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How the economy really works, how to fix it, who is breaking it, and why they are breaking it.

It Takes a Village

Progressives are right that “it takes a village” to do, well, just about … anything, and that “one man can’t build the Hoover Dam”, and that we need to make progress. Perhaps then progressives are right that the government must therefore take the fruits of our labor because the government can direct the use of […]


Transistors, Fire, and Love

Who do we thank for: stars, planets, gravity evolution, people, sex love, family, friends tradition, culture, the commons language, writing, trade freedom, property, self defense hope, tolerance, progress memory, thought, emotion curiosity, imagination, dreams games, sports, fiction art, music, theater religion, science, philosophy Let me be more to the point. That which made life worth […]


The Myth of Clintonomics

Bill Clinton did nothing to create economic success, there was no surplus under Clinton, and there was a big crash at the end of his administration. Economic success under Clinton was the result of the dot com bubble, gridlock in Congress, and his inheritance of both cheap oil and the end of the Cold War […]

Progressives vs. CEOs

Those who tend view government as the solution rather than the problem, – those who call themselves liberals, socialists, or progressives – claim we are experiencing far greater economic exploitation and suffering than at any time since the advent of progressivism under Woodrow Wilson. Modern progressives tend to blame national and global economic problems on […]


Atlas Shrugged – Makers vs. Takers

Humanity at our best and our worst. Two of the last noble captains of industry fall in love and try to save the world while their ungrateful friends, relatives, and government heap insult and injury upon them. Therefore … Atlas Shrugged is a dangerous movie. It exposes and subverts the dominant struggle of recorded history, […]