (legally) wearing a sidearm. Hence the need for this article.

Let’s use the “liberal” term “gun culture” against them because guns are indeed of great value to any noble culture and to anyone else in touch with reality. Let’s  distinguish inner city (criminal) gun culture from concealed carry, which is a second kind of gun culture, and which is directly concerned with the basic right of defense from individuals who initiate force (e.g. criminals); whereas, America’s founding principles are defended by a third gun culture, which is directly concerned with defense from governments, which are themselves the fourth gun culture.

The most useful definition of government is: A monopoly on the right to initiate force within a geographical boundary. Such a clear definition makes it self-evident that a people must be prepared to defend themselves from any government – not just from those governments who are already known to especially like initiating force (e.g. progressive governments). That’s why a progressive like Obama has always wanted our guns.

The Second Amendment is not about hunting or self-defense. Those rights are self-evident and also not a direct threat to governments anyway. Hunting and self-defense are thus covered by the thousands of rights protected by the Ninth Amendment, which says that everything is a right except for the very few limited powers explicitly granted to the government by the Constitution. Of course, that is the opposite of how the government interprets the Constitution today, which means that almost everything the government does is unconstitutional, but let’s not get sidetracked.

The Second Amendment, the basic right of the people to form militias, is thus a special case of the even more basic right of self-defense against individuals who initiate aggression.

Let’s look at the reality of inner city gun culture, concealed carry culture, America’s founding gun culture, and government gun culture, which includes police, FBI, BATF, DHS, CIA, and the military. Each of these four gun cultures is on one of two sides. On the progressive side, we have the gun cultures of the inner city and of the government, which both use guns to initiate aggression. On the freedom and dignity side, we have the gun cultures of concealed carry and of America’s founding principles, which use guns to prevent initiations of aggression.

Inner City Gun Culture

Inner city culture is well known already – in spite of attempts by the “liberal”establishment media to whitewash it and thereby cover up the atrocity of government dependency that they have perpetrated on the black community. Also, how is it that the party that says it wants to empower the little guy … is the party that wants to disarm the little guy?

Some in the black community are starting to figure out that the inner city is the new plantation, and that “liberals” put them there. Such enlightened black men call themselves Runaway Slaves. They are among my personal heroes.

Concealed Carry Culture

If I am driving in a city or cross country, I will usually be wearing a sidearm because I may need the ability to prevent an initiation of aggression. That is also why I lock my car doors.

I lock my car doors – not to protect me from any first time criminals outside – but to protect any first time criminals outside … from me.

Concealed carry permit holders are a culture beyond reproach, which is probably why even the discredited “liberal” establishment media doesn’t go there.

Consider that cops are convicted of crimes 600% more often than concealed carry permit holders. When one also considers that cops are above the law vs. ordinary citizens, then we can safely assume that a cop who committed a crime, at least against an ordinary citizen, is 600% less likely to be indicted and convicted. Therefore, we should assume that the average cop is 36 times more likely to commit a crime compared to the average concealed carry permit holder.

Government Gun Culture

Everyone has seen videos of cops brutalizing and framing the people, and former cops tell me that one cannot work in any jurisdiction for more than three years without at least being an accomplice to such abuse. One even told me that he cannot count the times he had to walk away from other cops who were about to frame someone. He did not want to be a witness and he would not lie in court, but he could not testify against other cops either – because they would have killed him.

We can see the government agenda in their targets.

We can see the government agenda in how they responded to the Boston bombing.

We can see the government agenda in how they treated the citizens of Iraq.

The purpose of government gun culture is obviously to manufacture the kind of obedient sociopaths who will not hesitate to kill innocent people in their own homes. Of course, it is hard for government to manufacture as many obedient sociopaths as they think they need, which is why government likes drones. We can see the government agenda in Obama’s unconstitutional new power to assassinate Americans with drones, even on American soil.

We can see the government agenda in how they perpetrated 9/11 to justify more of a police state, such as the Patriot Act.

