Paul Craig Roberts is a Psyop

PCR, who once worked for Ronald Reagan, writes much truth that is rare or unreported in the establishment media. He sounds like a knowledgeable and experienced former insider who is blowing the whistle on the NWO conspirators in charge. He sounds like a kind of conservative libertarian expert on politics and economics. He sounds like the voice of reason (to the well informed). That is 98% of each of his articles. That is the hook—to gain your confidence, but he never really gets to the bottom of the real causes and solutions—while he subtly slips you his real message.

I had to write this article outing PCR on 02/20/16 when I read, The US Economy Has Not Recovered And Will Not Recover. In it he says:

"The US economy died when ... the financial system was deregulated."

"… neoconservative hegemony now threaten Social Security and the entirety of the social safety net."

What?! Is PCR actually Bernie Sanders?!

Doesn't PCR know that both parties work for the same people?

Doesn't he know that neocons are Republican progressives?

Doesn't he know that progressives have been in charge since at least 1913?

Doesn’t he know the 2008 crash, cover up, and ongoing depression were caused by government?

Why does he want us to believe that the solution to government is ... more government? Isn’t that what the NWO also wants us to believe?

Much of what PCR says is truth rarely spoken by the MSM. That is the hook he uses to slip us the poison pill of NWO progressivism.

Paul Craig Roberts is a Psyop. If one cannot see that PCR is a psyop, then one is not yet fully awake.

Almost any article by PCR supports my claim that he is a psyop, but on 09/09/17 I happened to read a particularly incriminating article he wrote, Laughing On The Way To Armageddon. It has his usual mix of semi-deep partial truths mixed with America bashing, Putin Praising, Hugo Chavez quoting propaganda.

From a veteran insider, turned NWO investigator, like PCR, that is not an innocent mistake. He has to know that Putin, Chavez, Trump, Obama ... are subordinate to the same people. Anyone who does not know this is not fully awake.

My favorite quote from this one is:

An International Court To Preserve Life On Earth needs to be assembled. The US government and the war interests it serves need to be indicted and prosecuted and disarmed before their evil destroys life on earth.

From a veteran insider, turned NWO investigator, like PCR, that is not an innocent mistake. That is NWO 101. That is exactly what they want. They need to take down America (temporarily) in order to neutralize the last wealthy, educated, armed citizenry on earth because, in spite of years of mass immigration and brainwashing by government schools and the media, we are still opposed to their global government.

The NWO has obviously decided it's time to neutralize the American people like they have neutralized the people of Europe, Russia, China, Japan, Australia, Canada, etc. Those countries are in a holding pattern, but once the American people have been neutralized, then the whole world can continue moving towards the NWO global government together without any honest examples of how good things could have been.


  • And ZioHedge isn't??… got banned from their site just for calling them ZioHedge… All truthers have to balance realism with credibility… the only difference is how far down the rabbit hole they choose to go, while keeping it real AND provable rather than speculative… NONE of your listed websites (left) delve into Luciferianism, Satanism or paedophilia (ok Corbett ocassionally – but provides no explanations or answers)…Any thoughts?

  • Jim says:

    If ZH banned you for calling them names, then that is their right, but banning you does contradict the spirit of ZH if that is all you said about them. Did they tell you that is the reason they banned you? The reason I suspect that you are merely assuming that is the reason they banned you is because you just made other statements that I hear frequently but for which I have never head any compelling evidence. Also, many people who make the statements you are making here seem like agent provocateurs who are trying to tarnish the reputation of others by association and who are trying to incite others to tarnish their own reputation.

    For such statements, no links equals no credibility.

    Also, you comments sound like misdirection. Although there is concrete evidence of conspiracy and extremely bad behavior and values at the highest levels, instead of using that concrete evidence, you attempt to impugn them with name calling? You could just be setting us up. Suppose you succeeded in getting millions to hate them primarily because they are luciferians, and then they come forward and say, "Don't let those domestic terrorists incite you to hate us because we're Luciferians because that just means we worship knowledge. What is so wrong about that? That is how we make the world a better place for everyone. We are not Satanists. Satanists hate us because they hate knowledge. That is why we know these domestic terrorists are also Satanists." Of course, their control of the media would be backing them up, so those who you incited would now be hunted down by everyone as domestic terrorists and Satanists.

    The biggest name who says what you are saying is Alex Jones. I do not link to Alex Jones because he frequently overstates his case, and half of the best smoking guns I hear from him turn out to be wrong when I try to verify them, and he rarely substantiates his statements. By mixing truth with misinformation, it is as if he is smearing poo all over the truth. Also, AJ is not consistent in his principles. AJ seems to be doing what you seem to be doing.

  • Anonymous says:

    I got banned from ZH for criticizing their hitpiece that they did on the third Tyler Durden who went and spilled the beans to Bloomberg. I told them that what they did was a low life hit piece and beneath any normal decorum of professional journalism. Within 10 minutes of posting… *poof* I was banned, after 7 years on the site.

    ZH is not the bastion of freedom that it makes itself out to be. At best, it is a money making operation. At worst, a psyop designed to demoralize people.

  • Anonymous says:

    PCR had an article about 9 months ago in which he claimed regulation on automakers resulted in cars that didn't have as much horsepower as the good old days of the 60's muscle care era.

    This was true in the throughout the 80's and 99's but in the last ten years we've seen 665 HP mustangs from the factory and Corvette with almost as much.

    PCR is a man who just isn't as informed as he thinks he is.

  • Anonymous says:

    I've been on Zero Hedge for years, have made numerous comments, never been banned there. Maybe you deserved to get banned.

  • Alan2102 says:

    How stupid.

    Yes, both parties work for the same people.

    No, neocons are NOT progressives. They are warmongering assholes with ZERO relation to authentic progressivism.

    No, progressives in the modern sense (i.e. the left) have certainly NOT been in charge since 1913, or since any time! The "progressivism" of Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt has NO relation to modern progressivism. You should know this; I should not have to tell you.

    You're simply taking the word "progressive", which has more than one meaning and behaving as though there is only one meaning. NO contemporary leftists or progressives trace their lineage back through Wilson or TR, because there is no relation. I should not have to tell you this.

  • Jim says:

    You're just arguing semantics. You'll get nowhere with me if you're just going to repeat what other people told you. Think for yourself.

    A progressive is anyone who thinks that government has (or should have) the power to implement any good idea.

    An American progressive is a progressive who also believes that when we are all on the same page, everyone benefits.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think you need to read MUCH more of his works before drawing conclusions. Sorry.

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