Why People Make Excuses For Tyranny

An efficient totalitarian state would… control a population who did not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.” – Aldous Huxley.

People making excuses for tyranny is a phenomenon that permeates every society, and after speaking with a person born in the USSR around 1983, and who made excuses for both Putin and the USSR, I recognized the need to write about it, so let’s look at some of the reasons why people living with tyranny make excuses for it.


The longer people live in a highly structured institution or culture where they don’t have to provide for themselves or make any decisions, such as in a prison or hospital, the more likely they are to get used to it and to fear being outside of it—as if they were an animal born in a zoo. Similar environments are military bases, monasteries, schools, socialism, and communism.

Stockholm Syndrome

Hostages often become permanent true believers in the cause of their captors. In other words, people are likely to become permanent true believers in the cause of those who wield extreme power over their lives.

The Free Shit Army

With the exception of a tiny minority whose survival is actually in the balance, the Free Shit Army is anyone who gets money from government—or who wants to get money from government. Have you met many people whom you are confident would not take free money from government?

Consider that the flood of immigration since 1965 (in America) is disproportionately people who will be dependent on government. Can you imagine any of them refusing to take money from government?

At this point, people often try to stop me and insist that I would take money from government just like anyone else, I have refused money from government every time. I did not collect a single penny each of the four times I was unemployed long enough to collect unemployment—in spite of financial hardship caused by those decisions. I also forfeited 3,000 worth of benefits when I refused to sign a draconian agreement when laid off by my employer—I was the only one … I cannot be bought … Not for all the money in the world … The world is not enough.

To be clear, it is not wrong to take money from government if your health or life depends on it, and it is not wrong to take money from government up to the amount you paid in taxes in the preceding year.

A majority of the black community is in the Free Shit Army because of the peculiar institution—government dependency—an atrocity perpetrated on the black community. The perpetrators include government, the media, and schools, whose  propaganda has convinced the black community that they will not be allowed to succeed and that America owes them, but some brave black men have figured out that government dependency is the new plantation and that the establishment put them there. Some of them call themselves runaway slaves. They have gone AWOL from The Free Shit Army.

Women constitute the core of the Free Shit Army. Evolution made women weaker and pregnant most of the time as we evolved, and women may not have been allowed to do things like hunting even when they would have and could have, which all explains why women seem to have evolved a genetically programmed expectation to be given things, and men have obviously evolved to feel compelled to give women and children things. As a percentage, no group is more solidly a part of the Free Shit Army than single moms, which is why mainstream propaganda promotes single motherhood—hard.

Of course, we all have a brain and could override our genetic programming if we were allowed to have the facts and engage in honest debate.


When government provides advantage to any individuals or organizations, that’s cronyism.

We live in a cronyist system, and in a cronyist system, those who rise to the top will be … cronies.

However, it is not just those at the top who are cronies. The Free Shit Army is also cronyism.


In countries such as China, Cambodia, and the USSR … those people having any genetic predispositions that made them more likely to value truth or freedom, to question authority, or to think for themselves (those who carried the Soul Of Humanity—the peak of human evolution) were either killed or imprisoned, and thus the strongest versions of such genes were mostly purged from the gene pool in those countries. In the 20th century alone, hundreds of millions of people were killed, imprisoned, or otherwise neutralized by their own governments.

One can easily see how a similar thing happened on a smaller scale again and again throughout history.

Although the European invaders similarly purged the Native Americans, America has been the best combination of freedom and prosperity for everyone else, and it thus originally collected those individuals who walked away from tyranny elsewhere.

Illusion Of Legitimacy

The most successful tyranny disguises itself as the will of the gods or the will of the people so that it will encounter little resistance. This is known as The Illusion Of Legitimacy.

By masking its use of such tools as: front men, false flag events, informants, propaganda, agents provocateur, controlled opposition, cronyism, censorship, rewards, and punishments; the establishment can actually manipulate the will of the people, which helps it to maintain the illusion of legitimacy. Naturally, such a manipulated people will then insist that the will of the establishment is indeed the will of the people; whereas, the people would naturally rebel if such tools were obvious and in their face, and if they they could clearly connect their pain to the will of the establishment.

Of course, such a deceived people are not as irrational as they seem because for the people to be that deceived in a seemingly open society, then they would have to be protected from alternative views, which would require the existence of a globally dominant cabal, which seems astronomically unlikely—except that we now have a simple, self-evident, ironclad proof that such a globally dominant cabal exists.


