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Rule of Market vs. The World

Grandpa, after Rule of Market replaced Rule of Law, why didn’t some foreign power just take over? It seems like they could have just threated to nuke a city unless it accepted their rule, and when that first city chose to fight instead of surrendering, then the next city would see how they got nuked and would comply immediately.

You see Timmy, that used to work. In fact, that’s how Genghis Khan took over several cities, and that’s why several foreign powers did indeed try something like that.

Now, they all knew that the people were well armed and would resist, so they took a few years to prepare. The first foreign threat that emerged tried a direct assault in Maine and New Hampshire … kind of like Red Dawn I guess … They launched several EMPs and waited for folks to get out their equipment that had been shielded from EMP attack, and then they attacked with EMPs again. They also cut the power grid, which was easy to do because, although it was now shielded from EMP, it was still a centralized system that was about a year away from becoming decentralized like the Internet. Most folks figure that is why they attacked when they did instead of taking longer to prepare. They really thought that taking out the power grid would be a knockout punch, but they couldn’t have been more wrong.

Tens of thousands of individuals in that area had been preparing for such an event. Some had accurately foreseen the threat, but for most, that was just how they liked to spend their spare time and money. For example, they each had independent power generation, stealth technology, drones, and armor piercing bullets. Some even had directed energy weapons, ELF technology, and insect drones. The invaders simply did not understand the explosion of wealth and freedom under Rule Of Market.

The invaders were attacked in thousands of unique ways that they hadn’t anticipated because each patriot had his own ideas, so the centralized invasion force simply couldn’t adapt. Perhaps the most resourceful individual was a man known to history only as “Future Bob”. The invaders had been so on edge after several weeks of relentless surprises and setbacks that he was able to drive out an entire battalion with his creative use of ELF technology to beam speech directly into their heads in their native language while simultaneously attacking them with thousands of insect drones. Most of them killed each other in the chaos and fear that ensued.

This first invasion was over in about 6 weeks. They didn’t even fight long enough to find out about the payback on its way to their home land. Nor had they yet figured out how their defeat had greatly strengthened the underground resistance in their own capitol.

Before the full consequences of the first attack had unfolded, a second foreign power figured this first attack had created a unique opportunity. It thought it had learned from the mistakes of the first aggressor and that it would attack before the resistance had time to regroup, but like those first aggressors, they couldn’t have been more wrong.

Perhaps their biggest mistake was their assumption that under Rule of Market, those outside the battle zone had no obligation or incentive to intervene. They didn’t know that after six weeks, the first wave of about a million mobilized individuals had each independently traveled to the battle zone and had already been providing firepower, logistics, supplies, morale, intelligence, counterintelligence … and … it was a beautiful thing … They came from as far away as Alaska.

What about Hawaii? That state would have had more incentive to help out than anyone so that others would reciprocate later.

No, at that time Hawaii was too afraid of living under the Rule of Market, and so, under the leadership of governor Obama, they had petitioned to become part of China, but boy did they ever regret that decision … poor Obama … but that’s another story …

Both aggressors wanted to milk the region – like a colony – and did not want to destroy it, but after seeing how the patriots had taken out most of the leadership in the first invader’s home land by working with the underground resistance there, the second invaders escalated and used their heaviest conventional weapons. They even used nerve gas in some areas, which had little effect on the dispersed resistance. Needless to say, the payback included gas attacks in addition to snipers and more creative tactics. The second invasion also lasted about six weeks.

This second victory by the patriots gave pause to additional foreign powers, and during that pause, domestic resistance in those foreign lands grew exponentially. The Rule of Market was becoming an existential threat to governments everywhere.

It was about 18 months later when the most advanced foreign power threatened to nuke a city unless it came under their rule, but the city refused and prepared to retaliate … well … actually, this particular city had over one million subscribers to more than 30 protection agencies, and it was they who prepared to retaliate.

The foreign power was mostly bluffing because they didn’t want to kill the goose that laid the golden egg, but they knew they could not back down, so they detonated a tactical nuke that destroyed about 4 blocks in a low value part of the city. It just so happened that those blocks were adjacent to the neighborhood of Leroy and his guardians.

Some protection agencies had no ability to project force into the foreign nation, so they compensated by covering all of the domestic obligations of the more advanced agencies. Also, there were several billionaires in the city who had their own methods of dealing with threats. Then there were the other agencies and individuals who wanted to help so that no foreign government could gain a foothold in the land.

The foreign capitol had to fend off no less than 23 independent efforts, but they were expecting most of them. They defended against a hypersonic ballistic missile, several supersonic cruise missiles, and several cyber attacks. They knew that no one was willing to perform a suicide HALO mission in retaliation, after all, they had only attacked the poorest and least populated blocks in the city, but what they didn’t count on was the huge publicity opportunity. Two billionaires pooled their efforts to send in Leroy’s guardians, who were known as heroes throughout the land. One would provide the weapon, and the other would provide the cyber attack that would cover their insertion and extraction.

Leroy’s guardians were little more than a neighborhood watch … of former navy seals, airborne rangers, and marines. They had to set up three small generators in an equilateral triangle whose center was the emperor’s palace. The HALO insertion was flawless and undetected. One hour later, the emperor’s palace, and the emperor, were vaporized as he was addressing a crowd of hundreds of thousands while hundreds of millions watched on TV.

The emperor’s intelligence agencies never dreamed that three poor unskilled black men could have done it. Nor could they have believed that the perpetrators of such an operation would have left for home in a little fishing boat – with local help!

