Secession is a Right

If we have the freedom of association, then the government cannot compel us to associate. Just as we have the freedom to associate, we have the freedom to disassociate.

Although most people agree with me, some people agree with Abraham Lincoln instead. Lincoln was openly willing to kill every man in a state, if necessary, to prevent secession. Lincoln willingly sacrificed three men in loyal states to kill each man in a seceded state. Certainly the communist leaders in Russia and the Chinese cited Lincoln as justification for their actions.

If you agree with me and disagree with Lincoln, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao … If you have the respect and compassion for individuals that I do … Then you should also agree with a Constitutional amendment to protect the right of the people to secede.

The right of the people to secede shall not be infringed.

The reality is that the Founders – the authors of the Constitution – accepted the right to secede. Secession is in fact the reason we call them our Founders! The reality is that the Founders felt the right to secession was so natural and obvious that enumerating the right to secession in the Constitution was unnecessary. The reality is that the ninth amendment explains that we have many other rights (freedoms) not enumerated in the Constitution.

The Promise of Reality is Freedom.