A New Country – Humanity’s Last Best Hope

From it’s beginning, America has been the light that motivated the peoples of the world to rebel against fascism, tribalism, monarchy, socialism, collectivism, big government, communism, militarism, genocide, slavery, etc. If America had not been created, then the world would have slowly devolved into a perpetual dystopian global empire because there would have been no example—no light—to show the world a better way.

Individual luminaries would have been crushed. People would not have known how bad things were for them if everyone around the world were in the same situation—if they didn’t have America as an example of what could be.

Of course, as global telecommunications evolved, it would have become impossible to hide the ugliness of genocide and slavery, so those would have evolved into more progressive forms like eugenics and re-education camps. I’ll leave the details to your imagination.

Progressivism is a pragmatic attempt to combine and repackage all of these failed approaches. (Ironically, Progressivism is thus not actually progressive.) Where there were pure and distinct ideologies, Progressivism has distilled all of these into the one principle that The Prince can successfully sell to more than half of all individuals.

Government rightly has the power to implement any good idea.

The scariest part is that even 1000 years from now, after that “Progressive” global empire would have decayed and fallen from within, the human race would never again reach its original potential. The reason is that after one thousand years of crushing independent thinkers, those genes would have died out. Therefore, given enough power:

The net effect of Progressivism will have been to kill the soul of humanity.

From it’s beginning, America itself has been heading in that “progressive” direction, which may sound odd on first hearing, but although America’s liberal founding principles were a great leap forward, and although they were increasingly applied more equally over subsequent generations:

While we were emancipating slaves, we were enslaving free men.

The liberal principles of our initial great leap forward have carried us far, but now, America is rapidly becoming very similar to every other country. Although independent thinkers have always known that Progressivism is failing, Progressivism has now been in power for 100 years, and is thus so entrenched, that we are all descending together into a Progressive dystopian future.

I had been encouraged that an increasing number of us knew something was wrong and were trying to figure it out. First there were the Tea Parties, and then there was Occupy Wall Street, but The Prince has successfully divided, neutralized, and co-opted most of them – as usual. The Tea Parties are just too enamored with religion and big militarism, and OWS is much worse. OWS doesn’t like the militarism explicitly, but they do think it’s good for the economy! OWS is also demanding more government control over others, while simultaneously demanding the fruits of other’s labor for themselves! OWS is thus pretty much directly working towards the global progressive dystopian future.

Then Ron Paul began to surge, and once again I had new hope for change. It seemed as if people might be starting to think for themselves, Then, instead of growing, Ron Paul’s popularity seems to have plateaued, and thus once again I fear that, like any addict, Americans, and everyone else, will not change until they know they’ve hit rock bottom. In this case, the “change” would be that they will start thinking for themselves.

As I have already explained, without the shining example that has been America, no one will know they’ve hit rock bottom, and so it will go on and on while the media tell us how good things are, and how things would have been even worse given the ideas of “reactionaries” (independent thinkers).

Given the seriousness of the problems facing America (and the world), and given the lack of interest in the real problems (not the fake problems used to distract us – like Global Warming and Saddam Hussein), I don’t see any of my other solutions ever coming to fruition in America. America is now so far gone that even my second most powerful solution (from 1995)—The Perfect Representation Amendment—would initially be used by the people, such as OWS, to accelerate our descent.

The Perfect Representation Amendment would leverage the Internet so that we could all vote every time Congress votes, and when we chose not to vote, we could still choose anyone else to carry our vote instead of letting our Congressman carry our vote. Obviously, such a system could also empower us all to collaborate to create and pass new laws that Congress would never have let us vote on if it were up to them.

I am still confident that The Perfect Representation Amendment could save us within several decades because, we the people, would finally have the power to effect change—if the amendment were enacted, and if we realized our errors, and if The Prince did not shut it down before we could then effect real change.

However, let’s be honest. We will not get Perfect Representation, and if we did, consider that thanks to progressive media and government schools, the people can no longer distinguish between force and freedom, consensus and science, or hate and tolerance. Therefore, we would hit rock bottom hard.

The likely Reign of Terror that would result before we finally got it right … is unacceptable. In we were lucky, Independent thinkers would only be exiled to another country. Then, after the political class had gotten everything they wanted, and America had hit rock bottom, and the people were ready to think for themselves and effect real change, the Prince would simply blame Perfect Representation and shut it down.

I have therefore concluded that only my most powerful solution (again from 1995) can still save us:

We must create a new light were there was once America.

We must create a new country.

We are out of new worlds (on Earth), but enough independent minded people still have enough wealth to build a new country in one of several ways. We could pool our resources to lease a swath of Brazil for 99 years, or we could build a floating country on the ocean. We could all move to Montana and secede.

There are even ways to start big. Consider that Warren Buffet challenged the Forbes 400 to use half of their wealth ($600 billion) for charity, but why wouldn’t they rather use it to stat a new country? They might even make a nice profit.

I have explained to a diverse group of people how they could join by buying a stake in this new country and how everyone there would have signed a contract – much like a Constitution – the gist of which is that they would not initiate force or fraud against anyone. I explain that this would be a libertarian society, and yet the more independent minded among all factions have expressed to me their desire to move there.

Such a new country would have to be a land of free markets, free bodies, and free minds. It would be much like where America was headed before we, and the whole world, got so far off track. Such freedom, prosperity, and innovation would leapfrog the rest of the world, and once again, there would be a light to show humanity the way – one last best hope.


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The Navigator - April 16, 2012

If we could put together 50,000 subscribing citizens @ $50,000 each, we could buy a patch of coastal Africa and start that new country. An ad in the WSJ, Forbes, etc to start?
I'm ready!

Jim - June 11, 2012

I don't see how any part of Africa could work. Regardless of how fair the deal had been, hundreds of millions of white liberals around the world and many African nationalists would despise you with every fiber of their being. They would forget the previous objects of their hate, and their new mission would be to purge the white devils from the Motherland.


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