As predicted, the publicity was worth billions. It was a profitable operation.

Curiously though, the United Nations and most foreign leaders began claiming the patriots were the aggressors, and that such power in the hands of individuals was a global threat. That was the catalyst that caused the majority of patriots to break out of their normalcy bias and realize that foreign governments were indirectly controlled by the globalists, who for generations had been committed to one world government, one world currency, one world religion, no armed citizens, total control of individuals, and total dependence on government.

The window of opportunity was closing for the globalist end game. Some say the globalists had captured a real alien and were able to make limited use of the technology in his scout ship and used real footage of him – all against his will.

The Pope and other Jesuits, along with thousands of other globalist shills, had been preparing the world for an alien visitation for years. The world believed that the alien and his people were giving the earth the knowledge of a more advanced – a more global – government, currency, and spirituality – where there was no potential for some crazy citizen to harm others. They promised additional gifts of technology once we had “progressed” to the point where no crazy citizen would have the freedom to use that technology to hurt anyone.

But grandpa! The alien agenda was the globalist agenda!

Yes, that was pretty obvious to the patriots too because we had a free press, but the rest of the world only had propaganda, except for the growing underground resistance, who got unfiltered Internet.

It was about three years after the palace had been vaporized when the putative “aliens” said that the Rule of Market was a reactionary resurgence of the failed flawed fatal policies of the past, and that because their technology could fall into the hands of patriots who were unregulated in their uses of it, that they could never trust the earth with the kinds of advanced alien technologies that would end hunger, sickness, climate change, and provide free energy for all.

Naturally, this propaganda made about half of the people of the world want to kill the patriots.

The “aliens” gave the patriots an ultimatum, and of course, the patriots said the aliens were not real and farted in their general direction.


As punishment, the “aliens” used a beam from space that could vaporize a city block. They destroyed several blocks in each of the most “dangerous” cities. Of course, there was no crime in those cities, but they were the hotbeds of technical innovation, and they had individual citizens who owned nukes and other super weapons.

But grandpa, humans had such satellite weapons by then.

Ah, but the world didn’t know about such secret weapons programs yet. The patriots had just gotten word to the underground at the same time the globalists had begun their attack, so word had not spread far enough yet to make the world suspicious.

The “aliens” were so nice that they would warn the patriots 4 hours before each attack. That was expected to result in much chaos and death, and thus greatly embarrass the patriots and cause them to kill more of each other than the attack itself, but the aliens didn’t seem to know that everyone had bugout plans, which had become a cultural fetish. Half had already bugged out anyway, and the rest were gone within the 4 hours.

The “aliens” kept assuming that such a flawless bugout was a fluke each time.

Needless to say, the patriots would not surrender and thus the globalists had to escalate.

Next, the globalists introduced a hostile “alien” race, who said the humans were too dangerous and also just too stupid and ungrateful, and must be wiped out. They also began to use pretty much the same kind of beam from space to attacked cities in multiple countries, but the “good aliens” said that we were worth saving and defeated the bad aliens in a spectacular light show in the sky. Then the good aliens said that we humans needed to deal with those cowboy Rule of Market patriots before another hostile alien race came along.


Grandpa, who would believe that was aliens instead of the globalists?

Everyone believed it, and they wanted to kill the patriots more than ever. Everyone was being played by the globalists, who had manipulated billions into demanding the alien agenda, which was actually the globalist agenda, and demanding the death of any who opposed that agenda. Before that, even most patriots didn’t understand that players don’t have to give orders to make billions carry out their agenda.

So, how did you all survive?

Years of independent efforts had converged to destroy the satellite weapon, but that wasn’t what really ended the globalists. Not even close. No one even knew we had destroyed it, and they were only days away from sending up another one, and they had nukes, nerve gas, conventional weapons, and billions ready to march.

So, how did you do it?!

Well, most of the world leaders were just front men for the globalists at the top. So, some of the more savvy patriots had been identifying the top globalists since as far back as 1970, and they had formed what are known as zero squads.

A zero squad is a cell of three individuals known only to each other who have selected a top globalist whom they will sacrifice their lives to take out if necessary – if such globalists ever tried to perpetrate their end game.

So, what happened?!

They were supplemented by many new zero squads of both patriot and underground resistance forces, which ensured that every top globalist was covered two or three times over. Still, a few got away, but their front men knew that if their masters were not safe, then they weren’t either, so they told us the “good aliens” had just left and said they would be back in 100 years to check our progress.

America’s Founding Principles Can Save Us

We are being played, which is why the players suppress the principles that can save us, which are the founding principles of America.

America’s founding principles are being suppressed because they are a direct threat to the most powerful people in America and the world.

Americas founders did not themselves fully understand or articulate the principles that motivated them. For this reason, and for reasons of pragmatism and expediency, the Constitution is an imperfect implementation of America’s founding principles. The Articles of Confederation were a more accurate implementation.

A more perfect articulation of America’s founding principles is:

Everything Voluntary.
Do not initiate force.
Fight words with words and never with force.
Fight ideas with ideas and never with force.
An idea can always be challenged.

If there be law,
Law can only be by the consent of the governed.
No man is above the law.
Secession is a right.

Every man owns himself.
And thus,
Every man has a right to defend himself with lethal force.
Every man owns the fruits of his labor.
And thus,
Every man has a right to trade the fruits of his labor.
No man has a right to the fruits of another man’s labor.

A man can only survive by the fruits of his labor.
And thus,
Every man has the right to use lethal force to resist any threat to the fruits of his labor.