America’s Founding Gun Culture

Freedom without guns is unsustainable.
Tyranny with guns is unsustainable.

The purpose of the Second Amendment is to defend the rest of them.

The British population has less gun deaths than the American population.
Slave populations have less gun deaths than the British population.
Prison populations have less gun deaths than slave populations.

“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?”
Patrick Henry

Beware of strong drink.
For it can make one shoot at kings …
And miss.

“Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.”
― Gandhi

Does Europe regret letting the globalist elite disarm it yet?
Many of the mass shootings in Europe were black ops.
They were a pretense used to disarm the people.
Does Europe know it has been played?

Sweden (pop.10 million) now has 1 million Muslim immigrants.
They are mostly young men who are thus not refugees.
If a Swede says they are not refugees, he will go to jail.
Also, rape is up 1500%.
If a Swede says they are causing the rape increase, he will go to jail.

Do Europeans regret letting the globalist elite disarm them yet?
Do Europeans know they have been played?

Now the globalist elite see the armed American people as the last thing standing between them and their New World Order.

One either supports guns, or one supports rape, tyranny, and genocide.
One either supports the people, or one supports the globalist elite.


The Trump Speech that Would Get My Vote

Napoleon said …
Every soldier carries a Field Marshal’s baton in his pack.
The opportunity was there.
Anyone could rise from the bottom to the top.

That used to be America.
But America is a corrupt cronyist system.
That’s why America is circling the drain.

Who can rise to the top of a cronyist system?
Only cronies …
Government, corporations, the media …
The top are corrupt cronies.
I know this because I was at the top.
Now I’ve been kicked out of the club.

They’re all on the same side.
Democrats, Republicans …
Bushes, Clintons, Obamas …
They work for the same people.
And they will do anything to maintain their power.

What do they want?
More power.
What do they want for you?
They want you powerless and dependent.
Look at what they have done to the black community.

Harriet Tubman said …
I freed a thousand slaves,
and I could have free a thousand more …
If only they had known they were slaves.

I could stop here …
but their propaganda machine won’t let me.
If we’re going to make America great again,
we have to fight back.

We know they’re liars.
They know they’re liars.
They can manufacture many new accusers each day …
if that’s what they think they need.

Which gets us back to how slaves didn’t know they were slaves.
Today … we have elections.
That’s how the people know they’re free. <smirk>

But how can an election be fair …
If the media are all on one side?
If they are playing, good cop – bad cop?
If the media fabricate and censor?
If the corporations fabricate and censor?

Whether you believe we were created …
or the product of evolution …
The leftist, feminist, politically correct agenda …
Goes against our genes.

Such denial …
That’s why violence and racism are worse.
That’s why no one is happy.
That’s why America is cirling the drain.

Women want to get married and have kids.
Men want to get married and have kids.
So, why do the media ridicule what 96% want?
Why do they ridicule what works?
Why do they promote every other arrangement?

But there is also tension.
Men want to impregnate as many women as possible,
And women want to be impregnated with the best genes,
Which are those men who can impregnate the most women.

It should come as no surprise then, what happens …
In the world of politicians, Hollywood, and the rich.
Addiction is rampant …
Because opportunity is rampant.

If you find women irresistable, you can have women.
That may not be a fashionable arrangement anymore,
But that is the least of their crimes …
In a culture addicted to drugs …
In a culture that flies to Pedophile Island …

Lookup the Franklin Scandal.
Many at the top, around the world, are pedophiles.
They think you just don’t understand.

Hillary knows.
She defended a man she believed had raped a 12 year old girl.
She called the girl a liar.
She laughed about the whole thing.
You can listen to the audio yourself.

But that’s not how she knows so much about it.
She’s married to Bill Clinton.
She not only said his rape victims were liars …
She destroyed them.

Like Bill Clinton …
Like Socrates …
I find women irresistable.
It’s how they look. It’s how they act.
Women were irresistable to me …
when I was younger.

On TV how you look …
How you act …
It’s part of the job description.
It is the job description.

