They Live

We can deduce with certainty that they exist.

You know … the globalist elite, also known as: the New World Order, the shadow government, the deep state, etc.

It is the power to globally cover up those self-evident facts that disprove the official story on 9/11 that has proven they exist, but one could still rationally say that such a conspiracy would require 500 people in various capacities, and that it seems impossible such an ongoing conspiracy could remain a secret for all these years; therefore, one could look at the proof and say, "Even though the proof is solid, I can't imagine how it could be possible to keep it a secret, so I'm unconvinced."

Just because one cannot imagine how something could be possible, doesn't make it false. It is in fact possible for 500 people to participate in a conspiracy and for it to remain a secret (e.g. 90% of them wouldn't know they participated in a conspiracy). Nevertheless, common sense says that such a conspiracy seems impossible, so before we look at the proof itself, let's look at the more interesting argument that demonstrates how one should be able to imagine such secrecy and how one should be able to imagine the creation of such a cabal. Then we will look at the proof that the cabal pulled off the kind of conspiracy that could only happen if such a cabal existed, which thus proves the cabal exists.

How Conspiracies Stay Secret

The purpose of this section is to prevent the reader from ever again saying, "I can't imagine how a large conspiracy could be kept a secret."

Are the building blocks there? Well … we know that people having no conscience exist, and we know that people who value power above all else exist. We know that hate, greed, intelligence, hierarchy, and secrecy exist. Threats, bribes, blackmail and extortion exist. Deceit, bias, and superstition exist. True believers and zealots exist. Spies, surveillance, informants, infiltrators, and agents provocateur exist. Propaganda, false flags, and cover ups exist. Patience and delayed gratification exist. Secret societies and conspiracies exist … so … all of the basic building blocks are there, but what about more concrete mechanisms that we know exist?

Intelligence agencies and national security exist. Torture, redaction, and secret courts (FISA) exist. The power of the President to assassinate or indefinitely detain a citizen (NDAA) exists. The ability to secretly create trillions of dollars out of thin air (Federal Reserve, money as electronic bits, and fractional reserve banking) exists. Constitutional violations exist. Propaganda budgets exist. People above the law exist, like Hillary Clinton, and we just saw how the entire media and crony corporations (the Internet gatekeepers) conspired to elect Hillary.

It is not necessary that their plans always succeed in order for their agenda to advance. It is only necessary that not too many people see the conspiracy. For example, if they needed a terrorist incident to manipulate the public into supporting more of a police state (e.g. The Patriot Act), then they could fail repeatedly until they succeeded – as long as not too many people knew the truth about any of those efforts. (The truth denies what deception provides.)

It is not necessary that they successfully hide all of a conspiracy in order for their agenda to advance. It is only necessary that not too many see how high the conspiracy really goes. For example, in the case of the 2016 election, too many people now know that just about all of the media and crony corporations (the Internet gatekeepers) conspired to elect Hillary, but what if Trump were also working for them? In that case, they were not defeated in the election, and their agenda would still move forward.

Nevertheless, for a single cabal to exist at the top for decades or even centuries, we know it would need another level of motivation, power, and tools beyond what we have discussed thus far in order to carry out a plan and keep it sufficiently secret for as long as necessary. For example, there might be as much as one hundred layers of hierarchy from the top down to the informant on the street, and thus they certainly couldn’t pass orders down through a chain of command that deep because that would leave too much evidence and there would be too many whistleblowers to keep it secret.

Players don't need to give orders. They don't need a chain of command. For example, it is easy for players to create factions and then play them against each other. This is one of the reasons it is also easy for players to create the conditions that will result in physical conflict. Given that cops are now trained as warriors and sociopaths, atrocities followed by riots were inevitable, sooner or later ... somewhere - like in Ferguson, and physical conflict can always be used as a pretext to justify more of a police state. Players can always use physical conflict to further the NWO agenda.

Orders can be rare. An asset/agent could simply be given a general mission and use his own judgement and skills to carry out a long term mission. For example, a spy behind enemy lines could simply be tasked with using his own judgement to cause as much paranoia as possible to make the host society waste resources and oppress their own people looking for subversives who don't exist when they should have been focusing those resources on the very real external enemy. A more common example is a paid shill on the Internet whose mission is to derail any productive discussion.​

When orders have to be given, one of the simplest but most effective tools used to maintain secrecy is compartmentalization, which is where an agent is only given the minimum information and motivation needed to carry out a specific task. It is not necessary that each player in a conspiracy knows the whole plan or even that he is part of a conspiracy. Such an agent doesn’t know the motives or identities of those at the top, and doesn’t even have any way to verify from where the top originates.