The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule is usually articulated as “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

The world would certainly be a happy, healthy, productive place if everyone followed the Golden Rule, and yet some misrepresent it.

For example, the masochist would have people beat him, so does the Golden Rule mean he should beat others? – OR – Does it mean the masochist would like for others to give him only what he wants, and thus he should give others only what they want?

The so-called liberal says that no one should take anything from a person like him by force, but that if he were like you, he would want others to use government to forcibly take the fruits of your labor, so does that mean he should use the government to take the fruits of your labor? – OR – Does it mean that he would like for government to forcibly take nothing from him, and thus he should want government to forcibly take nothing from you?

The progressive says that he should pay taxes and that government should have more money, and yet he never gives one penny more than necessary to government, and he will break the law whenever he can get away with it in order to give less to government, so does that mean he should want you to be punished for not paying taxes? – OR – Does it mean that he does not actually want to pay taxes, so he should not want you to pay taxes?

Fortunately, The Golden Rule is in our genes. It gives Nobility to those of us who carry the Soul of Humanity.

Rule of Market – The Next Leap Forward

History began with the Rule of Man, which is where those who make the law are not accountable to those under the law, and those who make the law are above the law. The law is thus likely to be inefficient, subjective, arbitrary, and applied unequally. Government under the Rule of Man is illegitimate because people only support it under duress, and no competing law is allowed. Government under the Rule of Man is also a monopoly on the right to initiate force or fraud within a geographical boundary.

A great leap forward from the Rule of Man was the Rule of Law, which is where those who make the law are accountable to those under the law, and no man is above the law. Unfortunately, government under the Rule of Law is still not legitimate because most people support it only under duress, and no competing law is allowed. Like under the Rule of Man, government under the Rule of Law has always been a monopoly on the right to initiate force or fraud within a given geographical boundary. These remaining drawbacks with the Rule of Law are harmful in their own right, but they are also the seeds of its inevitable regression back to the Rule of Man – unless we evolve further.

The next great leap forward will be the Rule of Market, which is where the law is a product like any other. An individual could produce his own law, or choose one of the products produced by others, or choose no such product at all. The market would be the judge. Government under the Rule of Market would allow competition, and few, if any, would purchase law that claimed the right to initiate force or fraud against them.

In the Rule of Market, the law is voluntary – just like any other product. In fact, everything is voluntary. Even money is just a product like any other.

How Rule of Market Works

It will be necessary to look at some everyday examples to understand the Rule of Market because, although it is quite simple, it is quite difficult to understand given a lifetime of conditioning by television and government schools and universities. Such conditioning promotes a single groupthink while squashing the imagination, independent thought, and critical thinking skills that would allow one to escape the groupthink.

We will look at two everyday examples. In the first example, you will have discovered that you entered into an unfair contract. In the second example, you will observe how the Rule of Market deals with gang violence and how tragedy is eventually overcome with hope and unlimited potential.

In both examples it should be clear that Rule of Market is simply individual freedom, which has always been more compatible with human nature, and which unlocks the healthy potential of self-interest, competition, and reputation, whose benefits are further magnified by today’s tools, such as the Internet, cameras, and guns.

Breaking an Unfair Contract

Eventually, under the Rule of Market one could be confident about entering into any kind of agreement without being cheated or tricked, but to see how such harmony would have evolved, it will be necessary to go back to an earlier point.

Suppose you voluntarily entered into a contract with another party because, although they had a mediocre reputation, they offered terms that were just too good to pass up, which they had to do to compete with those who had better reputations. Then you discovered you were tricked, and so you decided it was in your best interests to only fulfill the part of your contractual obligation you felt was fair. You would then be wise to make your case on the Internet for two reasons. The first reason is because in the future, other parties (the market) would look at your reputation and decide on what terms (if any) they would be willing to enter into any given type of contract with you. The other reason is because the other party will be making its case on the Internet as well, and the claims by the other party could hurt your reputation if you allow them to go unchallenged.

You would be wise to hire an advocate to help you produce your side of the story. The role of such an advocate would be similar to the purpose of a lawyer today.

You would want to maintain an online presentation that explains how your principles would guide you to react in certain scenarios and how you are defining your terms. You could think of your statement of principles as your law. One purpose of such a presentation would be to let potential partners know what kind of agreements you might find acceptable as well as what to expect once you entered an agreement. Another purpose would be to make it harder for anyone else to misrepresent you, and yet another purpose would be a guide for your children. Your statement of principles is another place where you could hire an advocate to help you produce it.

You would want to hire one or more reputation rating companies to publish an evaluation of your side of the story. Let’s refer to such companies as Reputation Bureaus. Such a role would be similar to the purpose of a credit rating agency. Each reputation bureau would decide whether your actions were consistent with the expectations you created with your statement of principles. They would decide the extent to which your actions were justified given the objective facts of the case, and they would decide the extent to which your actions were justified given the ambient culture. They would also be evaluating your side according to their well publicized rules, which could be thought of as their “law”. Then they would adjust your reputation score accordingly, and of course, the weight of their decision would depend on their own reputation. Every reputation bureau would have an independent rating for you.

You would want to pay more to choose a reputation bureau with the best reputation, which is one that understands it cannot afford to ever appear biased or to have cheated in any way. Otherwise, its rating would carry far less weight with others. Its reputation would also depend on its law being fair and unambiguous.

