The Shepherd

Cops, soldiers, spies, and assorted government employees (and contractors) have swallowed the official narrative that there are three kinds of people in the world: 98% are the sheep, 1% are wolves, and 1% are sheep dogs. In fact, that seems to be how just about everyone thinks, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

Anyone who swallows this official narrative has made a fatal error by not seeing the shepherd.

The shepherd owns the sheep. He feeds them, heals them, and protects them from wolves … so that he can breed them, milk them, sheer them, sell them, and send them to slaughter … and the sheep dogs are his enforcers.

The shepherd has bred the sheep to be stupid, naive, conformist, and docile. It’s in their genes.

People have been bred to be naive, conformist, and docile too, and we are being bred to trust and worship authority as well. The breeding process is simple: those who lack these tendencies tend to get expelled, arrested, persecuted, and prosecuted. They are also the ones most likely to be targeted in purges and genocides. Their genes are thus at a big artificial disadvantage.

Also, government schools and environmental toxins are making people stupider, more effeminate, and more conformist.

Those who have swallowed the official narrative refer to those who can see the truth as truthers. Maybe there are really just two kinds of people in the world — truthers and swallowers.