PRISM Whistleblower Busts NSA and Obama

The source of the NSA PRISM leak has confirmed what some of us already had pieced together from other leads:

The government does force businesses to hand over all of your phone calls, emails, and files; the government does have direct access to their servers; and the media does ignore the leads.

Obama did expand these unconstitutional programs; he does lie about it all; and the media does cover for him.

Such a whistleblower is exactly what I have been expecting. Whereas, many of us would have done the same thing, we would have been filtered out up front. However, the police state has grown so large, and thus needs so many people, that they cannot filter out every potential whistleblower. Their overreach has backfired on them.

The “conspiracy theorists” were right, and all those who ridiculed them, and who defended the government, the media, and Obama, are on the wrong side of history. For the benefit of future generations, don’t let any progressives or neocons forget that we all know they backed tyranny – just like we never let the KKK forget what they did.

Progressives and neocons have been discredited. They have no excuse because tens of millions of libertarians, Tea Partiers, Constitutionalists, and some conservatives have been warning them for decades. It is true, libertarians and many conservatives are more liberal than liberals!

The source of the leak decided to forfeit his life to expose the NSA and the Obama Administration for the traitorous thugs they are. Therefore, we should risk our own lives to protect him. Unfortunately, it will be impossible to ever know his true identity, or if he is still alive.

Edward Snowden has now claimed to be the source. Just in case he is the real source, we owe him safety at any cost, but don’t get caught up in his personality cult. He could just as easily be a plant by the CIA to infiltrate the resistance in a future police state. The CIA and the media could even set him up to become the President some day by building a personality cult around him and by neutralizing his opponents – just like they did for Obama.

The PRISM whistleblower is the good guy, and Obama is the bad guy. He is the patriot, and Obama is the traitor.

If Edward Snowden is the source of the leak, then he has done all he can, and now, as painful as it will be, fixing America is the only path forward (other than starting a new country – let’s do both), and the PRISM leak just made that possible.

Do not underestimate the impact of what the PRISM leak has done.

The PRISM leaker may have just saved the Soul of Humanity.

America was the last stand. If we Americans were disarmed, then the 1000 years of global tyranny that would result (until it crumbled from within) will have killed the Soul of Humanity around the globe. Those genes will have become extinct.

Through the PRISM leaker, the Soul of Humanity strikes back!

Now more whistleblowers will try to expose what I describe as the Elites attempting to kill the Soul of Humanity. These Elites were already desperate, and had greatly accelerated their plans under Obama, such as provoking an armed conflict with the American people, and now they will overreach even more in their desperation – which will backfire on them even more.

Their multigenerational efforts could go back underground for a while, but it is more likely they will go for all the marbles this time; and it could thus get very ugly before it gets better because they have the means, the motive, and the psychopathology to precipitate war and genocide unlike anything in history if they think they will come out on top – and they do think they will come out on top. They have been preparing for exactly this kind of end game if necessary. They can precipitate civil wars, class wars, race wars, genocide, economic collapse, world wars, nuclear wars, famine, and pandemics. No cost is too great. Winning the end game is the only thing that matters to them.

Consider why they have recently begun rabid persecution of preppers, gun owners, and gold owners.

Nevertheless, the long term future looks much brighter today because so many people will lose their awe of these Elites and see them for the psychopaths they are. If the Elite cannot stamp out the meme that they are the making the bad stuff happen, then they have permanently lost the end game – and the survival of this meme is the necessary service performed by whistleblowers.

We haven’t had the Elites back on their heals like this since 1776.