NYT Sacrifices Self, World Can Begin To Heal

Busted! The NYT is defending an ultra-racist editor/journalist, Sarah Jeong. It’s so delusional that it’s actually pretty funny. Decide for yourself based on the screen shots of some of her statements—followed by the NYT defense.

Then I will expose what the Sarah Jeong scandal is really about and why there is hope.

As you can see for yourself, the NYT inexplicably decided to defend Sarah Jeong’s ultra-racist comments against white people and her ultra-hateful comments against men, women, and police. She made these comments recently too (over the last few years)—not 30 years ago like many lesser statements that have made the NYT apoplectic.

The NYT claims her comments are not really racist or hateful because she was responding to real racists who are thus responsible for what she did, and because she wasn’t serious. However, as you can see for yourself, she was not always responding to hate, and she escalated hate, and she is responsible for her actions—just like a man—not like child.

Progressives and the NYT (the heart and soul of progressives) would never accept those excuses from non-progressives, and like so many others, I have observed first hand how they tend to greatly exaggerate (and often fabricate) their claims of racism against non-progressives.

Although many (especially white men who are not progressives) will instantly recognize the importance of the Sarah Jeong scandal at a deep personal level, what many others will not understand is that this is not about Sarah Jeong, and it’s not about whether she is racist—although she must lack a certain level of respect for people for her to publicly escalate hate in so many people so many times for any reason. (I have never once publicly said such things, and I have never said such things in private email either.)

This is also about many issues that are much bigger than the NYT itself, but we will judge the NYT first and by their standard for us … except … we won’t exaggerate like the NYT does …

The Sarah Jeong scandal poses an existential threat to the NYT, which many would argue is the most trustworthy and respectable institution in America.

The NYT directly and indirectly influences the actions of hundreds of millions of individuals. It sets the agenda for the rest of the news media. It determines what is a newsworthy issue and what is not. However, even defenders of the NYT have finally begun admitting in recent years that it has a strong bias towards the so-called left and a strong pro-establishment bias (e.g. it pushes for all the wars).

Like the rest of the media, what the NYT does with all of its reputation, power, and bias is: enforce conformity, attack individual liberty, and maintain the establishment’s illusion of legitimacy; and its super weapon is its ability to label even the most decent person as racist when that person does not conform. The NYT could use such accusations to destroy any corporation or any individual who is dependent on a corporation or on government, but they have just handed us a silver bullet by proving that they are as racist as those pushing the other side of the alt-right psyop.

Now however, no one can ever cite the the NYT again because we can immediately laugh and say, “Ha! The NYT is a bunch of stupid delusional racists, hypocrites, and assholes.” If anyone tries to defend the NYT, we can just laugh more because we know we can trump anything they say by simply pointing them to an article such as this one, but more importantly, they know it too.

We have millions of sources, so why waste one more second on the NYT? If any part of any of their articles is both legitimate and important, then someone more trustworthy will have already covered it, or will cover it before the day is over. If any writers at the NYT want to be taken seriously by decent people, then they will have to go somewhere else (creative destruction).

One could still cite the NYT in those rare cases where it appears to be going against its own biases, but consider that any such content from the NYT could be misdirection because, although it may be true, its likely purpose would be to lead you away from a truth that is even more damaging to the NYT’s agenda.

The NYT could have easily protected themselves by simply not hiring the ultra-racist editor/journalist, but they were stupid enough to make a transparently delusional defense of her. Such a move is fatal because their ability to persuade is dependent on the myth that they are honorable, ethical, smart, and trustworthy, and they have built their reputation on leading the charge against racism going all the way back to before the civil war.

One silver bullet is sufficient, but the NYT has set itself up to go down in a hail of silver bullets. The NYT has proven that those leading the charge against racism are among the biggest racists. They have proven that the people most trusted to bring us reality—are themselves delusional. They have proven that they do not think women are responsible for their actions—like children. They have proven that their rabid denial of freedom of association for others—does not apply to them, and they have even proven, in the simplest terms—that they are stupid assholes. They did all of this with such reckless self-evident transparency that it almost feels like a cry for help.

On a side note, one of the reasons it is important for individuals to have the right to be assholes (like the NYT) is so that we can know who the assholes are.

Now, let’s expose everything else the Sarah Jeong Scandal is really about.

First recall that we said, “The Sarah Jeong scandal poses an existential threat to the NYT, which many would argue is the most trustworthy and respectable institution in America.”

What that really means is this: The Sarah Jeong scandal poses an existential threat to the whole establishment’s illusion of legitimacy because the NYT is held up by the establishment as their most trustworthy and respectable institution, so if the NYT loses legitimacy, then the whole establishment loses legitimacy.

This is also about how the so-called left has been so thoroughly played and promoted, that it is now indistinguishable from the establishment, and they’re only limited by the need to preserve the illusion of legitimacy.

This is about how the leaders of the left, right, and alternatives are all on the same side. (The journalists themselves are just useful idiots.)

This is about how those who are genetically programmed to be conformist (and to force others to conform) will naturally be drawn to the side where the establishment has their back, which is the so-called left.

This is about how the left is addicted to virtue signaling, and like most addicts, those on the left are willing to do bad things to other people to get their next hit.