I’m just going to quote directly from Racism Explained:

We are not the product of everyone before us. We are the product of only those before us who got the most offspring into future generations. We are thus the offspring of those men and women, and have the same genetically programmed impulses that got more of their genes into future generations. To be clear, we have those same genetically programmed impulses.

One genetically programmed trait that would help all humans get more of their genes into future generations would be distrust of those passing through their territory. The reason that distrust of transients would better protect one’s genes and one’s life, resources, and offspring is because transients are indeed less trustworthy, because …

Transients have no stake in the future of your community.

It is obvious how one’s life, resources, and offspring are at far greater risk from a minute of exposure to transients than from a minute of exposure to the folks in one’s community. In a nutshell, a transient has an incentive to take as much from a community as possible before he moves on, and he would then be harder to track down and punish.

However, one’s genes are also at risk in less obvious ways. For example, a man traveling through a community will feel the genetically programmed urge to impregnate women there and move on while that community then has to redirect some of its resources from raising the children having their genes to the raising of children having the transient’s genes.

Therefore, the men of a community will have evolved the genetically programmed urge to kill or drive out the transient out as soon as possible or make him stay and marry the first woman he tried to impregnate; and although that potential pregnancy would give the transient male some small stake in the future of that community, he also has the capacity to move on and impregnate many other women in other communities, so that would be his strongest urge.

Genes are not rational however, and it is not as if they can directly evaluate who is transient and who is not …

The genes that protect us from transients would thus operate by making us fear those who look and act differently.


As we evolved, anyone whose genetic programming made him more likely to accept, comply with, and defend the dominance hierarchy above him would have received benefits that made that genetic programming more likely to be passed down to us; whereas, anyone whose genes made him disrespectful of the hierarchy above him would have received punishment that would have made his genes less likely to be passed down to us.

Dominance hierarchy has been in our genes for hundreds of millions of years before we were human, so it is not seen as a perversion by hardly anyone.


Once a particular tyranny is the norm, most people will feel compelled to conform because the genes that made people less likely to conform would have made them more likely to be kicked out of the cave (clan, tribe, etc.), which would have made such genes less likely to get passed down to us.

Conformism in our genes is probably as different for men and women as observation and tradition tells us it is because a man who was kicked out of the cave might survive, but a woman would have died. It is thus women who are most comfortable with conformity and who fear non-conformism the most.

It is somewhat of a side note, but a man who was kicked out and survived must have had superior genes, so any women having a genetic mutation that compelled them to go to the edge of the territory where such an independent minded male would have found them would have thus been impregnated by superior genes. Their offspring would thrive, and we would see some men today who seem compelled to think for themselves, and we would see many women today who are attracted to such men. Of course, we would also see many men today who thus pretend to think for themselves (e.g. politicians).

Consider that those people having the strongest genetic predisposition to conform and to force others to conform will naturally find themselves on the side where the establishment has their back, and they will naturally be the biggest defenders of any socially acceptable tyranny, which is exactly what we see in America today with the so-called left.

Until about 1965, America was formed out of those individuals in other societies who were less likely to conform, and thus the globally dominant cabal has been trying desperately for about 100 years to change the demographics of America to be more conformist, and as of 2015, they had succeeded so thoroughly that they moved on to the next phase in which they began throwing their success in the face of those who still cared about America’s founding principles of individual liberty. Such provocations by agents provocateur, by controlled opposition, and by the controlled establishment media are obviously intended to provoke a reaction that could then be used as a pretext to disarm the people, to create even more of a police state, and to create a global government.

The Solution

We’ve all met plenty of people who would rather die than look weird. That’s why the mainstream is crazy and extreme. Here is an excerpt from that article:

The mainstream will support corruption, injustice, and tyranny … rather than risk looking extreme.

Now contrast the mainstream with the people of Cherán, who kicked out the government, and who are doing much better than before.

The people of Cherán have been left alone thus far because they are basically an Indian reservation, but if they become any bigger of a threat to the illusion of legitimacy, then unfortunately the threat they pose will be neutralized—just like every other threat to the illusion of legitimacy.

Call the system in Cherán whatever you want, but the people of Cherán kicked out all existing government, and replaced it with far smaller and more accountable government than before. Their voluntary militias and their other voluntary efforts do not count as government because government is a monopoly on the right to initiate force in a geographical boundary.

No doubt they will make some of the same mistakes that socialists and communists make, but they seem to be capable of learning from their mistakes—just like the first Americans.

The next leap forward could be The Rule Of Market, or maybe it will be The League Of Real People—or zero squads.