The Orville — Star Trek For Cucks

At the beginning of the series premiere, the main character (Seth McFarlane), walks in to find his wife in bed with an unattractive blue fish-like alien. He does not kill either of them. He does not even get mad. He just mopes around for the next year until his ex-wife persuades their boss to make him captain of the hyper-effeminate looking Orville! Then their boss makes her the executive officer on the Orville, which forces him to sit beside her on the ship!

The main character just accepts all of this. A flea wouldn't be attracted to this guy. He is a literally cuck.

I never thought I would have a use for that word, but the cucking is the main story-line in the series. The ex-wife, their boss, and even their arch enemies (The Krill) act as if the cucking is a non-issue and that the main character just needs to get over it. Of course, in real life, such acts would get a military officer court marshaled because the kind of poor judgement that leads one to perform acts for which one can be blackmailed is obviously unacceptable for anyone with a security clearance.

However, this isn't real-life. This is TV land, so the cucking is portrayed as entirely the husband's fault for not being home more often. In TV land, women are not responsible for their actions. In the rare cases where a woman on TV does anything wrong, some man made her do it.

The propaganda is so thick in this show that I wouldn't be surprised to learn that his ex-wife is a single mom raising the blue fish man's baby and that everyone admires her for it.

The main character is completely useless. When he leaves the ship, the away team always consists of him and three women. The women do all the work and have all the good ideas. The show can be summarized as one hour of boring, uninspired, poorly acted drama where about every five minutes, a woman (unconvincingly) does something impressive and a man (unconvincingly) does something stupid. It is neither interesting nor funny.

The show has the tranny angle covered too. The hyper-masculine character (based on Worf) has his pregnant partner on board, and his partner is also a hyper-masculine character based on Worf.

The strongest crew member, by far, is the smallest female character. She explains how men have a problem with that, and that is why she can't keep a boyfriend.

Like most new shows, the men act like women, and the women act like men. Also, like most shows, the men are unable to function without the guidance of women.

In this show, the good guys don't call themselves The Federation. They call themselves "The Union", you know, like those fascists who were willing to sacrifice millions in order to kill millions ... rather than let them secede. The Union imprisoned legislatures in order to prevent them from voting.

Today, the Union keeps the African American community trapped in the New Plantation (government dependency). Today, the Union is run by people like the Bushes, Clintons, Obama, and Trump ...

Why would anyone watch this show other than to analyze the state of propaganda on TV? Could the dramatically lower testosterone and sperm counts in America make this show what such effeminate younger men really want to see? It certainly couldn't be true that some cabal is behind both the propaganda and the lower testosterone ...

​If you're a cuck, I'm only being tough on you because you have such potential for greatness within you​. You can be greater than me. You can be greater than Bush, Obama, Clinton, or Trump; but we are all being played, poisoned, and purged. You would have to fix your health, and then, ​the pledge at this link should help you get on the right path, and stay on it.


  • JRStern says:

    Everything you say is true, but it’s much worse than that. The acting is zilch. This was promised as a humorous parody, but of what exactly, there are no hah-hah jokes at all. McFarland could be drugged to the gills for all the emotion he displays. Geez, rerun those old TOS episodes and watch Shatner chewing the carpet.

  • Guest says:

    Sometimes, the remnants of the toxic masculinity (supported by the state, further supported by both the lowering of testosterone within some portions of the population and the raising of it within others – essentially preventing a balanced masculinity which further drives the wedge between males and females in our society) is still apparent in your writing.

    In this Rule of Market future of yours, what kind of reputation will you have for using needless slur words to describe those who don’t fit within your gender binary?

    You’ve been falsely lead to correlate the original idea of socialism (an interesting idea, and something that could be experimented with under a Rule of Market society which would allow the population to vote with their wallet to leave any socialistic territory which became despotic) with the ideas of LGBTQ rights, and the ‘destruction’ of this outdated Man’s Man ideal fostered upon you by the controlling minority.

    Socialism has nothing to do with gender or sexuality. One World Government may use the trappings of socialism in the same way it uses the trappings of capitalism, but their goal is neither, and both systems show promise, and will bear further experimentation under a future decentralized world population, as in no case yet have we actually seen these systems be allowed to operate unperverted.

    By slowly edging further into what appears like ‘Neo Con’ territory, you risk alienating readers who would learn from many of your concepts, by insulting their basic humanity. Please remember that love is our highest goal.

    • Guest says:

      I would further note that the Native American system prior to the introductions of Western influence was quite similar to the reputation-based Rule of Market you propose (which I find to be your most interesting writing and the reason I bother to comment here).

      These Native North Americans didn’t regard gender as a binary and in fact regarded their two-spirited citizens as being more spiritually attuned—these, who didn’t fall into the usual drum beat of birth, sex, children, death, and linage—were able to view tribal issues from an outsiders prospective and offer invaluable insight that was to help guide their society in times of need.

      This system worked for them for thousands of years before being wiped out due to germ warfare and genocide.

      • Jim says:

        I am not sure what you are getting at. I don’ t see anything I have said as a “slur” or as “neo-con”. For example, although “cuck” is an insult, it is quite appropriate and accurate in this case. Also, isn’t it suspicious that the MSM (and the entire establishment) push PC and LGBT so hard? Isn’t it likewise suspicious that they suppress how environmental toxins could be (perhaps intentionally) increasing LGBT. They certainly aren’t doing it because they are nice.

        Consider that the winners write the history books. More specifically: the research that gets funded, how results are reported (or suppressed), and even corporate culture, (in other words, the whole establishment) are thoroughly controlled by one side.

        • Jim says:

          The one side that rules is not the so-called left. It just actively supports the left as a means to an end.

        • Jim says:

          Oh wait … I did need to add a nicer paragraph at the end. I felt it was implied, but I realized that almost no one would interpret it that way unless I spelled it out.

      • Jim says:

        How is it now? I added a paragraph at the end.

  • Jim says:

    Ive watched 7 or 8 episodes now. I will watch no more. The cuckold stuff was least concerning. The transgender stuff was very annoying. The women being heroes was tolerable at times. The minute i decided against this show was the beginnibg of eoisode 7 or 8 where the black gal has two sons and SHE CHOSE to be a single mother.

    Great fucking advice. Push that non sense onto people knowing its been the biggest hindereance to impoverished communities in the usa. This makes Macfarland a true cuck imo. The fact he would allow that narrative is embarrassing.

    Keep brainwashing women to not think they need a husband or man in their lives.

    Only complaint with your article, take Trump out of there man. Media is so anti Trump you cant convince me hes part of any grand plan. Trumps a boss. A pure unfiltered uncensored genuine dumpster fire under the thumb of no one. Love him for that.

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