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Shattering the mainstream narratives.

Why Focus on Obama

Whenever an independent thinker presents a believer with incontrovertible evidence that explains how Obama has violated, or intends to violate, majority principles, the believer always makes the same evasive arguments: The believer always claims that there is no reason to focus on Obama unless you are racist. The believer always claims that Obama has no […]

Libertarianism Explained

The 2oth century saw the rise of collectivism, where progressive governments impoverished their people and killed or imprisoned hundreds of millions who failed to conform. Progressive government caused all of the biggest problems of the 20th century, such as The Great Depression, eugenics, total war, weapons of mass destruction, targeting civilians, reeducation camps, taxes, regulations, […]

Obama’s Progressive Fascist Science Czar

An excellent example of the alarmist and fascist nature of American Progressive thinking comes from Obama’s Science Czar, John Holdren, who co-authored a text book, ECOSCIENCE, in 1977. In it, the authors describe policies they recommend for any peoples and nations whenever necessary to achieve the authors’ goals. Some policies recommended by the authors are […]

Science Explained

Science is about as misunderstood as any idea can be. For example, most people today cannot even distinguish science from non-science, and this is no accident. Science tends to distribute power more widely among us, and thus those who already have power are the natural enemies of science. Science also tends to cause change, and […]


Evolution Explained

Evolution began the moment some random molecule had the ability to replicate itself. Evolution progressed whenever a mistake (a mutation) during replication created a new molecule that was at least as successful at getting copies of itself into the future. Evolution thus requires that the evolving entity possess both a means of reproduction and a […]


The 9/11 Smoking Gun – WTC7

On 9/11/2001, two planes struck two towers, which collapsed shortly thereafter. The smoking gun is this: A few hours after WTC 1 and WTC 2 collapsed, a third tower (WTC7) also collapsed. WTC7 was NOT hit by a plane, and it looked EXACTLY like a controlled demolition, and the entire media have been silent about […]


You Didn’t Build That

“You didn’t build that.” (full context) Obama is saying that if you’re successful, you’re not exceptional. You are still just like most other people, so you must owe almost all of your success to government, to your employees and customers, and to taxpayers. So, he wants you to understand that he represents all of those […]

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