I’m a tall, famous, rich, and powerful alpha male.
That’s the genes women are looking for.
I am irresistable to many women …
especially in that world.

My locker room talk was not fabrication,
but it was exaggeration.
and unlike Bill Clinton …
If women didn’t reciprocate …
I let them be.

You can vote for the kown perpetrator and/or promoter of rape …
Negligence, deceit  …
Corruption, cronyism …
Racism, poverty …
Murder, conspiracy …
Dictators, pedophiles …
Terrorism, treason …
War, and genocide …

The perpetrator … to be
Of a draft …
and of a civil war inducing gun decision from her Supreme Court

Or …
You can vote for the Kissing Bandito.

If you want to see the future of the denial that runs America,
Just look at Sweden.
This country of 10 million has one million Muslim immigrants –
Mostly young men – not real refugees.
Sweden also has a 1500% increase in rape,
But if you say it’s the Muslims,
Or if you say they’re not real refugees,
You will go to jail.

America has a choice.
If Americans continue to live in denial …
America will continue to circle the drain.

If Americans are ready to think for themselves,
If Americans are ready to grow up,
then together,
we can make America great again.


I, a libertarian, voluntaryist, anarchist, anarcho capitalist, agorist, etc. would vote for Trump if he gave this speech because he might be a significant net gain for freedom, reality, and quality of life; whereas, Hillary, Jill Stein, and Gary Johnson would all be a definite net loss.

Ordinarily I would have voted for the Libertarian Party candidate, Gary Johnson, but he has so clearly sold out that he would simply be a net loss for freedom, reality, and quality of life – one way or another. That’s the whole point of selling out.

Also, the other candidates all seem to be terrified of what people might say about them, which makes it nearly impossible for them to fight effectively; whereas, Trump …

Nevertheless … I would not give money or time to Trump because he only – might – be a net gain. I would only give money or time to a candidate who was a highly probable net gain. For example, I gave money to Gary Johnson in 2012.

Also, I’m not persuaded by the “Don’t Vote“ Psyop. If you are awake, they don’t want you to vote. So, if you don’t vote, then you have been played.

Never Hillary

This is a message to those thinking about voting for Hillary.

Under a President Hillary Clinton, two specific inevitabilities will hit everyone hard:

1) Young men will be drafted for a war. Do you know any young men or boys? How will you explain your vote for Hillary to them?

2) Any Hillary appointee who fills the Supreme Court seat left empty by the very suspicious death of Scalia will be the fifth vote to disarm the people, and will thus flip the former 5-4 majority against civil war to a 5-4 majority for civil war. Anywhere from 10,000 to 10,000,000 will die. Then how will you explain your vote for Hillary?

It may not be personal to most Americans, but hundreds of thousands of innocent people will die in other countries – as happened under Bush and as happened under Obama.

These are not certainties under other candidates.

Some general Hillary induced malaise will be:

  • You will be lied to – a lot.
  • The economy will continue to languish – just like under Obama and Bush – ever since the crash at the end of the Bill Clinton administration.
  • You will have to hear about scandal after scandal where the Clintons turn out to be above the law.
  • You will almost certainly witness an expansion of the policies of Obama, which were themselves an expansion of the policies of Bush.
  • Did I mention you will be lied to … a lot?

How will you live with yourself if you voted for Hillary?

America’s Founding Principles Can Save Us

We are being played, which is why the players suppress the principles that can save us, which are the founding principles of America.

America’s founding principles are being suppressed because they are a direct threat to the most powerful people in America and the world.

Americas founders did not themselves fully understand or articulate the principles that motivated them. For this reason, and for reasons of pragmatism and expediency, the Constitution is an imperfect implementation of America’s founding principles. The Articles of Confederation were a more accurate implementation.

A more perfect articulation of America’s founding principles is:

Everything Voluntary.
Do not initiate force.
Fight words with words and never with force.
Fight ideas with ideas and never with force.
An idea can always be challenged.

If there be law,
Law can only be by the consent of the governed.
No man is above the law.
Secession is a right.

