Racism Explained

We need honest debate more than ever given that our governments and media promote fallacies, suppress honest debate, and force integration. The only reason that such heavy handed political correctness is not fascism, is because we don’t call it that. They even deny that race exists!

Another reason we desperately need honest debate is because all humans are racist.

The reason all humans are racist is really simple. It is evolution.

We are not the product of everyone before us. We are the product of only those before us who got the most offspring into future generations.We are thus the offspring of those men and women, and have the same genetically programmed impulses that got more of their genes into future generations. To be clear, we have those same genetically programmed impulses.

One genetically programmed trait that would help all humans get more of their genes into future generations would be distrust of those passing through their territory. The reason that distrust of transients would better protect one’s genes and one’s life, resources, and offspring is because transients are indeed less trustworthy, because …

Transients have no stake in the future of your community.

It is obvious how one’s life, resources, and offspring are at far greater risk from a minute of exposure to transients than from a minute of exposure to the folks in one’s community. However, one’s genes are also at risk. For example, a man travelling through a community will feel the genetically programmed urge to impregnate women there and move on. Therefore, the men there will have evolved the genetically programmed urge to drive him out as soon as possible.

Suppose a transient male has impregnated a woman in a community, then he does have a stake in the future of that community, but not as much as one might think, because he cannot be sure he has impregnated anyone, and he is already moving on at that point anyway. In fact, if he did not move on immediately, then he would be in even greater danger from the local males who want to either kill him, beat him, or make him stay and marry the woman he tried to impregnate.

Genes are not rational, it is not as if they can directly evaluate who is transient and who is not …

The genes that protect us from transients would thus operate by making us fear those who look and act differently than those in our community.

Just as evolution explains the Soul of Humanity, and why men and women do what they do, it also explains racism, xenophobia, etc.