I am Jim, and EndOfInnocence.com is one of my projects to create the kind of world we want to live in. It includes nearly 200 articles I have written about some of the relevant topics where I have had insights that are being suppressed or otherwise suboptimally addressed.

I just go where the facts take me, and the facts have long since taken me to a place where I could be loosely described as voluntaryist, libertarian, anarchist, anarcho-capitalist, and agorist.

Although it may feel like the world is circling the drain, the world is the result of our individual choices, and we can change course any time we want.

Although most of us are part of the problem, we are mostly innocent because we don’t know the consequences of our choices; we don’t know how the world really works; and we don’t know what we can do about it.

That‘s intentional. We are all being played.

The first step for each of us is to start thinking for ourselves, and to figure out who we really want to be. It is just a decision.

Unfortunately, this decision is harder than it has to be because our bodies, our minds, our society … and thus our future … are sick.

First, we must awaken the potential in our bodies, and then it will be easier to awaken the potential in our minds, and then in our society—at which point—the future will already be transforming into the world we want to live in.

That is why End Of Innocence expanded in March 2017 by developing this new site.

Don’t fear the players. They are not omnipotent. They must hide in the shadows, and their front men must hide their true selves. Pity them, for they are the sickest among us.

A world of individuals in touch with reality … and with who they really want to be … would be impossible to play.

(You can contact me at Jim@EndOfInnocence.com.)

  • johnny mars says:

    Will cryptocurrencies kill off the banking cartels and fiat currencies?

    • Jim says:

      That seems really unlikely — almost impossible. It is more likely the banks would pretend that crypto currencies are killing off fiat currency so that we would think we are winning, but those crypto currencies would actually be their own fiat crypto currencies, but even that is unlikely. BTW, bitcoin is a fiat currency.

  • Ave Reg Nuklhed says:

    Saw this link on Zero Hedge.

    Yer a beautiful thinker, & doing Gawd’s werk here


  • Drew says:

    Wow. So much blathering on and on with zero solutions.

    Also…I cannot find the word (((jew))) once in your site.

    Why is that?

    • Jim says:

      LOL! You searched my site for the word “Jew”?! That’s where you think the solutions are?! The root of the problem is that people accept the illusion of legitimacy.

      First, note that I have a whole category called “Solutions” which contains 38 articles. Second, “Jews” are not demons or aliens, and most Jews are not in on it. Third, you could have found multiple instances of the word “Israel” or “Zionist” on my site. I even wrote an article about the USS Liberty.

      People who like to use the word “Jews”, when “Zionists” or “Israel” will do, are either a Zio-stooge, NWO shill, agent provocateur, or just a tard; but don’t feel bad … Lotsa tards livin SWEET lives.

  • Nick says:

    Hey Jim,
    Caught some of your posts at ZH and thought I’d check out your site. Pretty impressive, plenty of stuff to work through.

    One specific question. In your latest I Found Health and Beat the Cartel’ you mention that you beat gum disease, how’d you do it?

    • Jim says:

      Thanks, Nick.

      It’s all in the wrist.
      Brush every night for 5 minutes without exception.
      Do not eat after brushing at night.
      Do not drink anything but water after brushing at night.
      Brush fronts of teeth in circles one direction, then brush in circles in the opposite direction.
      Brush tops of teeth crossways then sideways.
      Brush backs of teeth up and down at a 45 degree angle to the left and then again to the right–being sure to get in-between every pair of teeth..
      Brush top teeth and bottom teeth separately.
      Brush front, top, and back of teeth separately.
      Be sure that every square millimeter was brushed.
      Use a brush with small bristles that you can work under the gum line.
      The more sore an area is, the more you need to brush under the gum line there.
      After brushing sore areas, put Listerine on the brush and work it under the gum line there.
      It is important to be as gentle as possible around the gum line while still being effective.
      Never brush any harder than absolutely necessary.
      It is important to minimize bleeding.
      Gargle with Listerine for 15 seconds before brushing and again after brushing.
      Gargle with Listerine up to 3 additional times per day until gums are healed.
      More than one brushing a day may be necessary initially.

  • Nick says:

    Thank you Jim!
    I really appreciate the time and effort you have taken to spell all this out for me.
    I shall be giving it a full go as your brushing regime is significantly more intense than my present one.

    ( this reply may be a repetition as I wrote a reply earlier which has not yet posted – if so please understand)

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