Note that if your statement of principles and your contract used common components found in other statements and other contracts, then evaluation would be easier and thus cheaper. On the other hand, if you are like me and insist on a custom statement of principles, then you should expect to pay more.

Suppose the reputation bureaus you hired decided that your actions were consistent with your stated values and were thus expected, and that overall your actions were mostly justified both objectively and given the ambient culture. Also, your actions were mostly acceptable under their law. Therefore, given a potential future contract, the other party would probably just look at your reputation score and decide that they would be willing to contract with you (in spite of your having broken a previous contract), but that party might for a slightly higher interest rate (or slightly more collateral) to reduce its risk.

We chose your case because it was a tipping point. Your reputation bureaus each decided that to some extent the other party had intentionally tried to trick you, and that their behavior was part of a pattern, and thus they dinged the other party’s reputation considerably. The other party knew this was the likely decision and thus hired their usual reputation bureau who they could depend on to give them a good rating. However, a few years of propping up the bad behavior of such companies had also cost their reputation bureau some of its reputation.

Just as the other party’s reputation had been propped up, their reputation bureau’s reputation had been propped up by other dishonest reputation bureaus. Over time the dishonest companies and reputation bureaus had learned they could only depend on each other to maintain their reputations, and thus they were vulnerable to sudden crash – like a stock market bubble that had gotten too out of sync with reality.

Your case precipitated a cascade over the next few months where the other party and all of its cronies lost most of their reputation with the honest reputation bureaus and thus lost most of their business so suddenly that they had to liquidate their assets, which were bought up and put to better use by their honest competitors.

The people called it creative destruction.

The Future

Given just the one example about breaking an unfair contract, it should be clear how one would finally be free to pursue one’s dreams while simultaneously choosing to act more responsibly – all because one would value one’s reputation even more than one values one’s credit rating today, but the full benefit of the Rule of Market goes so much deeper than that. It could apply in any conceivable day-to-day scenario, and thus one’s reputation would be more important in every conceivable scenario.

When every person in every scenario is finally free to pursue their dreams while having a powerful incentive to act more responsibly, then the result can only be more peace, safety, productivity, innovation, wealth, and happiness. The advent of the Rule of Market would be the dawn of a new renaissance like nothing we have ever seen before – a never ending Golden Age beyond anything in history.

Unfortunately, we are no longer moving forward. We are now moving backwards towards the Rule of Man. For example, Obama claims the power to spy on anyone, to indefinitely detain anyone, and even to assassinate anyone without due process, without accountability, and without transparency, and he has already exercised all of these powers.

We are moving back to the Rule of Man because governments are absolutely terrified of the Rule of Market because it is becoming clear to the people that the primary purpose of government is to force a majority to give their time, to give the fruits of their labor, and to even give their lives and their children for a goal they would not find worthy of such sacrifice … such as wars, pyramids, cronyism, propaganda, censorship, reeducation camps, false flags, genocide, slavery, redistribution of honest wealth, and disarming the people.

The End of Violence

Next, let’s explore how violence would be virtually nonexistent in a society built on the Rule of Market. First, we would have to go back to a point before the initiation of force and fraud had become almost non-existent to find out why such behavior had become so rare.

Suppose a society had adopted the Rule of Market not quite three years ago, and some people still did not value their reputation. In this case Leroy’s daughter Jada had dated a young thug, Jamal, who thought his gang membership protected him from the Rule of Market.

After Jada decided to end the relationship, Jamal decided to break into the family’s home at night and make her leave with him. He brought his four badest gangstas with him and they all had Glocks.

Before the advent of the Rule of Market, the gang’s strategy would have worked, but under the Rule of Market, families had changed. Most people understood that every family was responsible for its own safety and completely free to provide that safety. Most people also understood that everyone’s future had become unlimited, and perhaps most importantly, most people understood that everyone had become free to do the right thing.

Leroy and his neighborhood guardians always did the right thing, and their individual reputations reflected that; whereas, Jamal and his gang, the last gang in their neighborhood, often initiated force or fraud, and their reputations reflected that.

Jamal did not understand that under the Rule of Market, most people, including Jada, had developed hope and a sense of self-esteem. She would not come back to him like other girls had done before. She had thought she could change him, but she now understood that she could not.

Jamal shot the door several times and it would not budge. The gang then had to expended about 90 rounds before they were finally able to kick it in. This only took 50 seconds, but they were pretty mad at this point because they had first encountered a door like this just two weeks before, although in that case no one had been home and they had been in no particular hurry. The only thing Jamal and his gang had learned from that experience was to wear hearing protection when shooting a door. Jamal did not learn how lucky he was that no one had been home.

Leroy and his neighborhood guardians had known that Jamal and his gang were likely to try this. It was their MO. That is why Leroy, at great personal risk to himself, had tried one last time earlier that day to explain to Jamal and his gang why they should disband like the other gangs.

Leroy tried to convey the hope that had spread through the community, and through the whole damn country. He tried to explain how they were living the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream. They were free at last! But the gang followed the Reverend Dr. Al Harpton Varakan Jackson, who preached how the country owed them and had abandoned them.

Leroy explained how Jada wasn’t like girls around there used to be and how Jada was proud and full of hope, but that just made Jamal more determined to take her.

Those 50 seconds bought by the reinforced door were sufficient for Leroy and his man inside and the two guardians nearby to take up their positions. One of them was so nervous that he suddenly laughed out loud when he remembered how they used to say, “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

As they kicked the door in, Leroy had a chance to yell “stop or we’ll shoot”. Jamal and his gang took that as a challenge because they were wearing class II body armor that had stopped 9mm rounds before. They did not understand that their body armor would not stop a 5.56mm 62 grain round. Hence, they didn’t give Leroy time to say anything else.

