Who are the authors at End of Innocence?

What is Jim's day job?

Where is Jim from?

When did Jim start writing?

Why doesn't the world make sense?

How do we know conspiracy exists?

Who is at the top?

Who can we trust?

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maxam - July 9, 2017

Hi Jim. Just discovered your excellent site and would be curious to know how you determined PCR might not be legit. He does seem to be naively dismissive of Izzrail’s role in the cabal’s plan. It that the tell tale? I do have one major disagreement with your list of untrustworthy memes, but it’s not worth mentioning because I think will come around eventually on this one. Anyway, congratulations on being “woke.”
All the Best,

    Jim - July 9, 2017

    Thanks, I added some links to articles I have written of some of the memes and players I mention.

Bob - August 7, 2017

Can you add an RSS feed for all your articles.


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