Alex Jones and Me

This is my personal experience with Alex Jones and why I concluded he was controlled opposition.

I learned about Alex Jones in January 2011 when I heard him on the radio, but by the third day, I heard him say that atheists were the problem, so I wrote him off. Then a few days later, I mentioned Alex Jones in a bookstore, and they explained away his behavior as his giant ego, and I was given his documentary “End Game”, which demonstrated that there are powerful people in the world who want to control everyone and who have some evil goals, and although he did not demonstrate that they actually have enough unity or power to enact their agenda, it was still impressive and the scariest thing I had ever seen.

Then in July 2012, I started listening to Alex Jones on YouTube for nearly two hours a day (mostly while driving). I was immediately suspicious, but there didn’t seem to be another source of similar news.

Of course, I noticed right way that he did not produce any YouTube content suitable for sharing with anyone who was not already listening to him because: 1) His behavior seemed crazy, 2) He did not substantiate hardly anything he said, 3) He did not follow up on leads from previous shows, 4) Most of his claims were not really verifiable without thousands of hours of research or insider information, 5) He interrupted his guests constantly—especially when they were about to drop a name or other key fact.

I only continued to listen to him because I was able to verify some of what he said, and almost no one else was talking about such news except for those who frequently promoted religious prophecy, aliens, or other such topics. James Corbett was the only viable alternative I had found, but he was just one guy who thus produced much less content, but at least his content was such high quality that it was equal in value to all of the content produced by the much larger operation run by Alex Jones.

I probably started listening to Alex Jones because that was shortly after I had concluded that a goal of those at the top (I still wasn’t certain there was a globally dominant cabal) were trying so hard to provoke the American people to start shooting at police or to perform a similar action that could then be used as a pretext to justify more of a police state. Of course, the evidence has continued to mount since then. (I think the first article I wrote about it was in March 2013, and then 3 weeks later we got a big confirmation.)

I was warning people not to take the bait. Likewise, I would explain that one does not kill the king by fighting his pawns. That’s exactly what the king wants you to do … instead of coming after him directly.

However, after six months of listening to Alex Jones, I was about to write him off as controlled opposition because he frequently would say some variation of, “It’s us against the police, and we are going to win because there are more of us than there are of them.” Also, he would never talk about fighting those at the top directly—He would only talk about fighting the police directly. This was very disturbing because it was already obvious that this was exactly what the so-called NWO wanted, and it was inconceivable that Alex Jones had not figured that out yet. On YouTube and elsewhere I had called him out on this a few times before he suddenly started occasionally admitting that this was what they wanted, and he stopped talking about how it’s us against the police so much, so I reluctantly continued listening to him because of the lack of alternatives.

Another problem I can remember that I had with him leading up to late 2014 was that he would only drop a really hot smoking gun about once every 4 months, and about two thirds of the time those turned out to be wrong or exaggerated. That’s a really bad record for someone with his resources and connections.

Then, around October 2014 he began talking about how it’s us vs. the police again, and how we are going to win because there are more of us and we have so many guns, but this time he added an extra incitement. He would add some variation of , “And a real man would do something about it!” Alex Jones had been doing this for about three weeks when I told one of his friends (I’ve never met Alex Jones himself), which made his friend wince painfully, and a couple of days later, Alex Jones stopped doing it.

At this point I had seen incriminating video compilations about Alex Jones from before I had started listening to him, and they were pretty convincing, but there still wasn’t much of an alternative.

Throughout 2015, his stories and themes were getting less healthy, less accurate, more exaggerated, and more contradictory. One of the psyops being pushed by Alex Jones and other controlled opposition was the “nuclear family” psyop. He would frequently use the pejorative “nuclear family” when he simply meant the traditional family, but “nuclear family” had always meant only two kids, reduced spirituality and individualism, and addiction to TV and consumerism. He was therefore one of those who would tarnish the concept of family while pretending to champion it.

It is also curious that Alex Jones would indirectly champion having only two kids when that was also the goal of his arch enemies. Planned Parenthood’s Memorandum to Bernard Berelson by Frederick Jaffe in 1969 said, “Fertility control agents in water supply… Compulsory sterilization… Altering image of ideal family size… discouraging tax incentives for children” etc.

By September 2015 I had begun to listen only sporadically, and then Alex Jones started championing the police and Trump, and bashing Muslims, so by February 2016 I had not only previously written him off as controlled opposition, but I had concluded that he was no longer worth any time even if he had been the only source for such news.


  • David says:

    I was turned off by Alex because he has the annoying habit of talking over his guests. He loves the sound of his gravelly voice and cutting off people in midstream in order to pat himself on the back which irritates the daylights out of me.

  • Christine Erikson says:

    I never heard that definition of the nuclear family before thatis just a statistic about a lot of them, nuclear family is two parents and however many kids.

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