157,000 New Jobs in January? Really?

Headlines today announce that 157,000 new jobs were created in January, but as usual, there is nothing real about this number. The reality, at a few alternative news sites like ZeroHedge, is that 115,000 jobs were LOST.

ZeroHedge also explained that, although 115,000 total jobs were lost, it was actually 221,000 real jobs that were lost, which was offset by a gain of 106,000 hamburger flipping (or equivalent) jobs – for 16-19 year olds.

If the employment numbers as reported by the government and the mainstream media are not real, then is the recovery real?

No! The recovery is not real. None of the lost jobs have been recovered.

the ratio of civilian employment to the total population
(updated October 2103)

FRED Graph

Not only is the recovery not real, but we knew before the election in 2012 that none of the lost jobs had been recovered. I am saying “we” knew, but obviously, only about 1% of us actually knew the reality; whereas, the 99% were deceived by the mainstream media, academia, the government, the unions, the Huffington Post, MoveOn.org, Daily Kos, and NPR.

For those who wish to believe that the Obama recovery is a normal recovery, let’s compare it to the Reagan recovery.

Obama Recovery (updated through 10/1/13)

FRED Graph

Reagan Recovery

FRED Graph


  • Reagan gets a bum rap from a lot of libertarian minded people. But the chart tells the tale: His policies, and perhaps more so the policies of Volcker, created an employment boom the likes of which have not been seen since.

    Obama and Bernanke should have observed this and tailored their policies to match. That they didn't, and in fact ran the other way, tells me everything I need to know about their true intentions.

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