How Did I Know They Were Black?

This was another very sad week in American history. A woman ran her car into a gate at the White House (and minutes later while driving away, she was shot and killed by police as she drove), then the next day and just a few blocks away, a man set himself on fire on the Capitol Mall in DC.

I instinctively and correctly assumed that both were black, and I think that my instincts were telling me that the woman must have been motivated by disappointment with Obama, and that only black people could be that disappointed with Obama.

In the case of the man, it was obviously extreme disappointment with something, and I think my instincts were telling me that based on the timing and location, it was obviously extreme disappointment with Obama.

This is like in 2011 when the media and other Obama voters were complaining that the media and other Obama voters were abandoning Obama, and I explained to everyone that he could rally them to new heights of hope and motivation with a single speech because they were just really frustrated that he had not yet given them their orders.

Believers said I was way off, but then Chris Matthews proved me right when he cried out to Obama on-air and said ”Obama, give us our orders!”

Believers are not that hard to understand, although, apparently they don’t understand themselves.

As a further proof, consider that a few weeks before this, I instinctively did not assume that the shooter at the DC Navy Yard was black. When I then learned that he was black, even though he was also in DC and almost certainly voted for Obama, my instincts still told me it had nothing to do with Obama or race. Again, my instincts were correct.

In the Navy Yard case my instincts were correct on both of my additional suspicions. First, I correctly assumed that the media were lying about the use of an AR-15, just like they lied in Sandy Hook. In both cases, the MSM later quietly admitted that neither an AR-15, nor any other kind of rifle was used – thus ensuring the majority retained their original false impression.

Second, he carved, “This is my ELF weapon” on his shotgun, which the media called gibberish, but my instincts told me that he was seeking retribution for being harassed by Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) technology, which is a complaint shared by thousands of people. My instincts were confirmed again when I learned that he had complained to peers, police, and healthcare professionals about the kind of harassment done via ELF and was moving around to escape from it.