Every man owns himself.
And thus,
Every man has a right to defend himself with lethal force.
Every man owns the fruits of his labor.
And thus,
Every man has a right to trade the fruits of his labor.
No man has a right to the fruits of another man’s labor.

A man can only survive by the fruits of his labor.
And thus,
Every man has the right to use lethal force to resist any threat to the fruits of his labor.

Trump is a Ringer. Hillary is Trump’s Bitch.

Trump could easily run as an independent and cause the Republican to lose, or if he won the nomination, then he could easily throw the election so that Hillary would win. After all, he has been friends with the Clintons for years, and it wouldn’t be the first time a billionaire ran as an independent to ensure a Clinton victory. Why would Trump want to be conservative or libertarian now when he was always more of a Democrat before?

As an independent candidate, Trump could plausibly claim he was simply mad at the Republicans for not treating him fairly. As the Republican candidate, he could plausibly lose by frequently rehashing only 1% of Hillary’s vulnerabilities – just like how every Republican before him has done.

We know we are being played, but we don’t know exactly how yet, and I have been saying from the beginning that the most likely scenario of the many possibilities is that Trump is in the race to ensure a Hillary victory.

A few months ago, Trump’s advisor, Roger Stone, went on a tour for his devastating and popular new book, “The Clinton’s War on Women.” No one who reads it could vote for Hillary, but is that Trump trying to win, or is that Trump playing Hillary because she would then know she could only win on Trump’s terms.

Perhaps the most incriminating evidence of all is that Trump wouldn’t like doing the job of the President; whereas, Hillary would LOVE doing the job, and thus Trump could be doing what he likes most while knowing the President of the United states was his bitch.

I missed the previous opportunity for such a prediction. Two days before Scalia’s murder, I was thinking I should write about how if it looked like the next President might not be a Democrat or Neocon (Republican Progressive), then they would try to murder one of the conservative judges before Obama leaves, and how that would most likely be Scalia. Ironically, Scalia’s murder is thus the only evidence that Trump may not be in it to ensure a Hillary victory, although it is more likely they were just too impatient to wait for Scalia to die naturally.

On the other hand, the establishment media are not trying nearly as hard as they could to knock Trump out, so maybe Trump is actually the most favored torch carrier for the establishment. He has certainly been a crony of government – by his own admission – for a long time.

Like I said, we know we are being played, but we just don’t know exactly how – yet.


The Real Immigration Problem

Regarding immigration, I would apply the same common sense principle as any other rational person. I would spend my own money to help my allies and any others who would benefit me to have easier access to me, and I would spend my own money to hinder my enemies and any others who would harm me from having easier access to me. If I weren’t sure, then I would observe whether they were being assisted by my enemies, and if so, then I would assume that a majority of them were either my enemies or were being used by my enemies to harm me.

It is indeed the case that my enemies are bringing people across the border, which you should care about very much, because my enemies are your enemies because my principles are in your best interests.

My principles are – everything voluntary. You own yourself and thus the fruits of your labor (your property). You have the right to defend yourself and your property. Decentralization is best because less central power means a greater proportion of the laws are only local laws, and it also means greater diversity in local laws, which means one can just move to a better town if one doesn’t like the local government, which all means local governments will be competing to be the best governments they can be … and that government is best which governs least.

Our enemies are those who want to control us, confiscate the fruits of our labor, reduce our choices, force us to conform, make us dependent, censor us, disarm us, deceive us, play us, or otherwise neutralize us. Such people can be loosely described as progressives, which includes neocons (Republican progressives) and an army of useful idiots.

One of the two main groups of useful idiots are those who think they are fighting against their imaginary enemy – the racists. Ironically, their frivolous accusations of racism prove that it is they who are the racists. This group of useful idiots overlaps the other main group, who think they are fighting the crony billionaires and multinational corporations by demanding more government, more taxes, more spending, more regulation, more centralization, and global government. Of course, they are furthering the agenda of those they think they oppose.

