Roy Derangement Syndrome

​”Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”—Voltaire

Just about every week, the American media work the American left into a virtue signaling frenzy (Do you remember Statue Derangement Syndrome?), but one of the goals of such manipulations is to waste the time of independent minded people. Nevertheless, the only thing necessary for evil to flourish is that good men say nothing.

The third week of November 2017, it is Roy Derangement Syndrome. Hillary supporters around the nation are threatening to end relations with any family and friends who support a previously obscure (and typical) candidate (Roy Moore) for the US Senate!—in another state!—Hillary supporters!

Such cognitive dissonance is extreme, but more importantly, that’s just so … douchy … Right? Who does that? OK, cult members do that, and communists and fascists do that, but otherwise, who does that? It’s creepy.

Although 100% of typical politicians are bad, Hillary is not a typical politician. Hillary is probably the worst. So her supporters are not motivated by principle when they sacrifice their friends and family. The ugly reality is that Hillary supporters are the kind of addicts so desperate to score just one more hit of virtue signaling that they would sacrifice any of their friends and family who don’t conform. Of course, we already knew they had that fascist streak. That’s how it was possible for the players to manipulate them into being Hillary supporters in the first place.

Part of Roy Derangement Syndrome is that when confronted with their hypocrisy and douchebaggery, typical Hillary supporters become super evasive and try to shut down debate, which is their goto strategy in every case, but in this case, they like to also claim that they are the ones being silenced! In one short exchange with a few of them on a facebook friend’s page, they used multiple strawman fallacies, multiple ad-hominem fallacies, multiple false dilemma fallacies, and the appeal to authority fallacy, and then, they said I was trying to silence them! Consider that, given the venue, we were all being more gentle than with random strangers on the Internet​!

Let’s compare what has Hillary supporters so worked up about Roy Moore … to the crimes of Hillary.

Hillary supporters accuse Roy Moore of trying to date girls who looked 18 when he was 20-32 … and of having no game … in Alabama … in the 1970’s … I’m not kidding … I’m sure there will be other accusations, but this is what kicked off Roy Derangement Syndrome.

Those suffering from Roy Derangement Syndrome seem to primarily be women over 30, and especially women over 40 (and their cucks). I never realized the extent to which older women hate younger women and hate competing with younger women. This makes total sense from an evolutionary perspective. Another (closely related) result of evolution is that in the little tribes we evolved in, there would have been times when there were few (if any) desirable unclaimed men, and thus any woman having a genetically programmed behavior (mutation) that happened to cause her to try to separate other women from their men (e.g. hating the site of a woman happy with her man) would have gotten more of her genes into future generations. We could delve into why government and media try so hard to empower these toxic bitches … but let’s not get sidetracked.

The worst accusation was that on the last of a couple of meetings, one girl admitted to Roy that she was 14 and he was still interested, and although the Washington Post writer and the four accusers are not credible, I suspect the gist of their accusations are true—at least with some girls if not these. Nevertheless, that alone would make him no worse than 90% of Congress, which is still pretty bad. I wouldn’t vote for any of them.

Now let’s look at some of the crimes of Hillary: 1) Hillary sold classified information to foreign agents. 2) Hillary befriends/defends rapists and pedophiles, and destroys the women and girls who accuse them—and laughs about it. 3) Hillary has had over 100 people killed who had dirt on her. 4) Hillary has eagerly traded favors for bribes from criminals and foreign agents. 5) Hillary has eagerly used the CIA and US military to kill or harm millions—and laughs about it. 6) Hillary cheated and colluded with the media, the Democratic Party, the Internet gatekeepers, and other big corporations to help her defeat Bernie Sanders and Trump.

Anyone who is suddenly enraged about some nobody politician who has a level of character typical among politicians—when America is inundated with existential crises—has clearly been played by those who manufactured the crises. Of course, anyone who would vote for someone as evil as Hillary has clearly been played too.

Many in the American left were suddenly enraged a few weeks ago by some old statues, and the week before that by a timid comment posted several months earlier to a company’s internal employee suggestion box. However, that international incident had actually begun to peel back the illusion of legitimacy, without which, the players would be finished—like how we all helped to make Hillary an irredeemable threat to the illusion of legitimacy by the time the election was near, thus forcing the players to go with their plan B (Trump).

The enraged are helping the players to realize their agenda, which is actually very harmful to the enraged themselves, who are thus working against their own best interests. The players refer to such people as … “useful idiots.” The strategy of the players is to create an army of useful idiots who will neutralize the players’ opponents by making frequent frivolous accusations (e.g. racist) against anyone who doesn’t conform.

The goal is also to incite conflict because all conflict can be used as a pretext to justify more of a police state.​


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