Leroy had been very careful not to disrespect anyone in the gang earlier that day – even when they tested him, which they interpreted as a sign of weakness, but they let him go without harm. He didn’t dare tell them about the two snipers watching over him, or they would have reacted in a way that would have cost them their lives. When Leroy got home, he cried for a long time.

When Jamal heard Leroy release the charging handle on his AR-15 somewhere deep in the house, he did not understand that someone was truly willing, let alone able, to stand up to him. No one had done that before, and besides, he had his gang with him, and they had body armor.

The gang each had only two or three rounds left because they had never needed spare magazines before. They randomly fired all of their remaining rounds in about  three seconds – hitting nothing. No one was within 30 feet of them.

Three seconds later they were all on the ground dying, and the guardians came to them at great personal risk, and tried to help. The adrenaline would not yet let them feel the emotional weight of the tragedy before them – the lost potential of these young men – what they could have been – until a dying gang member whispered, “I could have been a doctor.”

In just a few seconds, all of the guardians had begun sobbing uncontrollably, and the whole neighborhood came out and sobbed with them.

The guardians hired the best reputation bureau they could afford. They even sold some possessions and borrowed some money to do it. It was that important.

The company’s name was The Soul of Humanity because its law was based on The Soul of Humanity. It was physically based in Austin, Texas.

The guardians had not been able to afford the video surveillance that would have exonerated them more quickly and more thoroughly, but given the relative reputations of the survivors and the deceased, and given the testimony of witnesses and the reputations of those witnesses, the reputation of the guardians had actually increased. Nevertheless, they had killed, and there was no video, so they would be on a kind of probation for a about three years.

The story became a national story, and the The Soul Of Humanity gave them each a one year advertising contract worth fifty times  the fee they had paid. That was more than the going rate, but that fact only added to the good will and new business received by the company.

One month later a sniper killed the Reverend Dr. Al Harpton Varakan Jackson, and no one cared enough to investigate. In his arrogance, the Reverend had refused to pay money to “the man” to buy insurance to investigate any initiations of force or fraud against him. Even his personal body guards lacked the will to do anything about it, nor did they have the skills to do anything about it.

Gang activity in that first year had skyrocketed before being fought down to its original level. Then it fell to 20% of its original level during the second and third year. but with the story of Leroy and his guardians, gang activity in the forth year dropped to 1% of its original level.

It would not be accurate to say that the gangs simply dissolved, instead, most transformed from thugs into guardians. Those who were once takers had become makers.

Who will build the ROADS!?

The advent of The Rule of Market was widely understood and anticipated, and yet, some people had still been apoplectic with shrieks of “Who will build the ROADS!?” In a nutshell, the answer was, “The same people who build them now.” After all, how did we get the cars that drove on those roads, or computers or smart phones, and our houses, and the roads in front of our houses … ? Of course, what such alarmists had really meant was, “For each new road, who would force dozens or even thousands of people to give up a piece of their land?” The alarmist minority needn’t have been so apoplectic because it worked out exactly as most people expected.

The third such incident under the Rule of Market was the Springfield Bypass. It would raise the value of all property directly along its route, so everyone along the route wanted it and were thus willing to pay for it; whereas, some of those owning businesses along competing roads might lose some business and thus were not willing to pay for any of the bypass, so they didn’t. However, there was one individual land owner along the ideal route, Mr. Schittstein, who would also benefit from the new road but who was holding out as a way of extorting the others to give him money.

In the first such incident, the holdout, Mr. Freeman, had good reason to believe that he would lose a small amount of business, so his neighbors compensated him. However, in the second such incident, the holdout, Ms. Princess, would have actually benefitted, but the people had decided to pay her anyway because she had not been excessively greedy. Furthermore, the reputation bureaus did not yet have sufficient precedent to ding the reputation of Ms. Princess. The example of Ms. Princess emboldened Mr. Schittstein to insist on too much money. He asked for 95% of the cost to route around his property safely, so his neighbors called his bluff and built the road around his property. They felt the 5% extra cost was, as one neighbor put it, “Totally worth it.” The result was known locally as, “Schittstein’s Curve,” which, his neighbor’s learned, gave Schittstein an odd satisfaction.

Occasionally, the folks along the Springfield Bypass would offer to pay to replace the bypass with a route through Mr. Schittstein’s property, but no matter what they offered, he always held out for more. He had understood that even with the best of safety precautions, this was to be the first such bypass, and thus someday, some oversight might cause someone to get hurt if the road were forced to go around his property, but he had been unmoved, and his reputation did not suffer for it given the early stages of the Rule of Market. Subsequent extortion was dampened, fortunately!, as the reputation bureaus rapidly adapted.

Although it would have been immoral to go back and judge Mr. Schittstein by rules that did not exist at the time, needless to say, Mr. Schittstein was the kind of person whose reputation would plummet in the future if he did not learn to treat others as he would like them to treat him, but whereas, most people learned such lessons very quickly under the Rule of Market, Mr. Schittstein did not. Eventually his wife left him as his reputation continued to plummet until, one day, tragedy struck …

There had never been an injury on the Springfield bypass, but Schittstein’s neighbors, the Goodmans, had relatives coming in from out of town to show off their new baby. They were tired and had let their teenage daughter drive the last little bit. Her inexperience combined with Schittstein’s Curve had banged them up pretty good, and in an improbable confluence of events, it had cost them the life of their newborn infant …

It was virtually impossible to get away with violence under the Rule of Market, but the Goodmans were not thinking clearly when they forced entry into Mr. Schittstein’s house, where they proceeded to beat Mr. Schittstein to death as he continued to display a total lack of remorse to the end.

