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The facts and the most probable theories that are consistent with the facts. Not afraid to talk about the New World Order, the globalist elite, the shadow government, the deep state, etc.

Did George Soros Give the Orders?

Let’s demolish the ubiquitous logical fallacy where people desperately try to maintain their normalcy bias by blurting, “They were not part of a conspiracy because the New World Order does not give them their orders.” Players don’t need to give orders … and all sides are being played. Suppose that you left your house and […]

Sony Hack Looks Like False Flag

Obama and his FBI insist that North Korea hacked Sony to prevent Americans from seeing a movie, but just as with so many other stories from the Obama administration, this one looks more and more like a false flag with each passing day. Obama even used this false flag as a pretense to threaten retaliation. […]

Maybe You Should Stand Down

The Police State is growing, but … The Rapture is coming? Maybe you should just stand down then … Unavoidable collapse will send us back to the Dark Ages? Maybe you should just stand down then … The-powers-that-be cannot be defeated or even exposed? The cops are ready if you try anything? The cops are […]

9/11 Conspiracy

Each paragraph is a synopsis of a link that provides compelling evidence of conspiracy in the cause and/or cover up of 9/11. Although this list should be more than sufficient to convince any independent minded person of conspiracy, consider that this is just a fraction of the compelling evidence. Also consider that the entire mainstream […]

USS Liberty: Israel Attacked America

In 1967, Israel perpetrated an act of war by trying to sink the USS Liberty, and Israel committed war crimes against US sailors by machine gunning the lifeboats and by trying to kill everyone on the ship. Israel knew even before the attack that it was an American ship. Then, US government officials at the […]


PRISM Whistleblower Busts NSA and Obama

The source of the NSA PRISM leak has confirmed what some of us already had pieced together from other leads: The government does force businesses to hand over all of your phone calls, emails, and files; the government does have direct access to their servers; and the media does ignore the leads. Obama did expand […]