Obama’s DHS Violates Rights House to House

Government soldiers forced their way into house after house in Boston because there was a chance that a 19 year old US citizen might be hiding in one of them. (He wasn’t.)

The people were not allowed to leave their homes – except for those who were forced to leave their homes at gun point and were then patted down. I have seen no evidence yet of a warrant, but of course, a Constitutional warrant must state a specific place to be searched, so there could be no Constitutional warrant in the instance of a house to house search.

As far as I know, this has never been done in America before.

House to house raids in unprecedented violation of US constitution.

I wonder if the soldiers in the video have thought about how when they are out violating our homes, there is no one guarding their own homes? Are they sociopaths who don’t even care about their own families?

Given the limited audio, some may claim that it is not what it appears, so let’s listen to some testimony from the citizens themselves.

Testimony from the citizens themselves.

These witnesses were ordinary people who thus have faith in government and who did not know that their rights were being violated. Now let’s hear from a witness who understood what was happening.

Someone who understood he was under martial law.

Everything you saw in these videos was unconstitutional, but this is not what anyone saw in the mainstream media. Instead, the mainstream media showed us the nice soldier bringing milk to the children, or the man who said he felt safe because the government was searching his home.

This unprecedented violation of the Constitution by Obama’s DHS not only failed to find the 19 year old US citizen, but it actually prevented his discovery. It was only after the government allowed people to leave their homes again that a citizen found him hiding in his boat.

This unprecedented violation of the Constitution did not find the 19 year old US citizen, but it achieved its more important goal, which was to set the precedent that government soldiers can come into your home without a warrant whenever they want and the mainstream media will cover for them.

This unprecedented violation of the Constitution did not find the 19 year old US citizen, and it also failed to achieve its most important goal, which was to provoke armed conflict with the American people. The US Government was hoping that one (and preferably more than one) citizen in this all white neighborhood would defend the Bill of Rights with AR-15s and high capacity magazines. The government’s goal to provoke armed conflict with the American people finally became 100% clear a few weeks earlier when Obama’s DHS began practicing shooting white children.

We know the DHS wanted to create this whole scenario because they called this man and his brother at home and told them they were coming. The brothers predictably fled in an unprepared manner, thus creating the opportunity for the government to react – like we saw in the videos.

If the Obama administration is capable of what we now know, then it is capable of anything.