Bombshell Admission: US Enters Most Wars on False Pretenses, Intends To Do So With Iran

A speaker for the Washington Institute for Near East Policy admits on camera that the US is trying to find a pretense to go to war with Iran, and that the US entered just about every previous war on false pretenses. He even says that the US government needed to start the Civil War, so it did the one thing the Confederacy said would cause them to defend themselves with force (It sent troops to Fort Sumter within the Confederacy.)

Clearly, to have made such an admission and allowed it to remain public all this time means that at least some of the players no longer feel the need to maintain the illusion of legitimacy, which means they felt that they were nearly omnipotent when this video was made (on September 24th, 2012), which means it is even later than we thought.

The Jimmy Dore show provided some useful and humorous analysis of this admission of guilt.