The Soul of Animals

The soul of humanity is the peak of human evolution; but just as most (maybe all) of us carry the soul of humanity, most of us still carry the soul of animals – the peak of pre-human evolution, which consists of conformism and hierarchy, which are incompatible with the soul of humanity.

However, today’s leaders and their followers act as if they believe that conformism and hierarchy are a part of the soul of humanity, and many act as if they believe that conformism and hierarchy are themselves the soul of humanity.

Consider that fascism is little more than the open belief that conformism is a good thing – that when we’re all on the same page, we all benefit. Consider that fascism is thus at the core of political correctness, big government, reeducation camps, progressivism, genocide, slavery, socialism, militarism, tribalism, racism, and communism – all bad things.

The soul of humanity has not yet evolved to the point that we always have the strength to do the right thing, but we have evolved to the point that we at least always instinctively admire the right thing – it’s in our genes.

Animals, of course, do not admire conformity and hierarchy. They just apply them – instinctively.

Surely there must be other intelligent life in the universe, and they must have evolved at least the equivalent of the soul of humanity in their genes at some point. Perhaps they are waiting for some of us to also evolve the strength to live consistently with the soul of humanity and abandon the instinct for conformism and hierarchy.

Whereas, evolution was heading the direction of giving us the strength to do the right thing (live consistently with the soul of humanity) and erasing the instinct for conformism and hierarchy; governments have been changing the direction of evolution by rewarding those who not only instinctively accept conformism and hierarchy, but who admire them. Admiration of conformism and hierarchy is new in human evolution.

Government is killing the soul of humanity – erasing it from our gene pool – forever.

There is much reason for hope. Although conformism and hierarchy are part of our genes, the soul of humanity was able to evolve later – in spite of conformism and hierarchy.


  • pipermichael says:

    The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, was turned from a thing of hierarchy, into a metaphor of evil. Who, exactly, did Cain marry in the land of Nod? Well, under Gnosis, he married an 'animal woman', or a 'pre Adamic' race… neanderthal? Who knows.
    But the Gnosis reveals that all things are built from a process of constant changes, that the spirit could not inhabit a lower being(animal), until the animal was sufficiently evolved…
    So, inherently, you have rediscovered the Truth of Spiritual Evolution through hyper-dimensional processes, called; The Wheel of Life, or the Medicine Wheel of the Native Americans. WE all have the dark souls of animals, merged with the spirit of light, that is our piece of the Creator's gift. We are all energy beings, of darkness and light, this is no longer merely metaphor, but Einstein, and Enoch. The Unified Field of God, shows The Reality of Dualism, merged with the 3rd force of Pi.
    But Truth is dangerous in a land of lies. These truths have always been destroyed, and their teachers burned at the stake.

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