The Myth Of Trump

Just as the establishment created the Myth of Obama, which resulted in tens of millions of true believers, the establishment has created the alt-right psyop, which helped them create the Myth of Trump, and that is why Trump accumulated some true believers before his election.

How many times have you heard someone say something like:

  • “Trump is a billionaire, so he can’t be bought.”
  • “Trump is the ultimate alpha-male, so no one can coerce him.”
  • Trump is playing 3D chess.

All one can say is … seriously?!

Is Trump bulletproof?
Is he the richest person in the world?
Is he the smartest person in the world?
Does he control the media?
Does he control the banks?
Does he control the Congress?

Trump doesn’t even control his own party.

As of May 2018, Trump hasn’t even started draining the swamp, and he hasn’t sent anyone to jail.
He is trying hard to start new unprovoked wars, and he’s Bibi’s little bitch.

Trump and his supporters are completely and utterly powerless, but they like to say “Winning!” and “Trust the plan!”

This is nothing new:

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Clearly, Trump is just another front man for the Apex Players, and the Myth of Trump believed by his fans is thus a lie, but there is also the Myth of Trump believed by those who think he is the Big Bad, which is also a lie because Trump is just another front man for the Apex Players. Trump is playing a role—just as Obama is playing a role.

[Update: March 2022]

Documents about the JFK assassination were scheduled to be released in 2037, and when a critical mass was made aware of that fact by the 90’s movie, “JFK”, Congress moved the dated to 2017, but in 2017, Trump delayed the release of most of the remaining documents.

Trump continued to promote the vaccines—hard—as late as December 2021, and in spite of presiding over a global pandemic and the hyper-alarmism promoted by the global establishment, and in spite of having access to every expert in the world, and in spite of having Covid himself in September 2020 and speaking publicly about it …. he never mentioned the many cheap, safe, and effective alternative prophylactics and therapeutics after last mentioning Hydroxychloroquine in May 2020.

Trump served as a huge distraction from everything else that was happening, and he kept those most inclined to fight back pacified because they thought they were “winning” and that they just needed to “trust the plan”. Primarily because of the response to Covid, and the most rigged election in history, the agenda of the Apex Players moved forward more under Trump than under any previous President in our lifetimes. He thus served his masters well.

Lesser goals were also achieved under Trump. For example, the Federal debt grew faster under Trump than under any President in our lifetimes.

A President doesn’t have to do much to make the agenda of his masters move forward. He mostly just has to let it happen.

It was self-evident by the next day that the 2020 Presidential election was rigged, which may seem like proof Trump was fighting the Apex Players, but that is consistent with Trump’s role, which was to take down all anti-establishment types with him, which I predicted in 2016, and which he did. That is why he only made a half-hearted effort to prevent the rigging and a half-hearted effort to fight the results.

Do you remember how Trump appealed directly to the people over and over again to explain: 1) that we were not “winning” and that we could not just “trust the plan”, 2) that he couldn’t hire good people, 3) that the military wasn’t behind him, 4) that he probably wouldn’t get re-elected because of the imminent election rigging, and 5) that the only solution was to throw out 90% of Congress and vote for very specific candidates, principles, and policies that Trump very clearly laid out again and again?

Yeah, me either.

I do remember how, on January 6th, Trump finally made a futile appeal to the people for the first time when he told the unarmed crowd listening to him in front of the White House that they should stop the vote happening in Congress, which was the very last step in the many months of the rigged election. Of course, they had no time to get over to the Capitol building, and there was nothing they could have done except civil disobedience that would delay the vote for a day at most. However, there was another unarmed crowd already at the Capitol building protesting the rigged election, and after a cop beat a woman to death with a steel baton, and after the protesters stopped one of the many agents provocateur from breaking a window at the Capitol building, the police inexplicably removed the gates and allowed the protesters to enter the Capitol building.

I remember how cops with assault rifles escorted protesters directly to the chamber in which the vote was taking place and how another cop coming from the other direction shot an unarmed protester and killed her (although that whole video looks really staged, but that is a different story).

I remember how the establishment called that protest an “insurrection”, how the Internet gatekeepers cancelled Trump and everyone who repeated anything he said, and how the protesters were treated like foreign terrorists, but what is germane to the Myth of Trump is that I remember how Trump threw those protesters under the bus at least twice after that.

If anyone still thinks Trump was fighting the rigged election, or that Trump was a kind of dictator inciting insurrection, listen to the whole call between Trump and the Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Reffensperger, weeks after the election. Trump sounded completely impotent, naive, and unprepared. It was as if he had no idea that the whole establishment, as well as his own party, were all conspiring against him. He was almost groveling. The SoS was super passive aggressive, and just kept stonewalling Trump the whole time.

The most intimidating thing Trump said was when he implied that future voters might not like how the SoS was refusing to be fair, but the SoS was strangely unafraid of what future voters might think. Even more bizarre, was how those who were obsessed with their hatred of Trump, and who thus saw him as the Big Bad, made the ludicrous claim that this call proved that Trump was a kind of fascist dictator trying to circumvent the Constitution and that he was engaging in McCarthyism. This call thus disproved both Myths of Trump.

If Trump were really the powerful fascist the media purport, then he wouldn’t have been groveling. He also, would have imposed national Covid mandates—like Biden, Trudeau, Jacinda Ardern, and every other Western leader, but instead, he let the states choose their own solutions. He would have started new wars like Obama/Biden or Biden/Harris, but instead, he ended the war in Afghanistan, which Biden extended before giving up in disgrace.

Those obsessed with their hatred of Trump still think he was a puppet of Putin, and yet, 1) The Meuller investigation found no evidence of collusion between Trump and Putin, 2) Trump sent a large amount of lethal weapons to Ukraine; whereas, Obama would not, 3) Trump did everything he could to sabotage the Nordstream pipeline, which was very important to Russia, and 4) Putin invaded Ukraine one year after Biden took office, which he did not try under Trump, but which he also did shortly before Trump when Biden was Vice President.

So we see that both Myths of Trump continue to be proven false.

Those obsessed with their hatred of Trump still think there is some risk that he will find a way to circumvent the Constitution and be President forever, and although that was far more plausible with Obama …. because 90% of the media and 30% of the establishment saw him as a messianic figure (at first) …. it was never plausible with Obama either because that would have pierced the illusion of legitimacy, without which, they are finished.


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