This is about how the so-called right has recently become addicted to virtue signaling too, and this phenomenon is not grassroots or organic, although like any effective psyop, the alt-right psyop has generated true believers who are following the lead of the agents provocateur.

The words from the right are not just virtue signaling though—they are the new civil disobedience (except for the agents provocateur). The right is finally calling out the entire establishment for unfairly targeting them with harsh double standards for decades. (The left can no longer engage in civil disobedience themselves because the left is now indistinguishable from the establishment.)

This is about how we live in a world where just about everything on TV is delusional and toxic. It must show women acting like men and men acting like women, but it goes far beyond that. In TV land, women are never fully responsible for their actions, and men are deeply flawed and need a woman to guide them. Almost everything on TV is insulting to men, and almost nothing on TV is insulting to women. TV must show women as better than men—usually in every way. They must show government employees as better than everyone else—usually in every way. They show the bad guys as white men, like in Jack Reacher 2. They glorify cuckoldry, like in The Orville. They must glorify being a single mom. They must glorify LGBT. They say that old white men need to die, like Oprah says, and like The Guest Book says. A truly healthy person wouldn’t watch such delusional toxicity.

This is about related atrocities, like how the Supreme Court buses black kids to white schools and white kids to black schools. It is about how men are guilty until proven innocent and are not really allowed to defend themselves in court. Men aren’t even allowed to talk about what the unaccountable courts did to them or they will lose their kids. It is about the myth of the gender wage gap. It is about how environmental toxins have been decreasing fertility and testosterone while increasing LGBT. It is about how progressives have trapped the black community on the new plantation known as government dependency. It is about how government is responsible for the fascism in the modern workplace.

This is about how if an ordinary guy (like me) had ever said just one of the kinds of things Sarah Jeong said for any reason, it would come out after I published my novel, or after I founded The League Of Real People, or after I gained any other small measure of fame, and Amazon would refuse to continue carrying my novel, my publisher would drop me, my day job would fire me, and no other corporation would hire me.

In fact, for someone like me who has already written many compelling arguments that threaten the mainstream narrative, there would be frivolous claims of racism anyway by public entities such as the NYT, and it is almost a certainty that some progressives would then feel that they were making the world a better place by going a step further and claiming to have witnessed some fabricated incident—just because they would feel frustrated in their self-righteous certainty that I must have said or done an equally bad thing and never gotten caught—and besides—I am on the wrong side anyway, so they would either feel that I deserve whatever happens to me, or that it does not matter what happens to me. The media, like the NYT, would pile on as if it were newsworthy because they “had a source”.

We live in a world where progressives who feel that the target of their hate has not been sufficiently punished will incite people to go to the target’s house and perpetrate violence against him and his family. Sometimes, that is their first move.

We live in a world where many, perhaps a majority, of those on the so-called left see a majority of those on the so-called right as sub-human pieces of shit who deserve to die. The so-called left feels that self-righteous, that tribal, and that conformist, and many of them, like Sarah Jeong feel very comfortable spewing such ignorant hate publicly because they live in an echo chamber where counter-arguments are punished with increasing severity, and where not only the media has their back, but the whole establishment has their back.

The hate of the so-called left has nothing to do with history. Any terms or concepts they invoke from history are merely another pretense for their hate and their desire to control others. We know this because they defend Muslims and hate the less racist, less misogynist, and less homophobic Christians; and because fake news has recently made them apoplectic about “white privilege,” “the patriarchy,” and “rape culture” when those have been declining for 150 years.

We live in a world where hundreds of millions of us have to think (if we’re smart) about how to preempt (or handle) any attempt by the establishment, such as the NYT, to completely destroy our lives if we ever happen to phrase something awkwardly, openly side against the mainstream narrative, or make an innocent joke in private that was recorded and went public—especially if we aren’t willing to grovel or jump through any other hoops resulting from the tyrannical double standards in our world.

That is the kind of world we live in, and that is the kind of world which the NYT helped to create and helps to maintain, and that is what the Sarah Jeong scandal is about.

There is hope.

We live in a world that is the result of our individual choices, and we can change course any time we want.

Often the seemingly hateful words from the left and right are virtue signaling and not as serious as they seem, and on the right, such words are also often tantamount to long overdue civil disobedience.

Many words from all sides are actually from agents provocateur and are thus not real. Sarah Jeong responded to what could have been agents provocateur—by escalating—she may even be an agent provocateur herself—she certainly acts like one.

We live in a world where we are being played, poisoned, and purged by the establishment. The system doesn’t work, it doesn’t work like people think it does, and it doesn’t work for the people. A critical mass was on the cusp of this epiphany, but Trump was selected instead of Hillary—epiphany averted.

Like the so-called left, the so-called right is now being similarly played, and neither side is looking at the players.

Once people know they are being played, the play no longer works. That’s the short term solution.

The long term solution (proven in Portugal) is that, like most addicts, these virtue signaling addicts would be able to resist addiction much more effectively if they simply had decent lives and decent role models.

The NYT has been like a splinter in a wound. It has prevented healing. It has divided us against each other. It has held back progress.

The NYT times is a darkness that strives to strengthen the alliance between the darkness in all of us while weakening the alliance between the light in all of us, but now, the NYT has inadvertently sacrificed itself, and the world can begin to heal.