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The future may be circling the drain, but it doesn’t have to be this way.


Communism vs. Free Markets at Plymouth Rock

I learned from an article entitled Our Forefather’s Failure (at that the colonies at Plymouth Rock and Jamestown tried both free-market and communist systems—long before Karl Marx was born. (The Liberty Unbound article appears to have been based on a 1985 Mises Institute article by Richard J. Maybury entitled The Great Thanksgiving Hoax, and […]


Video is a Game Changer

All leaders in all organizations can be influenced by legitimate positive reinforcement such as raises, praises, bonuses, and gifts; and of course, some leaders in some organizations can be influenced by illegitimate positive reinforcement – we call that corruption. However, by far the most effective way to influence most leaders in most organizations is embarrassment, […]


The Responsibility Amendment

I propose the following Constitutional amendment to counter the incentives to spend tax dollars: At the end of each year, the President and each member of Congress shall receive even shares of one percent of the net amount by which total federal government expenditures decreased over the previous four years. Suppose the Congress and the President […]


The Quality Amendment

I propose the following Constitutional amendment to increase the quality of legislation passed by Congress. The Congress shall not pass any bill larger than the original Constitution. Each bill must be smaller than 4,367 words. Higher quality legislation would thus be able to crowd out lower quality legislation. Such an amendment would simultaneously reduce corruption […]


The First Time I Saved Us All

The first time I saved us all was when I was a teenager. The Reagan administration was promoting an idea for deployment of 100 ICBM’s (the new MX missile, each having 10 MIRVs) in a 10 square mile geographical distribution popularly known as Dense Pack. The plan was based on the theory of fractricide. The theory of […]

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