The League Of Real Men

This is preliminary. I have only put a few hours into it thus far, and I am now gathering feedback as I proceed. Other than that, it should be self explanatory.


The League Of Real Men and The League Of Real Women are part of The League Of Real People.

These are also known as The Society Of Real Men, The Society Of Real Women, and The Society Of Real People.

The League was created on    TBD    as a permanent solution to the artificial and atrophied state of individual humans.

The primary activity of The League is individuals helping each other to reach their full potential.

The ideal product of The League is 100% of sentient individuals reaching their full potential.

Anyone who takes the pledge is part of The League. One may opt out at any time.

The pledge is intended to serve as a frequent source of guidance and motivation for the individual.

The pledge is primarily about ethics and thinking skills.

The only ethical policy is “everything voluntary”.

The final arbiter is objective reality.

The Preamble, Mission Statement, Declaration, and Pledge are intended to be as clear as possible in order to serve as a tool with which one can decipher any more literary writings from The League.


Humanity has greatness in our genes,
But humanity has lost its way.
All people are some combination of the masculine and feminine,
But men have forgotten the person that all men really want to be,
And women have forgotten the person that all women really want to be.
We all suffer from arrested development.
We are not reaching our full potential
Because humanity lives under unusual and artificial duress
Because humanity is being played, poisoned, and purged.

Popular culture as well as the law are designed to drive wedges between individuals.
Everyone is a target—everyone is being played.
However, the primary targets are those who pose the greatest threat to the players.
The primary targets are … men.

There is an eternal war between the Makers and the Takers.
There is an eternal war between the Soul of Humanity (nobility, honesty, integrity, open mindedness, courage, curiosity, progress, independent thought) and the Soul Of Animals (conformity and hierarchy).
The Soul Of Humanity is what every little boy wants to be when he grows up, and in the end, what every man wishes he had been.
The Soul Of Humanity had been making progress until the 20th century, but now, the Soul of Animals has nearly extinguished the Soul of Humanity.

Mission Statement

So that everyone may thrive and reach their full potential,
A sufficient number must pledge to help each other find their way.
We must help each other to become the person we really want to be.
We must help each other to reach our full potential.
We must help each other learn how to end the unusual and artificial duress.
We are thus pledging to better ourselves so that we may end the duress for all of humanity.

We will help the Soul of Humanity defeat the Soul of Animals.
We will help the Makers defeat the Takers.
We will be a seed from which a new and healthy society can arise.
We are The League of Real People.


I pledge to myself:

  • I will never use government, individuals backed by government, or individuals acting under duress by government, against anyone in The League Of Real People.
  • I will treat every living thing with dignity.
  • I will leave the universe better than if I had never existed.
  • I will contribute more than I consume.
  • I will make more than I take.
  • I will only fight words with words, or with disassociation in spaces I own.
  • I will not initiate, threaten to initiate, plan to initiate, incite the initiation of, order the initiation of, or adopt a policy of initiating: force, theft, trespass, spying, fraud, or sabotage; and I will not collaborate with those who do, and I may respond with sufficient aggression against initiators and collaborators to defend against such actions.
    • Before I respond with aggression,
      • I will consider whether I am being played.
      • I will consider what is the best tactical and strategic response.
  • I will think for myself.
    • I will trust my conscience and experience.
    • I will go where the facts take me.
    • I will only be convinced by my understanding of the facts and logic.
    • I will not be convinced of truth by the speaker’s:
      • status or title,
      • power or authority,
      • name or rank,
      • dress or uniform,
      • promises or predictions,
      • threats or bullying,
      • credentials or merit,
      • awards or honors,
      • experience or age,
      • reputation or fame,
      • intelligence or education,
      • vocabulary or wit,
      • style or charisma,
      • because the only things proved by the characteristics of the speaker are … the characteristics of the speaker.
    • I will not be convinced of truth by:
      • hierarchy or protocol,
      • coincidence or correlation,
      • tradition or majority,
      • media or government,
      • technology or magic.
    • I will not accept a statement as fact because it was in:
      • a sign or book,
      • a report or study,
      • a movie or play,
      • a song or poem.
    • I will not accept a statement as fact because it is part of:
      • the mainstream narrative,
      • the official narrative,
      • the government narrative.
    • I will not be convinced of truth because the source is:
      • aliens or angels,
      • voices or visions.
  • I will continuously improve (and share) my understanding of human nature, the world, and the universe.
  • I will always be open to the possibility that I am wrong.
  • I will try to uncover any assumptions I might be making.
  • I will change course as soon as I understand that my actions are out of sync with my principles.
  • I will fix my principles as soon as I understand that my principles are out of sync with each other.
  • I will be tolerant of anything that does not violate my principles.
  • I will accept the debt I incur when I violate my principles.
  • I will honor the expectations that I have allowed.
  • I will consider whether I want something only because others want it.
  • I will be the primary authority on whether I am on the right path.
  • Every sentient being owns himself, and I will respect that.
  • Every sentient being owns the fruits of his labor, and I will respect that.
  • I will respect every individual’s unlimited right to self defense.
  • I will respect every individual’s unlimited right to opt out of anything and everything.
  • I will respect the right of every individual to trade, create, and innovate.
  • I will judge each person separately and individually.
  • I will not intend to damage any relationship between others.
  • I will not misrepresent others.
  • I will not be whiny.
  • I will not be a poser.
  • I will not be an enabler.
  • I will not be evasive.
  • I will not virtue signal.
  • I will not scapegoat.
  • I will not project.
  • I will not overreact.
  • I will not abuse my authority.
  • I will have fun—I will be fun.

Additional Wisdom

  • Never doubt the power of one man to change the world, indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
  • The world is the result of our individual choices.
  • To rise to the top in a cronyist system is a disgrace—To rise to the top in a free system is a virtue.
  • Power tends to corrupt—Absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely. —Lord Acton
  • Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. —Voltaire
  • Few things are more debilitating than a small but adequate stipend.
  • The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is that good men do nothing.
  • None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. —Geothe
  • In the end, it’s the things you didn’t do you’ll regret most.
  • If you don’t believe in Freedom Of Speech for everyone, then you don’t believe in Freedom Of Speech at all.
  • A coward dies a thousand deaths—a hero dies but once. —Shakespeare
  • To rule the world is to lose oneself, and to lose oneself is to lose.
  • When cops are above the law, then cops are outside the law, and when cops are outside the law, then cops are outlaws.
  • How can a man die better, than facing fearful odds, for the future of our children, and their freedom from our gods.
  • Though a sacrifice by the valiant is a mark of greatness—the same sacrifice by the fearful is greater.

How To Know If We’re Getting It Right

Correct interpretation and application of the pledge should increase: energy, pride, confidence, happiness, contentment, productivity, and success.