The reputation bureaus, had plenty of precedent by this time, and the relative reputations of the Goodmans vs. Schittstein combined with the video footage from multiple sources was such that the verdict from every bureau was, in the vernacular, “Schittstein had it coming.”

Just three years later, the amazing golden age brought by the Rule of Market had produced the kind of wealth and innovation that would have saved the Goodman’s baby, but such wealth and technology was never needed in another such case because in the 75 years since, there has not been another Schittstein under the Rule of Market.


Next, read Rule of Market vs. The World.


The Soul Of Humanity

Evolution has given the vast majority of us the ability to instinctively know which principles are right and wrong. For example, we are genetically programmed to dislike cheating, pettiness, and short sightedness; whereas, we are genetically programmed to admire integrity, open mindedness, tolerance, responsibility, curiosity, and courage.

Majority Principles are even more difficult for us to articulate than for ancient cultures because politicians, the mainstream media, and government schools are very careful to never draw a connection between majority principles and the positions they choose to promote, ignore, or ridicule. We are thus divided on positions because The Prince keeps it that way, but we are less divided on principles.

Majority Principles are:

Integrity – Your principles are consistent with each other. Your positions are consistent with your principles. Your decisions, actions, and inactions are consistent with your principles. Your life is consistent with your principles. You make personal sacrifices to live consistently with your principles. If you discover your position is out of sync with your principles, then you change your position. The end does not justify the means, which means that you do not violate your principles to promote your principles.

Open Mindedness – You are always open to the possibility that someone else is right and you are wrong.

Tolerance – You are tolerant of that which does not violate your principles.

Responsibility – You accept the personal debt you incur when you violate your principles.

Curiosity – You need to know why.

Courage – You overcome your fear to be true to your principles – your fear of pain, embarrassment, peer pressure, and the unknown.

Independent Thought – You are already an independent thinker if you have Open Mindedness, Responsibility, Curiosity, and Courage.

Honesty – When interacting with another person, you will never be the one who initiates fraud, cheating, lying, evasiveness, or deception against the other.

Peace – When interacting with another person, you will never be the one who initiates force, violence, or physical aggression against the other.

Nobility – You honor your agreements.  If you created an expectation, you try to honor it. If you would have agreed to someone’s terms before, then you will try to honor those terms now. You treat others as you would like them to treat you – even when responding to an initiation of force or fraud.

Progress – You try to leave the world a better place than if you had never existed. Not to be confused with Progressivism, which violates all Majority Principles.

If you are among those of us who instinctively admire these principles, and who instinctively know that the world is the result of our individual choices, and who instinctively want to leave the world a better place than if you had never existed, then

you are among those of us who carry the soul of humanity.


A New Country – Humanity’s Last Best Hope

From it’s beginning, America has been the light that motivated the peoples of the world to rebel against fascism, tribalism, monarchy, socialism, collectivism, big government, communism, militarism, genocide, slavery, etc. If America had not been created, then the world would have slowly devolved into a perpetual dystopian global empire because there would have been no example – no light – to show the world a better way.

Individual luminaries would have been crushed. People would not have known how bad things were for them if everyone around the world were in the same situation – if they didn’t have America as an example of what could be.

Of course, as global telecommunications evolved, it would have become impossible to hide the ugliness of genocide and slavery, so those would have evolved into more progressive forms like eugenics and reeducation camps. I’ll leave the details to your imagination.

Progressivism is a pragmatic attempt to combine and repackage all of these failed approaches. (Ironically, Progressivism is thus not actually progressive.) Where there were pure and distinct ideologies, Progressivism has distilled all of these into the one principle that The Prince can successfully sell to more than half of all individuals.

Government rightly has the power to implement any good idea.

The scariest part is that even 1000 years from now, after that “Progressive” global empire would have decayed and fallen from within, the human race would never again reach its original potential. The reason is that after one thousand years of crushing independent thinkers, those genes would have died out. Therefore, given enough power:

The net effect of Progressivism will have been to kill the soul of humanity.

From it’s beginning, America itself has been heading in that “progressive” direction, which may sound odd on first hearing, but although America’s liberal founding principles were a great leap forward, and although they were increasingly applied more equally over subsequent generations:

While we were emancipating slaves, we were enslaving free men.

The liberal principles of our initial great leap forward have carried us far, but now, America is rapidly becoming very similar to every other country. Although independent thinkers have always known that Progressivism is failing, Progressivism has now been in power for 100 years, and is thus so entrenched, that we are all descending together into a Progressive dystopian future.

I had been encouraged that an increasing number of us knew something was wrong and were trying to figure it out. First there were the Tea Parties, and then there was Occupy Wall Street, but The Prince has successfully divided, neutralized, and coopted most of them – as usual. The Tea Parties are just too enamored with religion and big militarism, and OWS is much worse. OWS doesn’t like the militarism explicitly, but they do think it’s good for the economy! OWS is also demanding more government control over others, while simultaneously demanding the fruits of other’s labor for themselves! OWS is thus pretty much directly working towards the global progressive dystopian future.

