The Coming Alien Hoax

Don’t believe anything the media, the government, the Vatican, or even any supposedly alternative source, like Alex Jones, tells you about aliens if their story could in any way further the agenda of the most powerful people in the world. Instead, think for yourself about what real aliens would do, what they would be able to do, and what they would believe. Also, think about what kind of extraordinary evidence would be necessary to prove the extraordinary claim that an actual alien invasion is a more likely explanation than a human conspiracy.

The agenda of the most powerful people in the world is: one world government, one world currency, one world religion, no armed citizens, total dependence on government, and total control over individuals. In this article, I will refer to these totalitarians as “the Players”. Some specific uses for such power by the Players would be to reduce population in order to sanitize the human gene pool and to preserve what they see as their resources.

Almost any kind of alien hoax would further the Players’ agenda. An alien invasion would be the most effective hoax because a majority would be willing to make unlimited sacrifices for survival, and they would comply with even the most extreme national security measures. They would also demand global government.

The second most useful alien hoax would be a putatively peaceful visit that bestowed the gifts of more advanced government and more advanced spirituality. Of course, those gifts would be global government, global currency, and global religion, and no potential for some crazy citizen to do any harm to others. Such a “peaceful” alien hoax would also promise additional gifts of technology, once we had “progressed” to the point where no crazy citizen would have the freedom to use that technology to hurt anyone.

Although most useful idiots would be more likely to believe, and thus more willing to kill, for the invasion story, nearly as many would be just as extreme for the “good alien” story. For example, can you imagine what the crowds of useful idiots would do to any critic of the Players’ agenda when the media, the politicians, and the mega churches told them how such critics were holding us back from receiving the additional gifts of alien technology?!

The Players wouldn’t even have to fight their own fight. One can see how easily they could manipulate hundreds of millions, maybe billions, of useful idiots to fight for their agenda.

I first learned about the idea of an alien hoax to further the Players’ agenda from a single sentence by Bill Cooper, but he did not elaborate, and thus it would not have meant anything if I had not already known he was the guy who accurately predicted that something like 9/11 would happen about when it did and that it would be blamed on Osama bin Laden. Of course, we now know that 9/11 was definitely conspiracy. I was then able to envision everything in this article based on the inspiration of that single sentence by Bill Cooper.

After thinking through the possibilities and writing this article in August 2016, I discovered that Bill Cooper had elaborated on an alien hoax in an earlier interview, but I don’t know if he ever thought of all the details of an alien hoax that I layout here before they killed him about eight weeks after 9/11. In that same interview, he explained how the same conference in 1917 that proposed an alien hoax to form a global government could instead use a global environmental threat to justify their global government.

One might assume the Players would pull it off just as soon as they believed they could get away with it, but as long as their agenda were progressing, they wouldn’t waste their best false flag unless they saw a window of opportunity closing. For example, what if those internet bloggers started waking up too many people, or what if known technology were catching up to secret technology to such an extent that the hoax would soon become less convincing?

Given that the Vatican has already started preparing people to expect the “peaceful” alien hoax, and given that it would be easier to pull off, I expect it to happen before the invasion hoax, and probably in the 2 – 10 year time frame.

Suppose not enough people were convinced by the “peaceful” alien hoax. In that case, the Players would have the “peaceful aliens” launch a limited attack to punish a few of those cities having the most non-believers. If that still wasn’t enough, they could have another fake alien race try to exterminate us for being so uncooperative, but then the “peaceful” aliens who had already punished a few non-believing cities could claim that we were worth saving and defeat the bad aliens in a spectacular light show in the sky. Imagine how grateful everyone would be. Then, surely, enough people would be on board for the Players’ agenda.

Suppose the bad aliens used some beams from space to destroy ground targets. Would you believe it? Consider that governments have been working on such weapons for decades.

Real aliens wouldn’t exterminate us by physically attacking us. They would simply create a virus that would kill us. Therefore, the Players might choose to use a virus, which again is plausible human technology, and they would claim that they got the vaccine from the good aliens. Of course, the vaccine would also be a eugenics program, and its ill effects would simply be blamed on the original virus, when they were in fact caused by the vaccine.

If there were a real alien involved, consider that he may simply be a passive observer and not one of the perpetrators. Also, consider than one alien is not proof of an invasion. It would be more likely that he were a captured scout and that his technology were being used against his will. At least, any of those scenarios is far more likely than an alien invasion that just happened to occur at the point where the Players had achieved the ability and the need to pull off such a hoax.


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Evangelizer - December 20, 2017

August 9, 2045, get ready people

Jacob - May 28, 2018

Could it be that there will be an alien **hoax** involving real beings who are pretending to be aliens?

waking - June 16, 2018

What if the Cabal are the Aliens and have been here for millennia. ?

    Jim - June 18, 2018

    I haven’t heard a compelling argument that aliens have been to Earth–let alone that they are at the top of the cabal; whereas, I’ve heard multiple psyops claiming evidence of aliens.

    Also, a human-only cabal is easily sufficient to explain the known conspiracies. https://endofinnocence.com/they-live-cabal-nwo-conspiracy/

Grand Jury - October 27, 2020

Fascinating, thanks.

The coronacircus blog (which has convinced me this whole covid circus is meant as a provocation, agitation propaganda, subversion) wrote an excellent short story about an alien invasion hoax such as you describe.



(Part 2 linked at the bottom of the post).

Mike - April 12, 2021

Oh My Gosh! Will these freaks ever tire? Imagine if they put just one tenth the energy to being decent and not the mind fuckibg douche bags they really are! Sara carter, she of the deep state, fox news fame. Blurry video, bogus “leaks”, flock you, flock you and flock the shietzy horse you ride

Beth - April 24, 2023

How else are they going to explain the rapture.


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