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Why people do what we do, and how we can do better.

Evil vs. The Vanishing Heap

Does evil exist? Is it an entity, a collective, a force? – or – Is evil like a heap … Suppose I show you a heap of sand, and you agree it is a heap of sand. If I remove one grain, then you would agree that it is still a heap of sand, and if I keep […]


The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule is usually articulated as “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The world would certainly be a happy, healthy, productive place if everyone followed the Golden Rule, and yet some misrepresent it. For example, the masochist would have people beat him, so does the Golden Rule mean he […]

How To Win

A coward dies a thousand deaths. A hero dies but once. How can a man die better Than facing fearful odds, For the future of our children, And their freedom from our gods. Does it profit a man to gain the world … And lose his very soul? The world … is not enough. Embrace […]


Oblivion – The Soul of Humanity Wins

This movie powerfully illustrates what I call the Soul of Humanity vs. the Soul of Animals. Whichever one triumphs will determine the survival of all life on earth, and yet, this conflict mostly plays out between an individual man (Tom Cruise) and the wife assigned to him. Ignore the critics, they lack the maturity to […]

Racism Explained

We need honest debate more than ever given that our governments and media promote fallacies, suppress honest debate, and force integration. The only reason that such heavy handed political correctness is not fascism, is because we don’t call it that. They even deny that race exists! Another reason we desperately need honest debate is because […]


The Soul of Animals

The soul of humanity is the peak of human evolution; but just as most (maybe all) of us carry the soul of humanity, most of us still carry the soul of animals – the peak of pre-human evolution, which consists of conformism and hierarchy, which are incompatible with the soul of humanity. However, today’s leaders […]


The Soul Of Humanity

Evolution has given the vast majority of us the ability to instinctively know which principles are right and wrong. For example, we are genetically programmed to dislike cheating, pettiness, and short shortsightedness; whereas, we are genetically programmed to admire integrity, open mindedness, tolerance, responsibility, curiosity, and courage. Majority Principles are even more difficult for us […]


Free Will

There is no evidence that we are anything more than the atoms we are made of, and if we are nothing more than the atoms we are made of, then our every thought is a physical (atomic, chemical, electrical, quantum, etc.) reaction. Assuming there is no random element to the physical reactions we call thought, […]