Trump Confirms He Is NWO

I was pretty sure that Trump was NWO (just like most leaders and governments) when I wrote:

03/03/16: Trump is a Ringer

11/19/16: The Globalists Chose Trump

Since then, it should have become clear to everyone that Trump is NWO as he has continued to tip his hand even more aggressively than before:

  1. Trump said he wants to be judged by the success of the stock market starting from the day he was elected. However, he knows that we are on the brink of economic collapse that could be triggered at any time and that the stock market has been rising since 2009 primarily as a result of inflation caused by money being printed out of thin air by the Federal Reserve and mostly finding its way into the stock market (what else would banks buy ... milk?). This unsustainable trend will be very embarrassing for everyone the media has tied to Trump when it collapses. The Federal Reserve will keep applying pressure for collapse by raising interest rates, which it has kept artificially low for an unusually long time. Trump is setting us up.
  2. Trump immediately met with the CIA, kissed their ass, and told them they would get another chance to get the oil in Iraq.
  3. Trump appeared on stage with Netanyahu, who said that he has known Trump a long time and that there is no greater friend to Israel than Donald Trump.
  4. Trump said the Republicans must fight the Freedom Caucus and the Democrats in the 2018 elections. The Freedom Caucus could best be described as the Ron Paul Republicans. In other words, Trump wants to fight the good Republicans.
  5. Trump attacked Syria just like Hillary and Obama were determined to do (and based on the same kind of lie), but in spite of weeks of propaganda by the media under Obama, everyone in America and around the world said, NO. I remember how we were hours from attacking Syria under Obama. CNN even had their drums of war music playing during commercials. It was hours away, but the world said, NO, so Trump did it fast, before the people had time to rebel.

Trump is not only giving the NWO what it wants, as Hillary would have, but he is giving them the added bonus of dividing and neutralizing most anti-establishment folks, and ultimately, he will intentionally discredit us. That's his role. That's why he was chosen.

I suppose there is a 1% chance that Trump is doing what he has to do to take down the NWO, and that he knows he will die if he overtly crosses them or their proxies (i.e. the CIA and Israel). However, he must take down the NWO if he wants to "make America great again" because the NWO is working feverishly to take down the American people and will do so with as much prejudice as is necessary to realize their New World Order.

The NWO has already neutralized the peoples of other countries, and now, the American people are the last thing standing in their way because Americans ... well ... those who appreciate America's founding principles ... are the best armed and least friendly towards the NWO agenda.​

The NWO doesn't want to damage America​ any more than necessary because America is the goose that laid the golden egg, but ... we just wouldn't give them Hillary. We couldn't have denied them Hillary by voting, because voting is rigged, but we made her too much of a liability for them, so we forced them to choose Trump - their plan B. We just had to do things the hard way ...

The only way Trump could take down the NWO would be to give them everything they want — harder and faster than ever before — while making it increasingly obvious to Americans (and to the world) who it is that should be the object of their disgust. Meanwhile the NWO would be too euphoric to realize what was happening. Then, Trump would have a mandate to take them down.

While the 1% chance of a good Trump is interesting and a slim cause for hope, that also means there is a 99% chance that Trump is working against you and setting you up. Of course, there is a 100% chance that Hillary, Obama, and Bush are working against you.


  • > there is a 100% chance that Hillary, Obama, and Bush are working against you

    What are you talking about?
    All these 3 already retired.
    How could they possibly be working against me?

  • Dana says:

    There’s more:

    – removing protection of our internet privacy (not that we had any)
    – his Sec of Commerce approach to the Presidency (his job is to uphold the Constitution – see first bullet)
    – giving free reign to banks (what happened to his support of Glass–Steagall?)
    – re-packaged commie care where subsidies go directly to the insurance companies rather than pass thru the freeloader
    – Comey still has a job (this was the first for me and is still the most telling)
    – Soulless hag Clinton still roaming free and apparently no plans to “lock her up!”

    • Jim says:

      Yes, Trump has perpetrated even more betrayals than I have listed in my articles. In fact, he perpetrated a whole new batch of betrayals within the 48 hours after I wrote this article. Trump appears to be a bigger reneger than the previous head reneger in charge.

      I am commenting at this later time because Trump has just fired Comey, and I just noticed that this was his single greatest betrayal in your opinion.

  • >