The people whom the progressive elite are helping to come here are a new kind of useful idiot. The progressive elite actually see them as their enemy in the long term, but at the moment, they also see them as useful idiots. In the long term, the progressive elite, who are white/Jewish eugenicists, want to sterilize 99% of the people like those they are helping to come here. Therefore, they obviously think that the people they help to come here are going to help them overcome the last obstacle to their other long term agenda, which is global domination.

The progressive elite believe the last obstacle to their global domination is the armed citizenry of America. Once they have neutralized the American people, then no one will be left to stop them.

The progressive elite expect these particular immigrants to help them remove the last obstacle to their global domination. For example, they expect most immigrants to vote for the Democrats, who are yet another kind of useful idiot because they are pushing hard for the last two planks in the globalist agenda designed to neutralize the American people. One is the total takeover of healthcare, and the other is disarming the people. Additionally they expect these immigrants to be more willing to join the DHS and thus directly help disarm the indigenous American population once the progressive elite are ready.

The progressive elite also expect some of the immigrants to be Islamic jihadists, which will help them strengthen the Patriot Act and perpetrate their “war on terror” against those people on American soil. Then, the transition from fighting Islamic jihadists on American soil to fighting libertarians, Tea Partiers, patriots, and any other critics labeled as domestic terrorists … would be seamless.

Just to be clear, the only ethical policy is – everything voluntary. Therefore, nothing I would do would be an initiation of force; however, force is already justified in response to the countless ways in which our enemies have already initiated force. Nevertheless, do not respond with force just because it is justified. They are playing us. They are desperately trying to provoke the people into attacking the government or each other so that they can have their pretense for a greater police state to combat “domestic terrorists”. Remember, they control the media.


Reality vs. Lincoln, Slavery, and Civil War

The mainstream narrative about Abraham Lincoln is almost entirely myth. Lincoln is portrayed as all good and as one of the greatest men who ever lived. However, the reality is very different from the mainstream narrative.

Let’s first look at the handful of positive things we can say about Lincoln:

  • Lincoln did not execute the Confederate generals or punish its soldiers as was customary in most warfare until that point. He even let them keep their guns!
  • I think that Lincoln believed the following, “Slavery is wrong because no man has a right to the fruits of another man’s labor, which is one of America’s founding principles.”
  • He was a world class writer, debater, and speaker.

In spite of the few positive things we can say about Lincoln, the facts prove that Lincoln was a reckless racist fascist democidal psychopath. For example, Lincoln:

  • Committed genocide against Native Americans.
  • Imprisoned the elected legislature of Maryland.
  • Enthusiastically proclaimed in the Lincoln v. Douglass debates that he believed that blacks were inferior, should have lower social status, and should not marry whites.
  • Did not mobilize for war as the South was mobilizing even though he intended to go to war, thus exposing his government to easy capture if the Confederacy had been so inclined.
  • Started the Civil War, which killed 750,000 Americans – more than all other wars combined.
  • Started the Civil war only to prevent secession (not to end slavery), and yet secession is a right (that’s how America had been formed); whereas, slavery was an atrocity.
  • Started the war against the advice of his entire cabinet.
  • Told his generals to sacrifice two Union soldiers to achieve each Confederate casualty if necessary to win the war.
  • Was happy with the incompetent drunkard Ulysses S. Grant because Grant was willing to sacrifice three union soldiers to achieve each Confederate casualty.
  • Attacked civilian populations.
  • Declared, several years into the war, in his Emancipation Proclamation, that slaves in the Confederacy were free but that slaves in the 4 slave states in the Union were still not free. In other words, it was an utterly powerless, meaningless, hypocritical, racist, and ineffective proclamation.

Although governments, and especially US administrations, have a long history of perpetrating false flags, I have not verified the claims that the Union itself fired on Fort Sumter to get the war started. However, even if the South fired first, it is self-evident that the Union, under Lincoln’s orders, started the Civil War because placing one’s troops in a foreign country is an act of war.

