Obama’s DHS Targets White Children

Obama’s DHS ordered new targets featuring only women, children, and senior citizens – all white – all in their own home or yard. The official theme is “No More Hesitation.” See more targets here.


If Obama had a son, he wouldn’t look like these kids. [1]

Note how these targets are standing in their own home or yard. Now why would Obama’s DHS need to practice shooting white people’s kids in their own home or yard? If the people in Obama’s DHS find themselves in these situations, then the most likely reason is that they themselves are the bad guys, and thus they should hesitate.

Obama, The Democratic Party, and the Mainstream Media have taken Their Hate to a new level.

Clearly, the DHS has decided that too few DHS personnel are the kind of sociopaths who would blindly obey orders to kill ordinary innocent Americans, disarm them door-to-door, or perpetrate some other atrocity, so DHS needs to manufacture more such sociopaths – hence the targets. There were no targets of minorities or men of fighting age because police already have no hesitation shooting those innocents.

How could Obama’s DHS even have enough bullets to kill as many as 100 million innocent people? I guess we now know why Obama’s DHS recently made an unprecedented purchase of 1.6 billion bullets. (Now it’s  2 billion.) This is nearly 20 times larger than a normal year for DHS. Why does this include 450 million rounds of hollow point .40 caliber when .40 caliber is not used by the military, when hollow points are not used for practice, when hollow points will not penetrate Kevlar, and when hollow points have always been banned from warfare because they are too barbaric. Their only purpose is therefore to murder civilians wearing bathrobes and t-shirts – just like in the targets.

We now know why Obama has always wanted our guns.

How does DHS know who to target? I guess we now know why DHS records to every call and stores every email in America.

How does DHS know its commanders will cooperate? I guess we now know why the Obama administration has instituted a litmus test to weed out any commanders who express reluctance to fire on Americans. Given that we know Obama worries about whether he can depend on the US military to fire on Americans without hesitation, we now know why Obama wants to create his own civilian security force just as strong as the US military.

How does DHS know how to fight an indigenous population? I guess we now know why the US government has spent a trillion dollars practicing and perfecting asymmetric warfare (warfare against an indigenous population) in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are even disarming Iraqi citizens door to door.

Consider that drones experience “No Hesitation.” I guess we now know the reason for the massive drone build up, and we know why Obama claims the right to indefinitely detain Americans, and why Obama claims the right to assassinate Americans.

Do we need the DHS? Consider that the DHS was created in response to 9/11, and that the official explanation of 9/11 cannot be true.

Unfortunately, I have found that many people feel that such overwhelming evidence simply could not be true given the image of Obama sold to us by the media. Therefore, I have busted the Myth of Obama so that we can move forward again.

We now have overwhelming evidence that the government is trying to provoke armed conflict with the American people, and we have overwhelming evidence that such plans have greatly accelerated under Obama, and of course, the only reason to provoke armed conflict is to justify a police state – beyond what we already have.

About three week after I wrote this, it is as if the DHS were trying to prove my point when they set a new precedent by sending thousands of soldiers to violate our rights door-to-door, just hoping that someone would pick up an AR-15 with a high capacity magazine and defend the Bill of Rights.

Now we can see it is critical that the targets be white because ordinary innocent white people are the main source of resistance to a police state. White people are more numerous, more spread out, more wealthy, more educated, and more concerned about the Constitution; whereas, government has already neutralized black people by keeping them poor, distracted, and dependent on government. Blacks who resist are incarcerated, shot, or ridiculed and shunned. Law enforcement is already willing to shoot black people, so DHS needs to create more sociopaths with the same lack of respect for white people. Therefore, the targets are all white.

The next question is, “Other than front men like Clinton, Bush and Obama, who are the Elites that want to create a police state – and why?”


  • Is there an explanation for the reasoning behind such training against unlikely targets?
    I'd like to see both sides of the argument.

  • Jim says:

    The image links to an article with quotes from DHS personnel. The pretense is that DHS personnel might lose their lives if they hesitate in any siutation. That is how those at the top sold it to them, but can you connect the dots with everything else you know to see what those at the top are really thinking? Does this fit into any patterns that you can detect? Is crime up? Is crime against DHS personnel up? Is crime by white people up? Is crime by children up? Is gun crime up? The answer to all is "No," so the pretense is not addressing a real pattern ,and thus the pretense is not real. Of course, criticism of the government is up and government efforts to disarm the people are way up, and the New Hate continues to increase. Can you verify whether the DHS really bought 2 billion bullets, and whether most are hollow point .40 caliber hand gun bullets? If so, consider that hollow points are not used for practice and not allowed for war. .40 caliber is also not used for war. It is used to shoot civilians who are not wearing body armor.

  • So to sum it up:
    It was stupid buying decision on DHS part which exposed their internal attitude that they care more about their own safety than about the safety of the citizens.

    It looks like that story is quite popular overall, but neither New York Times nor Washington Post ever published it.

  • Fox News has not reported it either…

  • Jim says:

    It is not a response to a real threat, and thus the decision does not fit very well with the rest of reality, and thus the theory that it is just a stupid buying decision does not fit very well with the rest of reality, but when you look at everything else government and the media have done, it does fit well into a much more ominous pattern.

  • If that purchasing decision was not a stupid mistake then what it was?

    Why would such weird training be more valuable for DHS than public relations?

