The Myth Of Trump

Just as the establishment created the Myth of Obama, which resulted in tens of millions of true believers, the establishment has created the alt-right psyop, which helped them create the Myth of Trump, and that is why Trump accumulated some true believers before his election.

How many times have you heard someone say something like:

  • “Trump is a billionaire, so he can’t be bought.”
  • “Trump is the ultimate alpha-male, so no one can coerce him.”
  • Trump is playing 3D chess.

All one can say is … seriously?!

Is Trump bulletproof?
Is he the richest person in the world?
Is he the smartest person in the world?
Does he control the media?
Does he control the banks?
Does he control the Congress?

Trump doesn’t even control his own party.

He hasn’t even started draining the swamp, and he hasn’t sent anyone to jail.
He is trying hard to start new unprovoked wars, and he’s Bibi’s little bitch.

Trump supporters are completely and utterly powerless … but they think they’re “winning” …

This is nothing new:

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