Collateral Murder

The Collateral Murder video on wikileaks.org is so convincing and so disturbing that it should make you feel like crying. You can also watch it here, on YouTube.

In this video we see some Iraqi guys just walking down the street. They look pretty relaxed, ordinary, and harmless. Two of them were employees of Reuters, and they were carrying cameras with telephoto lenses.

The video is from one of the two circling US helicopters who we see make a series of misjudgments where they project evil motives onto their victims and then kill about ten adults and wound two children.

I would be more harsh in my judgment of the pilots and gunners, but It is just a little hard to believe because:

  • It has so few views on YouTube, that I suspect there may not have been sufficient opportunity to refute its authenticity.
  • It seems suspicious that the guys ignored the US helicopters.
  • I can see that the two men appear to be holding cameras with telephoto lenses instead of guns because I am very familiar with both – just as the pilots and gunners would have been familiar with both, so how could they have never mentioned the possibility that it might be a camera with a big lens?

If the video is real, then consider that those guns would have penetrated one or more walls of the buildings, and thus may have killed people inside too.

There is no sense of hate – it is more of an immature callousness projecting evil motives onto several foreign individuals – based on no evidence. I would be much more disturbed if these pilots and gunners were representatives of the dominant political party and conveyed intense hatred while projecting evil motives onto millions of their own countrymen – based on no evidence. For example, Congressman Steve Cohen of America’s dominant political party, the Democrats, just joined many fellow Democrats when he projected evil motives onto the largest grassroots political movement in America – based on no evidence.

Whenever a government has perpetrated slavery, genocide, or democide, step one has been to project evil motives or other inferior qualities onto the victims in order to dehumanize them. Why are the Democrats working furiously to implement step one? How is it that the party who wants to empower the little guy is trying to dehumanize the little guy?

I will send this to some media outlets who can investigate further.


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Dennis Gorelik - April 8, 2010

1) This military technology is impressive.
2) It looks like military routine in Iraq, and the mistake that US military did seems like a routine mistake which was probably repeated over and over in multiple occasions.
3) Probably the policy is to shoot into any suspicious gathering of multiple people.
I think such policy has some reasoning behind it.
But I cannot understand what was the point of shooting into the van that tried to evacuate wounded people.

5) It's clear that if US military wasn't staying in Iraq they wouldn't be responsible for crap like that.
I see no reason to US military to stay in Iraq. It's loss for the Americans and loss for Iraqies.


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