  • Jim says:

    Exactly. For every DHS life it saves (maybe one every five years), it would cost 100 as a result of hatred of DHS. Therefore, the official story cannot be true. Can you see any other pattern that explains it?

  • The pattern I see is "stupidity".
    What pattern do you see?

  • Jim says:

    There are infinite ways to be stupid. Why this way? Why buy 2 billion bullets? Why so much hate? Why try to disarm Americans? Why claim the power to indefinitely detain Americans? Why claim the power to assassinate Americans? Why monitor every communication in America? Why claim the power to shut down the Internet? Do you see the pattern yet?

  • There are multiple patterns that can explain these actions.
    My question to you is: what pattern do you see and how does buying pregnant women targets help to follow that pattern?

  • Jim says:

    Why do you think Obama has instituted a litmus test to expel any officers who express a reluctance to fire on Americans?

    I could cite examples all night long.

    Clearly, the government wants personnel who are willing to shoot ordinary innocent Americans without questioning those orders. Whereas, some DHS personnel are already that kind of sociopath, DHS needs to manufacture more sociopaths – hence the targets.

  • V. Chem says:

    Maybe the author would have chosen a different title if the DHS used a cornucopia of identity groups as targets.

    It seems like he has bought into the same identity complex that he has criticized in other articles.

    Why bring race into this at all? The US is such a fractured place where everyone is locked into opposing identity groups. Divide and conquer, as they say.

  • Jim says:

    Ignoring the problem will not make it go away.

    The targets are intentionally all white. That is a critical element of the program.

    Although race is just one of the many critical elements in the bigger picture of manufacturing sociopaths to create and serve a police state, such a blatant and evil use of race has created a unique opportunity to expose the fallacy of the narrative we are sold 24/7 by academia, the media, the politicians, the government, and increasingly, organized religion.

    They are not the good guys.

    Perhaps now, everyone can see through that fallacy.

  • What "organized religion"?
    Are you implying that Obama organized religion to promote white-skinned shooting targets for DHS?

  • Jim says:

    LOL! I'm saying that organized religion is increasingly joining academia, the media, the politicians, the corporations, the unions, and the government to promote the progressive fallacies they sell 24/7. I summarized the progressive fallacies as "They are the good guys." Clearly, they are not the good guys.

  • Are you sure organized religion promotes progressive fallacies?
    Organized religion is usually quite conservative.

  • Jim says:

    Organized religion is "increasingly" promoting progressive fallacies. None of them promote all progressive fallacies all the way – yet.

  • Do you have an example of organizing religion promoting progressive fallacies?

  • Jim, Gorelick is a useful idiot paid blogger. They try to drive us nuts with stupid questions and comments. Gorelick, enjoy your hollow-point when the elite are done with you and all your kind.

  • @Robert:
    1) Do you know who should I bill in order to get paid for blogging?

    2) How do you know Jim?

  • Jim says:

    There are indeed paid commenters who try to derail threads, waste time, etc., and Dennis Gorelik's questions are very similar except that he is a friend of mine who needs for explanations to be boiled down to one very simple formula with ironclad evidence, which is usually not possible short of a video taped confession from the perpetrators. Nevertheless, he was referring to the first draft of the article, which is when I had not yet spelled out the pattern or the reasons the targets were white, so his comments were actually useful.

  • Jim says:

    Robert does not know me. Now you sound like some kind of spy trying to figure out my network. 🙂

  • Would it be a reasonable guess then that Robert is actually paid commentator here?

  • Jim says:

    A paid shill would make lots of comments and would only frequent high traffic sites, but your comments do look similar to those of a paid shill. 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Jim keep up the good work.

  • Anonymous says:

    It's plain and simple standard military training

    You can't have soldiers who hesitate to shoot and kill any perceived threat. A part of a soldiers target practise training is against children, pregnant women, puppies and anything you would consider 'innocent' and 'vulnerable' in a normal and civilized setting because in a war scenario hesitation on the soldiers part can and will be fatal. The colour of the target doesn't matter, as you're training the soldiers to not see innocence, but a target which needs to be taken out immediatly and without hesitation. To give an example would be a woman with a baby carriage.
    You'd never think of it as a threat in a normal peacefull day, but in a war scenario that's likely to be filled with explosives. If a soldier hesitates to neutralize the target because the soldier was never trained to shoot a woman with a baby carriage and is caught up in feelings you can imagine the consequences.

    And in all fairness, if they used blacks, hispanics, asians or likewise in such training, you'd probably be even more offended or somebody else is, as the argument becomes 'look, they're really after us, look they're already practising to kill us/them' when in fact it's just training, and there's no specific group in mind. It simply has to be trained on 'somebody'. This mental programming is also why soldiers have a very hard time adjusting to civilized society after they have been to war, as so many things are perceived as a deadly threat which are in fact just normal, everyday life for other people. Also known as PTSD. (You're still in a war, mentally, after the war is over, physically)

    With regards to the buying up of ammunition, that's just a grey budget item, so it didn't stand out in the military budget. It's still the property of the United States Government and can simply be moved from one branch of the government to another as needed. Same as the soldiers the DNS have trained.

    Government is never good or evil, it does what it must to preserve the country which it governs over, and that includes lying to your face, because you don't want to hear about the terrible state of today, you want to hear about how great tomorrow will be.

    Sincerely, Martin

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