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How the economy really works, how to fix it, who is breaking it, and why they are breaking it.


Federal Spending vs. Taxes vs. Debt

If we had to choose between lower federal spending or lower federal taxes, which would be better? That’s easy. Lower spending is better than lower taxes. Suppose the government spent nothing. That means the government wouldn’t be doing anything. It wouldn’t be interfering with our lives or our economy. We would have maximum freedom and […]


Money is a Product

If you’re like 95% of Americans, you’ve NEVER thought of money as a just another product – like iPhones or insurance policies, but how is money NOT a product? What if any of us could invent a useful money and sell it to whoever wanted to use it? What if our money were better than […]


The Congressional Karma Amendment

Congress has repeatedly demonstrated that it has enormous ability to affect the economy, but our Representatives are pretty well insulated from the economic effects of their decisions. I think we can all agree that Congress needs to feel the effects of their decisions – even more than we do. Let’s also consider that if the […]

Real Energy Independence

Imagine if every home generated and stored its own electricity. The way I envision it, we would be more self-sufficient, more environmentally friendly, less dependent on foreign oil, and less vulnerable to attack on our power plants. We can already generate electricity at our home if we want, but most of us do not because […]

It Takes a Village

Progressives are right that “it takes a village” to do, well, just about … anything, and that “one man can’t build the Hoover Dam”, and that we need to make progress. Perhaps then progressives are right that the government must therefore take the fruits of our labor because the government can direct the use of […]


Transistors, Fire, and Love

Who do we thank for: stars, planets, gravity evolution, people, sex love, family, friends tradition, culture, the commons language, writing, trade freedom, property, self defense hope, tolerance, progress memory, thought, emotion curiosity, imagination, dreams games, sports, fiction art, music, theater religion, science, philosophy Let me be more to the point. That which made life worth […]