Proof of Human Induced Climate Change

All the Global Warming models said that the natural result of CO2 rising at 2 parts per million per year should have been temperatures rising significantly over the last 19 years, but instead, temperatures have been flat! There has been no global warming! Therefore, given that Global Warming exists … as a natural result of CO2 increase, the fact that all the models predicting global warming have been wrong … constitutes unequivocal proof of human tampering with climate to hide Global Warming.

Now that we see there is a conspiracy powerful enough to halt Global Warming, is it any wonder why Michael Mann had to use fudged data and a fudged algorithm to create the hockey stick chart in order to get the policies we need to halt Global Warming? Is it any wonder why defenders of science had to bypass peer review and block others from reproducing Mann’s results for as long as possible?

Clearly, climate denial is a vast alt-right conspiracy lead by Donald Trump in America, and headed by Vladimir Putin. is the best example of those sites that hide their true motives by never supporting Trump or Putin. It even tries to teach people to think for themselves instead of believing the experts! It is thus sites like that pose the greatest threat to our New World Order.


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