For months after the Confederacy had seceded, it kept asking Lincoln to get his army out of Confederate territory and told Lincoln that if he sent more troops into Confederate territory, then they would be fired upon. Now, Lincoln knew the Confederacy was mobilized for war and was not bluffing, and he knew that Washington DC was undefended because he had been negligent, but he still sent troops to Fort Sumter, and thus it is self-evident that Lincoln started the Civil War.

When evaluating American history in relation to slavery and the Civil War, it is important to note several additional facts:

  • Democrats were the pro-slavery party. Lincoln was a Republican and was more comfortable with slavery than were other Republicans, and thus Republicans have always said that no man has a right to the fruits of another man’s labor, and Democrats have always been willing to promise the fruits of other men’s labor to whoever would vote for them.
  • All of the most politically correct leaders would have been willing and eager to own slaves (it’s in their genes): Clinton, Kennedy, FDR, Obama, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Al Gore, George Soros, Oprah, Golda Meir, Che Guevara, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, etc.; whereas, America’s founders were all very uncomfortable owning slaves. (To be fair, I suspect MLK might have have been uncomfortable owning slaves.)
  • Free blacks owned slaves.
  • Slavery was rampant in Africa (by Africans) before America, and it still exists in Africa today.
  • It is looking as if black families were more intact under slavery than they are now because government dependency is an atrocity; it is the new plantation; and it is unconstitutional.
  • Slaves in America revolted far less than in any other country because they were treated better (because the owners were on site).
  • European countries ended slavery only because it became impractical because of slave revolts (because the owners were off-continent).
  • Slavery was ending anyway because of the advent of farm machinery, such as the cotton gin.
  • Southern states were being oppressed and exploited by northern states before the Civil War, continued to be exploited after the war, and continue to be oppressed and exploited to this day.
  • Slavery was not one of America’s founding principles. Slavery contradicted America’s founding principles, and everyone knew it.
  • Frederick Douglass bashed the Constitution … until he read it. Then, he praised the Constitution as the best hope for blacks.
  • Black people in America today are much better off than black people in Africa, and thus have benefitted more than anyone from the enslavement of their ancestors.

USS Liberty: Israel Attacked America

In 1967, Israel perpetrated an act of war by trying to sink the USS Liberty, and Israel committed war crimes against US sailors by machine gunning the lifeboats and by trying to kill everyone on the ship. Israel knew even before the attack that it was an American ship. Then, US government officials at the highest level committed treason both by covering up the atrocity as well as for having planned to sacrifice the US sailors from the beginning.

Three days earlier, the US had secretly helped Israel launch a secret surprise attack on its neighbors; whereas, the US and Israel denied that Israel had started the war, so Israel had no reason to sink this American ship unless it were trying to cover up an even greater atrocity than starting the war, or else trying to frame Egypt if the massacre succeeded. However, Israel failed to sink the USS Liberty and also failed to kill all of the US sailors, which is probably because the US sixth fleet had scrambled planes to protect the USS Liberty, but unbeknownst to Israel, McNamara had ordered the US rescue effort to stand down – much like the US ordered the Navy rescue to stand down during the attack on the US embassy in Benghazi in 2012.

Not only was the USS Liberty massacre a treasonous US cover up of an atrocity perpetrated by Israel against US sailors, but the US government intended to sacrifice the USS Liberty and its crew all along. Consider that the Liberty was ordered to 13 miles off shore instead of the recommended 100 miles. When the Navy later supposedly sent multiple orders to the ship to move 100 miles away from the shore, the USS Liberty, the Navy’s most advanced communications ship, supposedly didn’t get the memo. Then, when the sixth fleet sent planes to defend the USS Liberty, McNamara ordered them to stand down. Clearly the US government wanted the USS Liberty sunk and all of its crew murdered.

