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The meaning of the Constitution. Also, proposed Constitutional Amendments.

The Constitution Restoration Amendment

I just thought of an amendment to restore the Rule of Law by nullification of unconstitutional laws. The right of a unanimous jury of twelve to declare the law unconstitutional shall not be infringed. Such a declaration by a state jury shall fully and immediately repeal that state law if the jury declares it to […]


The US Constitution

Articles of Confederation America declared independence in 1776, and the Constitution was ratified in 1788. In between, America was governed by the Articles of Confederation, and thus for all practical purposes, America had no central government, and yet we still managed to defeat the world’s dominant super power, but the founders felt that the national […]


The Responsibility Amendment

I propose the following Constitutional amendment to counter the incentives to spend tax dollars: At the end of each year, the President and each member of Congress shall receive even shares of one percent of the net amount by which total federal government expenditures decreased over the previous four years. Suppose the Congress and the President […]