An agent could be working for a foreign entity … or even extraterrestrials … he doesn’t really know. He only knows that he trusts the guy directly above him, beside him, and under him. All the rest is a narrative he has been sold. If he has a conscience, then the narrative convinces him he is working for the good guys. If he has no conscience, then he doesn’t need a narrative, he is just doing it for the reward and because he likes doing the task itself. Both types have value. One is willing to do things prohibited by a normal conscience, and the other is more motivated and may even be willing to die for his cause.

Now consider that, just like in any secret society, a different narrative can be given to members at each level. For example, one can easily imagine a narrative that would persuade certain members of the CIA to perpetrate 9/11. After all, only 3000 people died, the important people were warned ahead of time, the buildings were going to be demolished anyway, and without 9/11, we couldn’t have enacted laws like the Patriot Act, which we needed to protect us from terrorists who might have used a nuke and killed three million instead of three thousand. An agent who perpetrated 9/11 thus helped to save millions of lives. He is a hero … at least ... that is the narrative he has bought, and of course, if he has no conscience then he doesn’t need a narrative. Those below this level might not be told that the most important people were warned ahead of time; whereas, those above this level might be told that the Patriot Act is a necessary step toward achieving global government.

Now suppose an agent had begun to doubt whether he were working for the good guys. He would not go from true believer to whistleblower all at once. He would give off signs that warned his handlers, and thus before he betrayed them, they would neutralize him. Consider that pretty much the entire business of the CIA can be described as ways to detect who needs to be neutralized, and then to neutralize them – and keep it secret.

What are some ways in which a secret organization could neutralize people? It could gather embarrassing private information about individuals, ideally years before needed, and then either release it, or threaten to release it. It could set up an individual with an underage sex partner and secretly film it. It could also afflict the individual with disease, poison, or radiation. It could arrange what appears to be a random robbery. It could initiate lawsuits and tax audits. It could use sabotage in countless ways. It could harm the target's spouse instead, which would then cause hardship for the target too. It could always just kill the target suddenly and make it look as if it were accidental or natural. Also, it might not have to do any of these. It might not have to do anything more than merely threaten one of these actions. Of course, it may not have to harm the target at all in order to neutralize it. For example, it may simply use a bribe.

How One Cabal Could Become Dominant

The purpose of this section is to prevent the reader from saying, "I can't imagine how one dominant cabal could be created."​

Given all of these methods of control, any conspiracy would be possible, if only it were also possible to prevent the media (and the CIA) from exposing it because most people believe whatever is promoted as fact on TV (or on news sites, or in the newspapers). Conspirators would therefore be very vulnerable to a free and independent media. Likewise, if the media were controlled, and the people didn't know that, then the media could be used to maintain just about any false narrative, and thus could even be used to hide conspiracy or to perpetrate conspiracy. Of course, that would require control over all major domestic media and most major foreign media.

Control over all major media would also require preventing new and independent media from arising and competing with the controlled media, and thus, such control would also require control of the regulatory apparatus, the courts. and law enforcement. Also, it would be impossible to hide such conspiracy from the CIA indefinitely, so the CIA would have to be compromised too, unless those who created it were already compromised or were top level players, which appears to be the case. Clearly, such control would take a long time to build, but it could be done by using the techniques we have already discussed. Let's consider how.

Only the heads of compromised organizations would themselves have to be compromised, and they would then institute the culture and hiring practices that attracted, retained, and promoted the most compatible people, who would thus include many perverts, psychopaths, and sociopaths. The heads could always block any subordinates who started to go down a path that leads to the truth.

One cabal could have become dominant by compromising a few powerful people, then using them to compromise a few more, and so on. One way it would do this is with pedo parties, which is where attendees perform acts that each one knows would get them hung from the nearest lamp post if the video ever became public. Each attendee would thus know that continued loyalty is the only option.This is what the movie Eyes Wide Shut was really about, but the movie is a scrubbed version. (It's creator died before it was released.)

Naturally, the cabal would recruit the most compatible people, which would often be those who actually enjoyed the pedo parties, and who thus would exert extreme peer pressure to ensnare others and who would have no problems with their conscience. We know that pedo rings exist and go to the top all around the world. Look it up. Start with the Franklin Scandal.

But wait ... we said the cabal would also have to control major foreign media too, which would therefore necessitate control of foreign governments, which would necessitate control of central banks and national leaders around the world. Of course, the fact that central banks even exist is a giveaway. Consider that we are not allowed to know the identity of the owners of the Federal Reserve, and we are not allowed to do a true audit of it either - even though it creates our money ... out of thin air.

