American Progressive Manifesto

We American Progressives believe it is self-evident that government has the power (or should have the power) to implement any good idea, and that when we are all on the same page, everyone benefits, but now, let’s think for ourselves, and explain why.

Effective government is necessary for the health and prosperity of everyone today and for future generations. A threat to government is thus a threat to the health and prosperity of everyone.

Government has some powers delegated from the power of individuals, such as the power to borrow and spend, and government also has unique powers that may not be legitimately exercised by individuals independently of government, such as the power to kill or to tax other individuals. Government thus has these unique powers, not because they were delegated by individuals who do not possess such powers, but because those individuals agreed to be bound by government.

We know that 97% of individuals, if given the  choice, would agree to be bound by government rather than live without the benefits of government. Every individual instinctively knows that his life without government would be short, nasty, and brutish.

Although we would like to grant the 3% the right to live without government, many of those reactionaries would not get vaccinated, and many more would possess weapons. Therefore, it is self-evident that the health and prosperity of the other 97% dictate that all 100% of individuals must agree to be bound by government.

Everyone must be bound by government at all times, even when they disagree – especially when they disagree. Otherwise, Rule of Law would devolve into chaos and threaten the health and prosperity of everyone. No one can be above the law.

While we Progressives do not always agree with each other, we always accept the authority of government because effective government requires that 100% accept the authority of government. Anyone who does not accept the authority of government is thus a threat to the health and prosperity of everyone.

We are glad government forces us to pay taxes because even the most noble progressives are only human, and we would not always voluntarily pay taxes if we could avoid it. We know that about ourselves because we are also the most in touch with reality, and yet, we are so noble that we want to be forced to pay taxes anyway because we must for the health and prosperity of everyone.

Some governments have committed atrocities in the past, but we will not let our governance commit atrocities. However, individuals and businesses will always allow themselves to be ruled, and thus, if Progressives do not rule, then a worse faction would rule. Any other faction would be less effective and may even commit atrocities, and thus a threat to our rule is a threat to the health and prosperity of everyone. In other words, we are the good guys, in the vernacular, as it were.

Given that we are the good guys, and that we know we are right, then if we think for ourselves, we can deduce many other self-evident corollaries, such as the fact that it is OK to lie to maintain our rule. Such action is not only OK, but it is indeed noble. It is the Noble Lie advocated by Plato.

For all these reasons, it is thus legitimate for progressives to take any action up to and including killing any number smaller than a majority in order to maintain our rule. Obviously, if we had to kill a majority to maintain our rule, then our rule would not have been legitimate. We are people of principle after all.

More important than maintaining our rule is defending government itself. Government would be justified in killing a majority rather than letting anarchy prevail. Then, at least, the surviving minority would have the blessings of government.

More important than maintaining government and defending our rule is defending the future. For example, defending the planet is the most critical element of defending the future, and thus we would be justified in killing all but a tiny remnant of individuals if that were necessary to stop a threat to the planet, such as Global Warming, but of course, if it were possible to save the planet by merely sterilizing (instead of killing) all but a small remnant of humanity, then we would do that instead.

Another threat to the future is bad genes. In order to improve the human gene pool, it could be necessary to kill and/or sterilize all but small remnant of humanity. It should be self-evident that any such eugenics program should begin with those reactionaries who are least progressive.

By now it should be clear that only by our rule can everyone experience the full blessings of government; and though we mean to rule with benevolence, make no mistake, we mean to rule.

In the 2008 presidential campaign, the fake left (lead by Hillary Clinton) resurrected the term “progressive”. Given that the fake left appears to be nearly 100% of the left, then let’s call them progressives. After all, the original progressives were proto-fascists, so it seems pretty accurate.

In the early 20th century, America’s elite proudly called themselves “progressives”, but by 1940, the atrocities perpetrated by American progressives, like Margaret Sanger, had so thoroughly discredited the progressive movement that few would openly identify as progressives. Then, after WWII, the USSR told the world about the horrors of Nazi eugenics programs, and given that Nazi eugenics were based on American progessivism, that was the end of the term “progressive” … until … Hillary Clinton resurrected the term in 2007-2009 by repeatedly calling herself a progressive modeled on Margaret Sanger, whom she greatly admired. Many Democrats followed Hillary’s lead and began calling themselves “progressives”.

Since, 2009, I have spent thousands of hours arguing with self-proclaimed American Progressives both face-to-face and online, and I have watched the words and deeds of many others. Therefore, I was able to write their manifesto, including all of their cognitive dissonance, logical fallacies, and self-delusion. They could have written it themselves if they were able to be that articulate and that honest—both with us and with themselves—about their real goals and motives.

In other words … I can out them …

Progressivism in America can be summarized as the Soul of Animals trying desperately to exterminate the Soul of Humanity.

Never forget that most (maybe all) humans carry the Soul of Humanity and not just the Soul of Animals, so perhaps all Progressives can be saved from the wrong side of history if we appeal to the soul of their humanity and if we change the perverse incentives of our society that keep pressuring them to double down on the failed, flawed, and fatal polices of the past. Ironically, it is American Progressives who are doing the most to hold back progress and thereby delaying the next great leap forward for humanity.

To be clear, not every progressive is as ready as their elites, such as Obama’s progressive science czar, to perpetrate democide, genocide, and eugenics, but they would of course go along with their elites—some eagerly and some reluctantly. Those who would go along reluctantly simply don’t that about themselves yet.

Although Progressive elites see those dependent on government as useful idiots, they do not realize that they are the useful idiots for a higher elite. Nor do they realize that American Progressivism is actually … fascism.


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Anonymous - November 11, 2014

… and evolution has taught us that specialist select gene pools tend disappear very quickly when the environment changes drastically

Anonymous - December 29, 2014

Ninth Amendment to the United States Constitution

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people

Anonymous - January 6, 2015

They like being called progressive.

They don`t like being called anti-white.

Anonymous - April 10, 2016

Isn't it funny how progressives like to use the same percentages … 97% want to be house pets … 97% of scientists agree on global warming … etc, etc, etc.

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