I first learned about the USS Liberty around 2003 when I saw a documentary on cable TV. In that documentary the survivors testified that Israel machine gunned the lifeboats in the water as well as anyone seen on board the ship. The survivors were quite clear that the intent of the machine gunning was to kill the survivors. All of the survivors were quite certain that Israel knew they were Americans. It is the only documentary I have seen where one of the multiple Jewish survivors looked directly into the camera and said that he was Jewish and had no reason to lie or make Israel look bad and that Israel had indeed machine gunned the lifeboats in the water, but I have not been able to find a documentary containing that testimony since then.

The testimony of Jewish survivors is critical, not just because it lends ironclad credibility to the already unanimous and consistent stories of the survivors, but also because it makes clear the fact that Jewish people and Israel are not the same thing. Whereas, the actions of Israel endanger Jewish people everywhere, the heroic actions of these Jewish survivors protect Jewish people everywhere, and yet both Jewish and non-Jewish Zionists ridicule and threaten these brave Jewish men. You can find the statement of one of the Jewish survivors here.

Fortunately, the BBC did an equally good documentary entitled USS Liberty: Dead in the Water. The History Channel also made a pretty good documentary in 2001, which I just watched because I thought it might have been the first one I saw.

In addition to the three documentaries, I recently spoke with a 61 year old veteran of the US Navy, and he confirmed that Israel knew it was an American ship, that Israel did machine gun the lifeboats the water, and that everyone in the US Navy knew it and was mad about it. Nevertheless, the US Navy immediately began a cover up that continues to this day.

If you didn’t know any of this, that is because the US government and the US media have done everything they can to cover up the USS Liberty incident.

Jesus Confronts An American Believer

It was the future, and Jesus approached an American believer in Heaven, and said,

I want to introduce you to my friend who was an atheist. He did not believe in me, but after he died, I gave him the choice to enter heaven, or to remain dead, and he chose to enter heaven. Everyone would know everything he had done, and he chose to be here.

You are angry. You thought only believers could enter Heaven, but belief only grants you the option. I do not grant this option to every atheist; whereas, I grant it to every believer.

You said you believed, so after you died, I fulfilled my promise. I gave you the choice to enter Heaven, or to remain dead, and you chose to be here.

You are still angry, but I gave him the option because he lived the life meant for every man. Even without my teachings, every man knows what is right and what is wrong, but unlike most men, he did not believe those who corrupted my teachings. He made personal sacrifices to do what is right. He believed that when he died, it was the end, and yet, when it mattered most, he sacrificed his life.

You know it was my right to offer him this choice, and you are satisfied now, but listen carefully. He saved many with his example – just as I saved many with my example; whereas, you saved no one with your example. Maybe he can save you too. If you call, he will come.

You are angry again, but you did nothing. You believed, and so you knew that if you did nothing, you would have eternal life. So you did nothing. You thought you could deceive me.

You told others to believe, but that was nothing. You thought of me as a narcissist who just wanted people to believe in me, so you did nothing. You thought I wanted to be glorified. You did not know me.

You wasted much energy supporting the Zionists, who did not believe in me. You believed the Zionists when they told you I could not return until they controlled Palestine. You thought of me as a racist real estate agent. You did not know me.

You allied with the Zionist tyranny because you believed them when they told you that whatever they did was my will, and yet as governments ratcheted up tyranny, when good people asked for your alliance, you did nothing. You said “Salvation is all that matters.” When others asked you for guidance, you taught them, “Salvation is all that matters.” You said that I would sort it out. So, you did nothing, and thus you helped to bring the eventual end for everyone who carried the soul of humanity.

Long after your death, those men who still carried the soul of animals had finally purged the earth of the soul of humanity. Those genes are gone. That was the end of humanity.

Like the majority of believers you preached that works do not matter – only belief matters, and so you did nothing.

Like the majority of believers, you voted for the enemies of humanity when you had other choices. Like them, you chose to conform rather than follow my teachings. Your wife and children loved you, and so they believed you when you taught them to conform as well.

Like yourself, many in every generation irrationally believed the end would come in their lifetime, which was a myth crafted to persuade them to voluntarily stand down in the face of tyranny. Like them, you were wrong.

Like yourself, many believed the rapture myth of their day, which was crafted to persuade them to voluntarily stand down in the face of tyranny. Like them, you were wrong.

