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When you put it like that


No One Beats Al Qaeda

After Americans have given up much freedom to central government and borrowed trillions of dollars from central banks, there is more terrorism than ever before. Nevertheless, don’t blame the FBI or the CIA, or Bush or Obama. There is no shame in being beaten by the best.

Maybe You Should Stand Down

The Police State is growing, but … The Rapture is coming? Maybe you should just stand down then … Unavoidable collapse will send us back to the Dark Ages? Maybe you should just stand down then … The-powers-that-be cannot be defeated or even exposed? The cops are ready if you try anything? The cops are […]


American Progressive Manifesto

We American Progressives believe it is self-evident that government has the power (or should have the power) to implement any good idea, and that when we are all on the same page, everyone benefits, but now, let’s think for ourselves, and explain why. Effective government is necessary for the health and prosperity of everyone today […]

The Funger Games

If you can understand the allegory of The Funger Games, then you can understand how the world really works … In the Funger Games, Federal Reserve would assemble the 12 most favored banks (who own the Federal Reserve) and say to them: Welcome to The Funger Games. The name was inspired by the fungibility of […]

Why Greece Arrested Golden Dawn

The Greek government arrested the leaders of the Golden Dawn Party today because the Golden Dawn is fascist. For example, the Golden Dawn is fascist because it might try to arrest other political parties. In spite of the people having already been disarmed by the Greek government, the leaders of the Golden Dawn had a […]


Why We Elites Manage Innovation

Innovation must be managed. Innovation can empower the little guy and make him think he doesn’t need those of us having superior genes to make decisions for him. Innovation can make the serfs uppity – in the vernacular, as it were. For example, the Internet Reformation makes many serfs feel like they are just as […]


Relief for Cynicism

8 oz tomato juice1 tbsp Everclear  (add another tbsp if very cynical)1 tsp vinegar1 tsp brown sugar1 tsp horseradish1 tsp powedered sugar1/2 tsp molasses1/2 tsp lime juice1/2 tsp lemon juice1/2 tsp Thai fish sauce (or a dab of anchovy paste)1/2 tsp celery salt1/2 tsp onion power1/4 tsp dill weed1/8 tsp cayenne pepper1/8 tsp black pepper1/8 […]


Obama is a Reneger

In spite of unprecedented majorities in the House and Senate, and in spite of unprecedented media support, Obama has reneged on his promises. He promised us that he was post partisan. He promised us that he was post racial. He promised transparency. He promised the most transparency ever. Did I mention he promised transparency? He […]