Oklahoma City Bombing – A Noble Lie

The official story on the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing is that the damage was caused entirely by a truck bomb made of fertilizer and diesel fuel and created by Timothy McVeigh.

The official story cannot be true.

After watching the documentary A Noble Lie, I have to agree with the conclusion of the Wright Laboratory at Eglin Air Force Base, which tried to reproduce the Oklahoma City bombing based on the claims from McVeigh and the FBI about how the bomb was constructed. In a two minute segment, the documentary explained how the Air Force built a test bomb more powerful than the real bomb, and used it on a test building that was weaker than the real building, but the more powerful test bomb did less damage to the weaker test building than the real bomb did to the real building.

The conclusion of the Air Force was that the truck bomb could not have caused any of the damage beyond broken windows, and that, given that kind of truck bomb, charges must have been placed on the columns inside the building. The truck bomb would have to have been 10 times more powerful to cause the amount of damage done to the building, and even then, it would have been impossible for it to have caused the pattern of damage done to the building.

All of these conclusions by the air Force contradict the official story. The fact that this test was performed and published proves that there were still honest and competent people working for the government.

The documentary itself is far more interesting that it sounds. The Air force test was just a two minute segment. Many other experts come to a similar conclusion based on their different areas of expertise. It also exposes an unbelievable amount of heroism, corruption, and cover ups – including murder.

Just like 9/11, the official story cannot be true.

Just like 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing erased the current public opposition to legislation that would move us towards the kind of police state that our leaders claimed was necessary for the good of everyone.

Plato advocated the use of lies that maintain everyone’s acceptance of their place in life, and which generate support for the government. Plato’s concept is referred to as “The Noble Lie”.

Also watch the story of the noble cop, Terence Yeakey, who was first on the scene, and who was murdered for what he knew.


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    There were also multiple reports during the day from local news of at least 2 additional bombs removed by bomb squads after the initial explosion:


    The mere existence of these bombs also puts the lie to the official story of McVeigh driving up to the front of the building with a fertilizer bomb.

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