Philosophies That Are The Key To Utopia

These philosophies all sound pretty good don’t they?

Feminism – Equal rights for women.

Communism – Everyone voluntarily sharing everything equally.

Marxism – Government could redistribute everything equally until everyone learns to voluntarily share everything equally, and then government will wither away.

Progressivism – For the benefit of future generations, government should use science and technology to create the perfect society.

Neo-conservativism – Freedom and democracy for everyone in the world.

Fascism – When we’re all on the the same page, everyone benefits.

White Nationalism – Every group deserves to have a homeland, and every individual has a right to live in their homeland.

Nazism – The government of any homeland should take care of its people. Everyone should be loyal to their homeland and it’s government, and everyone should not cause trouble when they are in someone else’s homeland.

Don’t these all just sound like common sense?

Now … you may be thinking, “But … these philosophies have all resulted in atrocities …”, but what you may not have realized is that those were imperfect implementations  under duress from their enemies. Also, past implementations did not have the benefit of modern technology, which is a necessary prerequisite.

You may also be thinking, “But … when I talk long enough with any self-proclaimed members of these philosophies, they almost always turn out to be primarily motivated by hate and by other basic negative emotions, such as, jealously, fear, greed, racism, control, and domination”, but what you may not have realized was that those were just fringe individuals not fully educated yet. A fully educated individual would voluntarily adhere to the positive side of these philosophies.

Also, a fully educated individual knows that no one of these philosophies is the whole solution, and that is the final piece of the puzzle.

Have you noticed how all of these philosophies sound pretty compatible?

The solution is obvious isn’t it?

Utopia is the combination of all these philosophies.


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