Like yourself, many believed the salvation myth of their day, which was crafted to persuade them to voluntarily stand down in the face of tyranny. Like them, you were wrong.

Like so many other believers, you earned your gold with your honest labor, but then, like many of them, you waited in your home with your gold – for the end. Like them, you helped to bring the eventual end of humanity.

You said you believed, but you did not live according to my teachings. You did not believe me. You believed those who corrupted my teachings. I let them corrupt my teachings because, like every man, you already know what is right and what is wrong.

Everyone in heaven knows what you did. Everyone in heaven pities you for the sickness in your soul, and those who were atheists pity you most.

Your pain is unbearable, but at any time you can choose to be dead or to become sincerely repentant, and yet, you lack the strength to choose either. Even now, you will continue to follow others who tell you what you want to hear.

You can stay here with everyone as I promised. Hell is not a place. Hell is a choice, and Hell continues to be your choice.


Should America Save Detroit?

A lifetime of education from America’s media elite, such as MSNBC, CNBC, NPR, PBS, the NYT, the Washington Post, CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN, have given me the foundation and principles that empower me to think for myself and thereby figure out why we can’t let Detroit go bankrupt.

Detroit is too big to fail.

Republicans are turning Detroit into a plantation.

Don’t blame the victims of greedy capitalists.

“To attack Detroit is to attack black.”

Only racists would oppose a bail out.

We are all in this together.

It takes a village (a government).

We have to move forward.

Somebody has to be in charge.

There is a Constitutional mandate to promote the general welfare.

Government rightly has the power to implement any good idea.

When we’re all on the same page, everyone benefits.

Everyone has a right to good healthcare.

Everyone has a right to a living wage.

Everyone has a right to good nutrition.

Just think of it as reparations for slavery.

Do it for the children.

Do it for Trayvon.

What if it were Obama’s kids?

What if it were your kids?

If it helps just one child, no cost is too great.

In a free-market, who would save a dying child?

It would be bad if George Bush did it, but we can trust Obama.

Obama is The One.

Obama! Give us our orders!

Only racists distrust Obama.

Don’t let Republicans make a liar out of Obama.

The alternative is chaos.

The alternative is anarchy.

What would Jesus do?

After all, Jesus would be a Democrat.

Detroit has done everything right. It has been ruled by Democrats and unions for 51 years, and ruled by black mayors for 49 years. It even has the 3rd highest income tax of any city in America. Therefore, the problems of Detroit must be part of a vast right wing conspiracy. As an example, consider how the internet has allowed the spread of right wing hate speech from people like this guy. He says stuff like:

No man has a right to the fruits of another mans labor.

Government dependency is the new plantation.

When we’re all free to pursue our own interests, everyone benefits.

In a free-market, children wouldn’t be dying.

It takes a village – but not a government.

Nobody has to be in charge.

The legitimate purpose of government, is to minimize government.

Sooner or later, socialists run out of other people’s money.

Individualism made America great.

The world is the result of our individual choices.

America is the least racist country in the world.

The myth of Obama is busted.

Progressivism = Liberalism + Fascism

Progressivism violates the Soul of Humanity.

You can instantly become the person you want to be.

Freedom is the Promise of Reality.

Now can you see the problem? These are the ideas on which America was founded, and we all know that America was founded on slavery. Such right wing hate speech is what scared all of the white people into leaving Detroit. It is like something out of Atlas Shrugged, in which the most productive people in America left the system and formed their own society. Therefore, the solution must come from the federal government because, while it is easy to leave a city, it would be much harder for people to leave the country, and Obama’s DHS would stop them if they tried – and rightly so.

What about when it is no longer Obama’s DHS? I know it is hard to imagine how America could elect anyone who is not a Democrat ever again – but that is why we need global governance, so that wealthy individuals cannot escape their debt to their country and to the world.

As you can see, a lifetime of education from America’s media elite have given me the foundation and principles that empower me to think for myself.

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