Trump Is NWO — Calls For Lower Majority To Pass Laws

On 7/29/2017, Trump said he would like to eliminate the Senate rule that, for all practical purposes, empowers any Senator to force a 60% majority. In other words, Trump wants to make it much easier for the Senate to create less popular laws, which is exactly what THEY want.

Have you noticed how the mainstream solution to everything is always to give government more power? Even those who claim the problem is some variation of psychopaths using government power ... will often propose a solution that gives government more power ... but let's not get sidetracked.

My favorite example of why this rule (called a filibuster) is so good for the people occurred when, shortly after Obama first took office, the Democrat majority in the Senate was one vote short of overriding the Republicans, who were using the filibuster to stop the Democrats from passing an unpopular and unhealthy law. However, the 2008 election in Minnesota was still being contested, and if it went to the Democrat, then the Democrats would have a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, and would be able to override the Republican filibuster. The Democrats already had a majority in the House, and Obama was in the White House, so the Minnesota election would determine whether the Democrats could pass any crazy law they wanted, but the election in Minnesota dragged on for months until the Democrats finally perpetrated enough voter fraud to get Al Franken into the Senate ... and that's how we got Obamacare.

It could have been much worse, but two months later, Senator Ted Kennedy died, and the Democrats lost their unlimited power. In fact, everyone in the very pro-government state of Massachusetts, which already had a law almost identical to Obamacare, knew when voting for Ted Kennedy's replacement that the Democrats could lose their unprecedented power, and that Obamacare would probably die, and yet, the people of Massachusetts (mostly Democrats) elected a Republican anyway. That's how unpopular Obamacare was.

Why does Trump want to make it easier to pass laws like Obamacare?

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​We need to make it harder for government to pass laws — not easier. We need The Super Majority Amendment.