Then Ron Paul began to surge, and once again I had new hope for change. It seemed as if people might be starting to think for themselves, Then, instead of growing, Ron Paul’s popularity seems to have plateaued, and thus once again I fear that, like any addict, Americans, and everyone else, will not change until they know they’ve hit rock bottom. In this case, the “change” would be that they will start thinking for themselves.

As I have already explained, without the shining example that has been America, no one will know they’ve hit rock bottom, and so it will go on and on while the media tell us how good things are, and how things would have been even worse given the ideas of “reactionaries” (independent thinkers).

Given the seriousness of the problems facing America (and the world), and given the lack of interest in the real problems (not the fake problems used to distract us – like Global Warming and Saddam Hussein), I don’t see any of my other solutions ever coming to fruition in America. America is now so far gone that even my second most powerful solution (from 1995) – The Perfect Representation Amendment – would initially be used by the people, such as OWS, to accelerate our descent.

The Perfect Representation Amendment would leverage the Internet so that we could all vote every time Congress votes, and when we chose not to vote, we could still choose anyone else to carry our vote instead of letting our Congressman carry our vote. Obviously, such a system could also empower us all to collaborate to create and pass new laws that Congress would never have let us vote on if it were up to them.

I am still confident that The Perfect Representation Amendment could save us within several decades because, we the people, would finally have the power to effect change – if the amendment were enacted, and if we realized our errors, and if The Prince did not shut it down before we could then effect real change.

However, let’s be honest. We will not get Perfect Representation, and if we did, consider that thanks to progressive media and government schools, the people can no longer distinguish between force and freedom, consensus and science, or hate and tolerance. Therefore, we would hit rock bottom hard.

The likely Reign of Terror that would result before we finally got it right … is unacceptable. In we were lucky, Independent thinkers would only be exiled to another country. Then, after the political class had gotten everything they wanted, and America had hit rock bottom, and the people were ready to think for themselves and effect real change, the Prince would simply blame Perfect Representation and shut it down.

I have therefore concluded that only my most powerful solution (again from 1995) can still save us:

We must create a new light were there was once America.

We must create a new country.

We are out of new worlds (on Earth), but enough independent minded people still have enough wealth to build a new country in one of several ways. We could pool our resources to lease a swath of Brazil for 99 years, or we could build a floating country on the ocean. We could all move to Montana and secede.

There are even ways to start big. Consider that Warren Buffet challenged the Forbes 400 to use half of their wealth ($600 billion) for charity, but why wouldn’t they rather use it to stat a new country? They might even make a nice profit.

I have explained to a diverse group of people how they could join by buying a stake in this new country and how everyone there would have signed a contract – much like a Constitution – the gist of which is that they would not initiate force or fraud against anyone. I explain that this would be a libertarian society, and yet the more independent minded among all factions have expressed to me their desire to move there.

Such a new country would have to be a land of free markets, free bodies, and free minds. It would be much like where America was headed before we, and the whole world, got so far off track. Such freedom, prosperity, and innovation would leapfrog the rest of the world, and once again, there would be a light to show humanity the way – one last best hope.

To Lose? Or To Lose One’s Very Soul?

To tell people the truth – Or to tell them what they want to hear.

To lose … or to lose one’s very soul.

That … is the question.

Tell people what they want to hear.
That’s how you get elected.
That’s how you get hired.
That’s how you get promoted.
That’s how you get laid.

Tell people the truth.
That’s how you lose elections.
That’s how you get fired.
That’s how you get sued for sexual harassment.
That’s how you be lonely.

Tell people what they want to hear.
That’s how you lose you very self.
That’s how you be weak.
That’s how you hate yourself.
That’s how you be a slave.

Tell people the truth.
That’s how you find yourself.
That’s how you be strong.
That’s how you love yourself.
That’s how you be free.

What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his very soul?

The world is not enough.

It is never too late to be the person you want to be.

In the end, it will be the things you didn’t do that you will regret the most.


I Was Healed

I have always been allergic to hypocrisy, pretentiousness, and any kind of disingenuousness. Therefore, shortly after college, I became a member of a very serious church for nearly two years.

I say “serious”, because this church was a beacon of humility, sincerity, and devotion to the Bible – and only to the Bible. The people had no higher priority, and they invited everyone to hold them accountable.

I was able to catch a glimpse of a possible future utopia where everyone feels an intense level of trust, hope, fulfillment, and joy and a total absence of fear.

It changed my life.

To this day, all other churches seem like hypocrites by comparison.

However, I only caught a glimpse of utopia because this beacon of devotion and humility was at the same time a beacon of legalism – they really sweated the small stuff.

They were thus at a dead end. There was a cap on their potential. In this respect they were like the mainstream Church of Christ from whom they had evolved.

Their primary innovation was that accountability was enforced through a military style chain of command (hierarchy). Did I mention that I also have always been allergic to hierarchy?

I once asked one of the leaders: “In a single word, what is it all about?” His answer was “Obedience.”

I said, “Love – It is all about Love.”

Needless to say, I was soon thereafter swept away in a purge of the less obedient.

I had nightmares for a couple of years after that. Then recently, 20 years later, I had a lucid dream where I revisited my old church for a dinner party. I was feeling unusually confident, and I was anticipating a joyous experience.

When legalism inevitably appeared, I stood and defended the victim, and I saw that my boldness gave the people hope. When the rebuke came, I was suddenly … inspired … and I spoke:


I was really hoping this place had grown.

It has not. It may be even more legalistic than before.

(I was getting up to leave. The people looked at me eagerly.)


have grown.


can help you.


will help you.

Find me.

