The Jimmy Dore Phenomenon

I have talked with as many people as possible (preferably in person) from as many factions as I can, and before 2018, among the thousands who could be identified as some kind of liberal, leftist, socialist, progressive, etc. — not one — would throw Hillary, Obama, the Democratic Party establishment, or the mainstream media under the bus. Sure, some would complain about them as becoming too much like Republicans, but they were still the good guys and were far superior to the Republicans who were pure evil; whereas, Jimmy Dore says that Hillary, Obama, the Democratic Party, and the mainstream media are more evil than Republicans because they are doing the same things as Republicans while preaching the opposite, and because they all conspired to defeat Bernie Sanders.

He goes further. Whereas, leftists have always supported what the mainstream media tells them to believe, Jimmy Dore is disgusted by such divisive misdirection as Russiagate.

In fact, Jimmy Dore doesn’t waste any time bashing Republicans or conservatives because the things for which he could bash them are already being done by Democrats too, and the Democrats have the added sin of hypocrisy, so he can just bash the Democrats and still deliver all the same messages, but with more passion. He is thus more effective because he is just about the only one on the left calling out the putatively leftist establishment that runs the country.

Jimmy Dore even criticizes Israel, although he does pretend that he is promoting the most liberal solution by promoting a two-state solution; whereas, any real liberal would say that the European invaders should get out of Palestine.

So, don’t think Jimmy Dore has it all figured out, or that he is unusually noble. (He is brave though.) He just wants to regain the moral high ground that Democrats lost by supporting evil candidates like Hillary Clinton. For example, when Democrats get apoplectic about candidates like Roy Moore, even those who don’t support Roy Moore will throw it in their face that they supported Hillary, who is possibly the most evil candidate in America. Naturally Hillary supporters are then mortified to discover that they have lost the moral high ground, after all, the mainstream media has continued to assure them that they are right, that they are the good guys, and that they are on the right side of history. Although that was never actually true, to lose that euphoric feeling of self-righteous superiority must be a very painful, and they want that feeling back! Just like any addict, they would do anything for just … one … more … hit …

Jimmy is especially tough on those lying douche bags at MSNBC, but he doesn’t ever mention how MSNBC and the Democrats have always been lying douche bags. It is as if there were once some unmentioned magical before time when they were not lying douche bags.

Jimmy is not only wrong about economics, but he shows no signs of wanting to get it right. Also, he says he used to support an armed citizenry, but now he says, “I don’t want to take you guns. I just want to shove them up your ass.” So, he recently began siding against the people on their right to keep and bear arms.

How is it the people who want to empower the little guyare the people who want to disarm the little guy?

Interestingly, Hillary boldly came out as the first “progressive” Democratic Party candidate in decades in 2007, and in 2015, Bernie boldly came out as the first “socialist” Democratic Party candidate in decades, but Jimmy doesn’t call himself a socialist. He continues to refer to himself as a progressive, which is especially bad because Hillary didn’t just come out as some kind of new and reformed progressive, she came out as a progressive modeled after that racist eugenics proponent Margaret Sanger, who was typical of progressives of her time.

Although I found some good evidence of Hillary coming out as a progressive modeled on Margaret Sanger in 2007-2009, after several hours of looking for the single best statement from Hillary, which was one I saw first hand when it was originally delivered (in a debate with Obama I think), I cannot find it on the Internet. It has been scrubbed. (BTW, a similarly incriminating statement by Trump has also been scrubbed.)

So, as much as I like that Jimmy Dore has boldly defied the leftist establishment, I don’t see him as being motivated by a love of the little guy. It seems like his motivation is the same as what the only honest socialist, George Orwell, observed, which is that those on the left are not really motivated by their love of the little guy. They are instead motivated by partisanship and their hatred of the rich.

Update 08/19/2018: I had stopped listening to Jimmy Dore for a while because it sounded like he was selling out like he had frequently offered to do if he could make $30,000 per day like Rachel Maddow … but he’s back! Here are some good clips where he goes after the establishment media.