Such far reaching control would obviously take at least a century for any cabal to acquire, and thus, in spite of the mountain of compelling circumstantial evidence available to anyone who digs, it would still be rational to doubt there is a cabal capable of pulling off certain kinds of conspiracies, such as 9/11, that would require the existence of such a cabal - unless one had ironclad proof.

Proof the cabal exists is not dependent on these explanations of how to keep conspiracies secret or how one cabal could become dominant. In fact, it is the proof that the cabal exists that proves something like this must have a happened. Such explanations are thus presented here, not to support the proof the cabal exists, but to make the argument that a large scale conspiracy is much more feasible than seems, and that one cabal becoming dominant is much more feasible than it seems.

Proof The Cabal Exists​

9/11 itself provides the proof the cabal exists. Their agents messed up. It is self-evident that the official story cannot be true, which is just as self-evident to those in the media as it is to everyone else, and yet, not one major media organization or political leader around the world has talked about these self-evident earth shattering facts for over 15 years now. Not even America's enemies will use them against American leaders, and thus we have the most damning proof of all - someone (a cabal) has the power to keep the world's media and governments quiet.

When I say "self-evident", I mean that just about everyone is competent to judge with certainty. An example would be if every expert said that the sky is now green and the grass is now blue. Everyone is competent to go outside and say, "NO, the grass is still green and the sky is still blue".

Let's consider just two of the self-evident proofs the media refuse to talk about, but which prove the official story cannot be true. First, it is self evident, when watching the video, that the third World Trade Center tower (WTC 7), which was never hit by a plane, but which fell on 9/11, was a controlled demolition; whereas, the official story is that it fell as a result of the material in the building burning in an ordinary and modest fire, and thus, the official story cannot be true. Second, the official story is that the terrorists flew the plane in Pennsylvania straight down into a landfill in which it was instantly and completely submerged, with not one scrap of debris around the site, except for 3 piles of plane parts that supposedly bounced to points 3 miles ahead, 9 miles ahead, and a half mile to the right, and thus, the official story is physically impossible.

Again ... it is not these facts that prove the cabal exists, it is the power to cover up these facts globally for over 15 years that proves they exist.​

Although the official story cannot be true, consider that the government could be perpetrating a series of lies for non-incriminating (or less incriminating) reasons that don't require the existence of the cabal. For example, suppose the government didn't want the world to know that it has a team of demolition experts with the skills and technology to demolish WTC7 in just a few hours from the time it was first alerted. That would be a miraculous capability, and we know governments want to hide their most advanced capabilities. Likewise, suppose the government didn't want the tops of the buildings falling off, and in order to clean up the mess quickly, they used a satellite beam weapon whose energy would have been mostly absorbed by the steel infrastructure until it melted. We can see why they would go to great lengths to keep that a secret. Similarly, maybe the buildings were already pre-wired for demolition for any of several possible reasons, which would be very alarming to the people if it became known. As for the plane in Pennsylvania, the Air Force may simply have shot it down and doesn't want to admit it. Maybe the terrorists performed their impossible flying feats by remote control, and the government simply doesn't want anyone to know that such a thing is possible and doesn't want us worry that they might do it to other planes. None of these exonerating theories explains the mountain of incriminating circumstantial evidence that the US government was among the perpetrators or that the cabal exists, but even given a 99% probability that the cabal exists, I would still need more proof before I would openly assert its existence. In fact, even proof that the US government was among the perpetrators would not be sufficient to prove that the cabal exists.

It is the power to perpetrate the global cover up itself for all these years that has finally proven the cabal exists. We wouldn't be able to say this if they had played it differently.

Suppose the cabal exists but knew that too powerful of a cover up would reveal them, so they had multiple mainstream media outlets start demanding answers before 2003, which by 2005 had supposedly forced the US government to say: Look, we covered up that we shot down the plane in Pennsylvania, that WTC 7 was an elite demolition team with miraculous capabilities, that we used a satellite beam weapon on the twin towers, and that the terrorists used remote control to perform those impossible aerial maneuvers because we didn't want to reveal our capabilities or worry people. Just about everyone would have been fooled into believing that the system worked - that the media are free and independent. I would still call bullshit, and my argument would be compelling, but not ironclad, and it would be complex - not simple; whereas, now we have a simple and ironclad proof. Thanks, cabal. You messed up again.

Once one knows the cabal exists, one must spread that knowledge and must learn their identity and their agenda. For example, when the cabal tries to start a war, it is paramount that as many as possible know the truth.


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