Trump Throws 2018 Election

Four caravans of Hondurans and others were been trying to get to the US border before the election because these caravans (and those helping them) hoped to create a situation that would make Trump look really bad (with the help of the US media). Then Mexico decided not to give them buses a few days before the election, which meant they were stranded 750 miles from the border. So how did Trump respond?

Just before the election, Trump’s response to the stranded caravans that had hoped to influence the US election was US soldiers putting up 1000 ft. of razor wire as cameras watched.

At 750 miles away, and without any buses available, Trump obviously didn’t know when, where, or if the caravans would try to enter the US, but there is one thing he did know.

Trump knew that everyone in the world would be imagining American soldiers machine gunning women and children who have become helplessly stuck, bleeding and tangled, while trying to get through the razor wire—like in Legends of The Fall where Brad Pitt’s naive and friendly younger brother was all alone and leaving the theater of war and was just a few hundred feet from freedom and safety when he became stuck trying to make it through some unguarded razor wire. Then some Nazis coincidentally came along and casually set up their machine gun about 50 feet away and let their fusillade of bullets rip through him. It was pretty vicious and mean. It was cold. It was dark. It was the act of psychopaths.

Of course, there is absolutely no way a single person from the caravans will get stuck in the razor wire, and they are not just women and children, and no one is going to machine gun them, so why would Trump want the world to imagine that—just before an election? Why would Trump want to be seen as a Nazi—just before an election? If Trump sincerely thought the razor wire was an effective way to stop them (astronomically unlikely), then why wouldn’t he do it after the polls were closed 3 days later? Why would he try so hard to help this anti-Trump caravan in its goal to influence the US election, and why would he do it when they themselves no longer had any chance of influencing the US election?

Instead, Trump could have pointed out how the caravan is carrying foreign flags instead of American flags, and how they obviously don’t like America.

Instead, Trump could have asked, “How is it the party that hates the possibility of foreigners influencing US elections the most—is the party that is helping a caravan of foreigners influence the US election?” (For two years now, that side can’t stop speculating about how Russia is to blame for … well … everything.)

Trump was clearly trying to throw the election. Yet again, we see that Trump is not what he claims to be.