Humanity Rising

I have never written fiction before other than for some occasional use of satire and allegory in essays, but on 5/28/18 (6 days ago), I started writing the Humanity Rising series on reddit because I was simply not finding any fiction like it. The sub reddit is r/HFY, which stands for “Humanity, Fuck Yeah!”, which is based on “America, Fuck Yeah!” from the Team America theme song. It is not a great platform for multiple reasons, so I may soon move it to this site or elsewhere, but before I decide that, and before I publish more of it, I want to get more feedback before I continue on what I envision as a trilogy of three novels.

The sub reddit is almost exclusively humans fighting aliens and winning, and although humans will eventually save the universe, and although two of the human main characters kill an alien in the first 1000 words, this novel is not about humans vs. aliens, it is about how we must each struggle to champion what is best in us over what is worst in us. It is about how what is best in us humans is what really makes us human, so to champion what is best in us is to champion humanity. Aliens have the same internal struggle but humans will mostly lead the way even though humanity is starting off in very bad place.

I try to not express anything that is not actually relevant to the story, so if you think something is gratuitous, just let me know. Of course, many things are relevant but only foreshadow an explanation that is coming later.

It is actually as enjoyable for me to write as it would be if I were reading someone else’s story because I find myself wanting to know what is going to happen and it is very satisfying once I find out.

You probably shouldn’t read it at work because, it has sex and language. To me, it is not very graphic, and no one should find it gross, disgusting, or offensive.

It is 5000 words spread out over 5 small chapters. It took me about 10-12 hours to write it including edits, but that does not count the many hours I spent thinking about it this week between writing. I wrote one chapter per day over 5 days, and it feels like I could do that indefinitely. I am a slow typist, so aspiring writers who are slow typists should not be discouraged. It may also be interesting to know that I had no idea what I was going to write 10 minutes before I started, and this is not a story I had thought of before, although, it is helped along by its close relation to my ideas at EndOfInnocence.