Why Believe Establishment Experts

Establishment scientists are just people doing a job, and they are greatly pressured to conform in their jobs. Then the establishment media portray their work through an additional filter. Sometimes scientists and journalists have been caught conspiring to misinform the public.

If the media tell you that 97% of scientists believe the sky is green and the grass is blue, would you believe it? Even if 97% of scientists really did believe that, would that make it true? Do you think you would be among the minority brave enough to call bullshit, or would you be among the majority afraid to look weird?

Don’t doubt your own ability to learn and think. Government schools teach one to sit down, shut up, and trust the experts, and thus everyone has a greater ability to think for themselves than they know. For example, if you are a computer programmer, then you apply the scientific method and critical thinking skills more often than teachers, professors, scientists, doctors, journalists, businessmen, lawyers, politicians, etc., and unlike the experts, you would have no conflict of interest! The experts should be bouncing their ideas off of you!

Surprisingly often, being the most competent to draw a particular conclusion about a given question/problem/issue only requires an above average level of certain relevant capabilities and experiences, beyond which, what is most important is honesty, conflict of interest, courage, and motivation.

Even if one lacks sufficient capability and experience to draw a particular conclusion, one should reserve judgement if one observes that those pedaling reality have a conflict of interest, and especially if they are known liars.

Let use Anthropogenic Global Warming as an example.

The official story is that 97% of scientists believe the official narrative on AGW; however, AGW has been falsified. A scientific theory that has been falsified is untrue. (If it was not falsifiable, then it was not a scientific theory.) Anyone can falsify any theory, and it only takes one person performing one falsification.

The official story is that atmospheric CO2 has been rising since 1950 because of human (anthropogenic) activity, and that this is causing a runaway greenhouse effect.

However, most people have sufficient capability and experience to determine that:

  • If you ask scientists who don’t believe the official story, they will tell you that only about 60% of scientists believe the official story on AGW.
  • The official story is that atmospheric CO2 has been rising since 1950, but half of the temperature increase between 1900 and 2000 occurred before 1950.
  • James Hansen edits/modifies/revises/controls all of the official ground station temperature data—even going back to the 1800’s.
  • The IPCC misrepresents and exaggerates the work of its own pro-AGW scientists in order to promote AGW.
  • Solar activity correlates much more closely with both short-term and long-term temperature changes than CO2 does.
  • The oceans contain 50 times more CO2 than the atmosphere.
  • For thousands of years (based on the ice cores) temperature has risen before CO2.
  • When the oceans warm, they release CO2 (like a warm Coke), and there were large temperature increases in the ice core data, which then released large amounts of CO2 from the oceans, which did not further increase temperatures.
  • Temperatures were as high and higher during the 1930’s, during the medieval warm period, and during the Roman warm period.
  • There has been no global warming for about 20 years now.
  • All the models were wrong.
  • There is no hockey stick. The hockey stick chart was built using fudged data, and a fudged algorithm, and the entire establishment conspired to hide that fact. We know about this conspiracy, known as Climate Gate, because of an email leak.
  • A second email leak, known as Climate Gate II, unmasked systemic attempts by “scientists” to destroy data and subvert the scientific process in order to protect the theory of anthropogenic global warming.
  • Around the time of Climate Gate, the media stopped calling it Global Warming, and started calling it Climate Change. Now believers often get mad when we call it Global Warming.
  • The media almost entirely stopped talking about CO2 causing warming around the same time.
  • Glaciers have been shrinking since the end of the little ice age.
  • The arctic ice cap has obviously always been thicker in the middle (at the north pole) and thinner on the edges, and it has obviously been thinning overall since the end of the little ice age, and as of about 2005 it became thin enough that its diameter could fluctuate rapidly, which obviously created the illusion of rapid and recent change.
  • The arctic ice cap is actually larger than it was a few years ago.
  • When presented with these facts, believers are often evasive and change to subjects that aren’t actually relevant to Global Warming, such as the ozone layer or coral bleaching.
  • Believers (and even some skeptics) often complain that there is no mechanism by which to force all of the governments of the world to force all of their people and businesses …
  • AGW is a very convenient excuse to control the behavior of every individual on the planet (even the the number of individuals on the planet), and we can easily prove the existence of a globally dominant cabal, so we should be super skeptical of AGW. Just imagine the power they could seize if you let them control your carbon footprint. They could justify anything. That’s why I am presenting inconvenient truths.

The good news is that, although toxins and pollutants in our food, water, air, land, homes, consumer products, etc. are a huge problem (e.g. lower testosterone), warming caused by man-made CO2 is not one of those problems, and we figured that out ourselves.

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