(As I began to wake, I was saying:)

Your potential is greater than this.

You can love more than this.

The truth is more than this.

The truth will set you free.

Truth is reality.

The promise of reality is freedom.

Fear of reality is the root of all evil.

Fear tempts us to proclaim, “There ought to be a law.”

Fear tempts us to betray.

Fear tempts us to condemn nature.

I am healed.

Your Salvation is At Hand

It will get worse before it gets better.
But everything is going to be OK.

What is your part?
You have only one part.
To be the person you want to be.

Imagine the person you hoped to be when you grew up.
Now imagine the person you will wish you had been.
When you are taking your last breath.
They are the same person.

Do you remember your birthday?
You were about five.
Your wish for everyone else?

You can be that person again – right now.

You don’t have to believe anything.
You don’t have to do anything.
You already know everything you need to know.
To be the person you want to be.

You don’t have to be right about everything.
You don’t have to be right about anything.
You just have to be sincere.
To be the person you want to be.

What about everyone else?
You can help them to be the person they want to be.
By being the person you want to be.

The person you want to be.
And the person they want to be.
It is the same person.

The only thing holding you back.
From being the person you want to be.
Is fear.

In the end.
It will be the things you didn’t do.
That you will regret the most.

Fear is the root of all Evil; whereas,
Freedom is the root of all Love.
And, Reality is the root of all Freedom.

Freedom is the Promise of Reality.
And the Promise of Freedom is Love.


Oath Keepers

Everyone agrees the path we are on is unsustainable; and a growing number are aware that the reason is because the path we are on is increasingly diverging from the Constitution. One manifestation of this increasing awareness is the Tea Parties.

Some examples of unconstitutional government are: regulations, bailouts, gun bans, spying on Americans, Social Security, Medicaid, the Department of Education, the Department of Energy, etc.

Divergence from the Constitution (other than through legitimate amendment) should not be possible. Right? For example, the President, the Congress, and the military all take oaths to uphold the Constitution. However, pretty much all of these individuals either don’t understand the Constitution, or simply don’t care.

Now considering that our government is unsustainable, the government will have to become increasingly fascist – without appearing overtly fascist – like it has been doing for at least the last 100 years. In fact the powers behind the rise in government seem to be aiming for a global version of unsustainable government. Of course, they don’t see it as unsustainable because sustainable to them simply means that they stay in power.

Unfortunately for the champions of global governance, the American people are simply not cooperating, and thus extreme measures may be necessary to achieve global governance.

The American people usually accept incremental increases in government out of ignorance and apathy, and they usually accept the occasional increase in government in reaction to a crisis, which all seemed fast enough for the global elites until now, but now they are faced with increasing public awareness (thank the Internet) and a potentially major shift back to individualism and the free market. Therefore, I fear a series of devastating crises will be used to institute major change.

Most likely, the government will (among other tactics) provoke a small population, say in Montana, who they can rely on to fight back, and then the government will escalate, and then the people will escalate (they’ll even be coming from Texas). Now this could go badly for the government because of video and the internet, but even if the government shuts down the internet, their plan could easily work because the so called “liberals” elsewhere will say “I don’t like that the government shut down the internet, but I don’t really know why, and I don’t really know what the government is doing; however, the one thing I do know with absolute certainty is that the people in Montana are a bunch of Glenn Beck watching racists who deserve whatever they get.”

Given that the American people are the last armed citizenry on Earth, and that we are not cooperating, then we must be disarmed so that progress towards global governance can move forward again without our being able to stop it. The champions of global governance cannot allow us to continue to be an example of the benefits of individualism and the free market. Their stealth strategy has stalled and is being exposed.

Unfortunately, once the last armed citizenry is disarmed, then the resulting fascist world government would not fall until it decayed from within – about 1000 years from now. If I were a religious person, I would probably believe this to be the 1000 year reign of Satan – but let’s not get sidetracked.

The government will have to rely on the US military to perform some pretty fascist actions both to provoke initial conflict as well as to ultimately disarm the people in reaction to such conflict. Of course, the American military would thus be violating the Constitution, which they took an oath to uphold.

If only the US military, law enforcement, etc. would also take a more specific oath to not obey a list of well defined unconstitutional orders, then such a code among the military and law enforcement just might be the deciding factor between a future of freedom and prosperity – or 1000 years of global fascism.

I would like to see every single military and law enforcement officer take the following oath to not obey certain unconstitutional orders. They could call themselves Oath Keepers for their determination to stand by their oath to uphold the Constitution:

1. We will NOT obey orders to disarm the American people.

2. We will NOT obey orders to conduct warrantless searches of the American people

3. We will NOT obey orders to detain American citizens as “unlawful enemy combatants” or to subject them to military tribunal.

4. We will NOT obey orders to impose martial law or a “state of emergency” on a state.

5. We will NOT obey orders to invade and subjugate any state that asserts its sovereignty.

6. We will NOT obey any order to blockade American cities, thus turning them into giant concentration camps.

7. We will NOT obey any order to force American citizens into any form of detention camps under any pretext.

8. We will NOT obey orders to assist or support the use of any foreign troops on U.S. soil against the American people to “keep the peace” or to “maintain control.”

9. We will NOT obey any orders to confiscate the property of the American people, including food and other essential supplies.

10.We will NOT obey any orders which infringe on the right of the people to free speech, to peaceably assemble, and to petition their government for a redress of grievances.

OK, you can unclench your sphincter now because Oath Keepers is already a reality and may be America’s last best hope, and America may be the world’s last best hope.