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How the economy really works, how to fix it, who is breaking it, and why they are breaking it.

The Tragedy of the Minimum Wage

An increasing percentage of adults of average intelligence are making at or near the minimum wage, which is a tragedy from any perspective, and thus a popular solution today is to double the minimum wage. Bernie Sanders is the Presidential candidate promising to double the minimum wage. He says it’s because he really cares about […]


Investing: Professionals vs. Individuals

I have heard many myths that claim the small investor shouldn’t waste his time and money, but some of the most annoying are the following: Why should individual investors even try? After all, how can they outperform professional investors? – or – In any trade, one of the two parties is the fool, so if […]


The Great Reset – The New Dollar

The Internet is increasingly abuzz with talk of A Great Reset, but there is a lot of disagreement about the details. Some of the more common themes are the likelihood of hyperinflation, default on the government debt, confiscation of retirement accounts, economic collapse, civil war, world war, and the subsequent rise of police states under […]


Separation of Commerce and State Amendment

The powers over commerce and money granted by the Constitution are very limited. The Congress can: Borrow money. Coin gold and silver money. Tax imports and exports. Tax income. (The 16th amendment.) Regulate interstate commerce, which obviously means the Congress can make laws to settle disputes and inconsistencies between the states. Of course, the government […]

The Funger Games

If you can understand the allegory of The Funger Games, then you can understand how the world really works … In the Funger Games, Federal Reserve would assemble the 12 most favored banks (who own the Federal Reserve) and say to them: Welcome to The Funger Games. The name was inspired by the fungibility of […]

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