More Liberal than Liberals!

A conservative is one who advocates conforming with tradition; whereas, a liberal is one who advocates individual freedom, tolerance, and equality under the law. Therefore, given that America was founded on liberalism, true conservatives are liberals because liberalism is the American tradition.

Libertarians are even more liberal than conservatives, but not because of tradition. Libertarians are liberal because of principle. This is why libertarians and conservatives are often allies.

First though, don’t be distracted by the fact that women and minorities were neither equal nor free in the beginning. What is relevant is that by consistently applying the same liberal principles America was founded on, minorities and women have increasingly enjoyed the same benefits of individual freedom and equality under the law.

Of course, conforming with anything is fascism, and it is thus true that conservatives are a little fascist. Then again, many of those who call themselves liberals in America today are actually more conformist than conservatives in many ways. In America, conservatives are often more liberal than liberals, and the Tea Party participants are more liberal than most conservatives or liberals, and libertarians are the most liberal of all.

Libertarians are way more liberal than liberals.

Liberals are OK with gay marriage, but libertarians are OK with gay marriage AND polygamy AND any other combination of men and women you can think of.

Liberal legislation forcibly takes the fruits of your labor and gives it to others, and liberals openly complain that they want to take even more of the fruits of your labor; whereas, no libertarian would ever take the fruits of your labor.

Just last year, Obama’s communications director said that Mao Tse-Tung is one of her two favorite philosophers! – to whom she turns most often! In just the last two years, popular liberals hugged and admired the liberal dictators in Cuba and Venezuela! FDR liberals admired European fascists like Mussolini, and European fascists admired FDR. Libertarians don’t admire dictators.

Libertarians are more conservative than conservatives.

Conservatives want government out of the gay marriage business, but libertarians want government out of the marriage business entirely.  Conservatives are OK with cutting taxes, but libertarians are OK with eliminating taxes, AND the IRS, AND the Federal Reserve.

Conservatives are more liberal than liberals.

Liberals say they want to empower the little guy, but liberals want to disarm the little guy; whereas, conservatives and libertarians respect the little guy.

Conservatives are pretty tolerant of different beliefs; whereas, if you don’t believe in Government and Global Warming, then liberals think you must be a moron and a bad person. Therefore, if you think for yourself, then the bias of liberals will harm your career, so to escape oppression by liberals, one must keep quiet entirely unless one is unusually mature and articulate, and even then one must be VERY careful.

Liberal legislation forced media outlets to add liberal content. Then, years later the Supreme Court stopped them. Now, Obama and most of his people have openly championed using force to add liberal content to media outlets – again! Whereas, no conservatives or libertarians want to force any media outlets to add conservative or libertarian content.

While souls are purely speculative, many liberals, libertarians, and conservatives believe in souls, which makes possible a telling comparison. Liberals who believe in souls are willing to kill a fetus – often as late as 9 months – even though they cannot know that that fetus has no soul; whereas, libertarians and conservatives who believe in souls will not kill a fetus – because it might have a soul.

On a related note, given legal abortion, the birth of every child is entirely the woman’s choice, but liberal legislation makes the man pay for 18 years of child support even though he had no choice in the birth.

In the workplace, white males must observe politically correct speech codes. Blacks and women can talk about “angry white males”, “Tea baggers”, “a male coworker with a hot ass”, “the guy at the male strip club last night”, or “men thinking with their dicks” but if a white male ever said that anything about a female coworker’s appearance, or anything about sex, or that anyone got their job through affirmative action, then that would be the end of his career advancement. Also, any woman can ask out any male coworker as much as she wants, but a man cannot ask out a female coworker. There are two kinds of white males exempt from these politically correct rules. With women, tall, good looking, charismatic men are exempt. With minorities, any white male who has built a constituency among minorities is exempt. Bill Clinton is an example of both – hence the most successful white males are Clintonesque – hence American business is failing.

Which brings us to affirmative action, which is where liberal legislation forces individuals to hire more women and minorities than they want to and give them more loans than they want to; whereas, no conservative legislation ever forced anyone to hire more men and whites or give them more loans.

Liberal legislation forces universities to cut men’s athletic programs and add women’s programs; whereas, no conservative legislation forces universities to cut women’s programs. In fact, universities have a “women’s studies” department, but no university has a men’s studies department.

I don’t know whether the douchebags on the left or the assholes on the right have killed and imprisoned more people, but there are two telling differences. From 100 year ago to this day, it is primarily the left that acquired absolute power – and – whereas, either side will kill and imprison those who question their authority, it is the left that killed or imprisoned tens of millions – of their own people – for having incorrect beliefs.

Let’s not confuse left wing and liberal or right wing and conservative. Right wing is simply the extent to which any system protects a ruling elite from competition. Hmm … protecting a ruling elite from competition sounds a lot like something the left wing has been doing.  Could the right wing have rebranded themselves as left wing? Well, that will have to be a future topic.

Most of the confusion is easily resolved. In America, the discredited right basically went into near extinction, while the equally discredited left successfully rebranded itself with the more respectable term “liberal”. Therefore, real liberals started calling themselves libertarians or conservatives.

Of course, libertarians are even more tolerant and freedom loving than conservatives. Libertarian is what every decent kid wants to be when he grows up, and in the end, what every decent person wishes he had been.


  • Anonymous says:

    I was with you until you said dictators in soviet union, china, north korea, etc are liberal… the credibility of your arguments flew out of the window. You conflate modern American liberalism and democratic socialists with typical extreme leftist thinking… by that account then conservatives and libertarians must be the spawn of fascism.

  • Jim says:

    Hmmm … I thought it was pretty obvious that I was talking about the liberal (leftist) extreme, and comparing it to the extreme right at that point, but thanks, I will edit that part to be more clear.

  • Jim says:

    Clearly, our modern understanding of terms like left/right, liberal/conservative, and libertarian is full of holes. Of course, the reason is attempts by big media and big academia to spin left/liberal as the same thing and as good while spinning right/conservative as the same thing and as bad. Somehow, they also spin libertarianism, which is centrist, as the extreme right, which is truly ludicrous.

    It is almost as if liberals are not really liberal. It is almost as if libertarians are the most liberal, and that conservatives may actually be more liberal than liberals.

  • failure says:

    Right on, except for that anti-abortion bullshit. That's people's private business stay out of it, as long as it's not late term, that's just sick.

    Also cut this out, it makes you lose credibility. Right wing politicians certainly start wars all the time. "In fact, from 100 year ago to this day, when the left and the right had absolute power, the left killed or imprisoned over 1oo million – of their own people – for having incorrect beliefs. Whereas, the right killed or imprisoned almost no one for having incorrect beliefs."

  • By using the modern political labels and contrasting that with their actual meaning (i.e. liberalism vs being a classical liberal) you've shown just how far our vernacular has been perverted. Jefferson was indeed a liberal – but he would have likely taken arms against modern "liberals".

  • Jim says:

    Thanks. You would like my more recent article, "A Progressive Party Platform." It is far more interesting and enlightening than it sounds.

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